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Ms. Gao Huifang Murdered by Longchang County Police in Sichuan Province; Witness Mr. Yu Ziming's Life is in Danger

July 16, 2006 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Sichuan Province


On the morning of June 29, 2006, a Falun Gong practitioner, Ms. Gao Huifang from Longchang County, Neijiang City, Sichuan Province was arrested by the police from the Longchang County Police Station. On the same afternoon, she was killed. At present, Mr. Yu Ziming, a Falun Gong practitioner and the only one who knows the inside story of Ms. Gao’s death, is in danger of being killed himself. A few policemen from the Longchang County Police Station revealed that it is impossible for them to let Mr. Yu leave alive.

After Gao Huifang died mysteriously at the police station of Longchang county, the police department closely blocked the news, and at the same time, took Gao Huifang’s mother and brothers to Longchang. The police department of Longchang County, as well as the provincial and regional "610 Offices," claimed that Gao Huifang had jumped off the building and died. Meanwhile, they took the family members to a hotel near the crematory and kept them under house arrest for three days. During that period of time, they were not allowed to make outside contact, all guests in the hotel were driven away, and many policemen were arranged to keep a watch on them.

The family members of Gao Huifang inquired into the cause of her death; however, the policeman on duty that day was so scared that he could not stop sweating when he saw Gao’s family members. After the film that Gao Huifang’s brother used to take pictures of Gao Huifang’s body was destroyed, the family members of Gao Huifang requested an autopsy. The results showed that everything appeared normal except that her hip bones were broken. If she had fallen from a building and died, there should be evidence of trauma and internal bleeding, not merely fracture of the hip bones.

On the day that Gao Huifang’s body was cremated, the police department of Longchang sent out more than twenty cars to patrol, and martial law was enforced around the crematory for a day. The staff at the crematory said that they had never witnessed such a scene before. The guilty conduct of the police department at Longchang County indicates that Gao Huifang did not commit suicide at all. The guilty parties fabricated the suicide scene after she was persecuted to death.

Over the seven years that the CCP has been suppressing Falun Gong, the staff at the mental hospital injected Dafa disciple Gao Huifang with nerve damaging drugs three times. Her head and face became swollen and disfigured, and even her family could not recognize her. Later, Gao Huifang was sent to the Nanmusi forced labor camp in Zizhong. After she was released, she was rendered homeless for several months. In February 2006, Gao Huifang went to Chengdu to take care of Dafa disciple Liu Ying, who was persecuted at the same mental hospital Gao was in. Liu Ying suffered a mental collapse after being tortured at a brainwashing center later. After Liu Ying was arrested in Chengdu on February 21 and sent to the Longchang detention center, Gao Huifang went on hunger strike for nearly a month to protest the illegal detention.

On the morning of June 29, Dafa disciples Gao Huifang and Yu Ziming were clarifying the truth at the railway station in Li Shi town, Longchang county, when they were reported. They were illegally arrested and sent to the police station of Longchang County. Gao Huifang suddenly died that afternoon. The whereabouts of Dafa disciple Yu Ziming is still unknown.

According to a July 1 report from the Tianwan (a human rights website in China, http://www.64tianwang.com/), "It was said in Longchang County that both Falun Gong practitioners were thrown from a tall building," and that we should "strongly request that the central and local governments protect the basic human rights of Falun Gong practitioners, and punish the people responsible for the incidents."

Here we strongly call on the international community to pay attention to this, pay attention to the death of Dafa disciple Gau Huifang, stop the CCP from more killings, demand that the police department of Longchang county release Dafa disciple Yu Ziming unconditionally, have the true reason of Gao Huifang’s death be brought to light, and bring the criminals to justice!

Related telephone numbers from Longchang County, Leijiang City, Sichuan Province
Security Division Office of Longchang County: 8323916836
Li Shisheng, Deputy Team Head 13808252699
Huang Shiping 13990541351
Police Department of Longchang County: 832-3925776