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Report on the Investigation of Several Major Hospitals in Anshan City and Shenyang City in Liaoning Province Regarding Illegal Organ Harvesting (Part 1)

July 02, 2006 |  


I. Information from a Hospital Providing Organ Transplants

We conducted several phone inquiries into Tiedong Hospital in Anshan City, Liaoning Province.

1. Transcript of the first inquiry:

A nurse in the Kidney Surgery Department: Don't worry about blood type. We care more about the physical condition of the patient; we have just finished nine cases. If you want to come, you'd better rush. We do several operations simultaneously.

2. Transcript of the second inquiry:

Investigator: May I ask whether you are able to conduct a kidney transplant?

Answer: Yes, we are.

Investigator: How much does it cost for an operation?

Answer: Regarding kidney transplants, from tissue matching, to locating the organ source, to the operation, it's going to be somewhere between 40,000 to 50,000 yuan.

Investigator: What's the success rate?

Answer: 95%.

Investigator: It's unheard of that hospitals in Anshan can do this. How many such surgeries have you performed?

Answer: We've done 100 cases, 40 of which were last year. Last month alone, we had 10 cases.

Investigator: Are your physicians all local or from other regions?

Answer: We just have local physicians.

Investigator: How long do we have to wait?

Answer: It depends on the blood type. Some can be operated on right away, while others may need to wait for several months.

Investigator: Is the source of your organs executed prisoners, or could it be that they're from the the elderly, the weak, the invalid, or the handicapped?

Answer: The source for our organ transplants is kept confidential.

II. Analysis of Suspicious Points

  1. The price is suspiciously low;
  2. Ten cases in a month is suspicious (and in one case they operated on four people in a single week);
  3. It's suspicious that blood type is not a concern;
  4. "If you want to come, you'd better rush. We do several operations simultaneously" sounds suspicious.

These suspicious points lean towards the fact that for organ transplants, the supply is readily available, and one has to rush to benefit from the current availability. It appears that the conspiracy is about to be exposed. The staff's answer that "we keep the supply source for organ transplants confidential" is especially troubling. What's behind these organ transplant transactions?

(to be continued)