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Account of Falun Gong Practitioner Zhang Shunlong's Death

July 20, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zhang Shunlong was a farmer from Xincheng No. 6 team, Yanping Town, Liaoheyuan Township, Dongliao County, Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province. On the morning of May 26, Mr. Zhang Shunlong, along with his wife Lu Fengling, his brother Zhang Shunming, another practitioner Pang Baojun, Zhang's sister-in-law (non-practitioner), and a neighbor Mr. Du (non-practitioner) went to Dongji Police Sub-bureau of Liaoyuan City to ask for the release of Zhang Shunlong's brother Zhang Shunhong and sister-in-law Ms. Liu Xiangzhuo. When they reached the bridge at Xincheng No. 7 team, two police vehicles stopped them. Around 20 police got out and surrounded them. They were asked to get into the police vehicle. The police alleged that they were planning to surround and attack the city government buildings. Zhang and the others refused to cooperate with the police. They told the police, "We are not going with you. We are going to see our brother. If you have an issue with that, go to the village committee office."

Liaoheyuan police station director Zhang Chuanhong grabbed Mr. Zhang Shunlong by the hair and started beating him along with several other police officers. They also smashed Mr. Zhang's head on the support beams of the bridge. Mr. Zhang was covered in blood. The police then tried to push him into the vehicle, but he refused to cooperate with them and stuck his legs out of the vehicle. In trying to get Mr. Zhang's legs back into the vehicle, the police looked for rocks to break his leg, but could not find any, so they used the car door to do the job. Once inside the vehicle, his head was pushed into the gap between the two car seats so that he could not move. Blood mixed with the sweat dripping down his face - the scene was unbearable to watch. Zhang's wife, Lu Fengling, was also severely beaten. Her nose was broken.

All of them were taken to Liaoheyuan police station. Mr. Zhang was detained on the third floor and interrogated by several dozen police. Around 10 a.m., he fell from the third floor. The police claimed that he jumped, yet two people failed to prevent his fall. Zhang was handcuffed with a broken leg. There were over a dozen police watching over him, and the window was very narrow. How could he have jumped out? It is obvious that he was thrown from the building. The police tried to evade responsibility upon seeing that he would not survive.

During the entire incident, Mr. Zhang did not cooperate with the police. There was not a single word on the interrogation record.

Later, police sent Mr. Zhang to Liaoyuan City No. 2 Hospital. While in the hospital, the police asked Mr. Zhang's wife for money. When she told them that she did not have any, the police tried to pressure her into selling their motorcycle, but she refused. Mr. Zhang was only given oxygen and blood; there was no other effort to save his life.

Before Mr. Zhang passed away, he could not speak. He was breathing heavily, and his head was severely injured. An autopsy was performed immediately after his death. His body was cremated on the morning of May 28, despite his family's protests. The police threatened his wife, "Don't tell anyone about this. If you do, your whole family will be sent to prison." Mr. Zhang's wife agreed because they have two young children at home.

Zhang left behind his elderly mother, wife and two young children. Their situation is very difficult. Since there is no one to take care of the land, they had to rent it out. They have no way to earn a living. Zhang Shuming and Pang Baojun remain in detention.

Perpetrators of the crime are:

Liaoyuan City State Security Unit
Dongliao County Political and Security Unit: Li Jin, Song
Liaoheyuan County Police Station: 86-437-5184110(Office)
Director Zhang Chuanhong: 86-13504370388(Cell)
Assistant Director Liu Shixiang: 86-13943748488(Cell)