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Additional Information on the Persecution Death of Falun Gong Practitioner Wang Jianguo

June 25, 2006 |   By a Falun Gong Practitioner from Jilin City

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Wang Jianguo from Jilin City was 30 years old. While working at his family restaurant on March 2, 2006, five agents from the Nanjing Street Police Precinct of the Chuanying Police Branch Office in Jilin City arrested him. Mr. Wang tried to escape but was caught. There were then mud marks on Mr. Wang’s face but no noticeable traces of bruising. His leather jacket was not torn either. While arresting Mr. Wang and his wife, the police illegally searched their place and seized their belongings. During the ensuing interrogation process, Mr. Wang was beaten on the face and arms and his jacket was damaged (the clothes were returned to his family). In the middle of the night they sent Mr. Wang to the Jilin City Detention Center. Without a required physical exam and checking of legal documents, the detention center accepted him. Mr. Wang protested with a hunger strike.

On March 3, a prison guard went to talk to Wang Jianguo. Mr. Wang told him the truth about Falun Gong and expressed his determination of remaining on hunger strike until the day he would be unconditionally released. Three days later the detention center officials ordered him to be force-fed, completely violating the principle to apply this method only when the patient is in critical condition or the abdominal pressure falls to zero. Since Mr. Wang would not cooperate with them, they attempted to subdue him with cruel force-feeding twice a day. Using the difficult process as an excuse, the police planned to inject Mr. Wang with unknown drugs, which he refused to comply with. In the meantime he clarified the truth to the prison guards and prison doctors, advising them not to participate in the persecution. He told them that he was innocent, was illegally arrested and taken there by agents from the Nanjing Street Police Precinct. That is why he could not [in good conscience] eat the prison food and had to protest with a hunger strike.

The brutal forced feeding further impaired Mr. Wang’s health. As the result of torture, Mr. Wang showed severe symptoms of nausea and vomiting on March 8. To shirk the responsibility, the detention center staff sent Mr. Wang to a hospital with the excuse of a physical exam and actually planned to persecute him further. Mr. Wang was then regarded to be in critical condition but the detention center officials still did not release him. Because Mr. Wang never cooperated with them, with the assistance of prisoners, three police officers were sent to force-feed him twice a day. In the meantime they exerted pressure on him by making him talk to the case-handling department. Due to the severe coercion, Mr. Wang started to take in water but still refused food. He wasted no time to clarify the truth of Falun Gong to the people who tortured him.

During the process a prisoner called Sun Jifeng was ordered by police to spend every day with Mr. Wang and torment him. Mr. Wang’s physical condition declined during that period, but he insisted on protesting with a hunger strike and telling the truth of Falun Gong to the police and prisoners who persecuted him.

During the illegal incarceration period Mr. Wang was not transferred to the unsettled ward seven days after admission as the rule states. Instead, he has been constantly subjected to savage force-feeding by several people. Mr. Wang persevered and resisted the persecution by protesting with a hunger strike and clarifying the truth about Falun Gong, but the persecutors have shown no sympathy at all. Even after declaring the formal arrest of Mr. Wang on March 22 and putting him under tremendous mental pressure, they didn’t transfer him to a less harsh unsettled ward. Instead, they kept him in the transitional zone to torment him. In fact, Mr. Wang had difficulty walking at that time and could not go to the restroom without someone supporting his arms.

When the prison doctor gave Mr. Wang a physical exam on April 9 he was extremely weak and his blood pressure was only 80/74 mm Hg. He showed symptoms of being in critical condition when receiving ruthless force-feeding. On April 10, Mr. Wang was sent to hospital for a checkup. He insisted to walk into the hospital. He had severe heart problems then, but under orders from the detention center, the hospital planned to force-feed him through his nose.

Before Mr. Wang died, Wang Shouyi from the Chuanying Police Precinct Office had interrogated Mr. Wang. He didn’t cooperate with them and was sent back to the detention center at noon. During the noon break, the manager of the ward, prison guards, prison doctors and prisoners constantly tormented him . When Mr. Wang was on the brink of death they didn’t rescue him. He was already dead when he arrived at the hospital, and the hospital refused to accept him. Yet, Wang Shouyi said, "It’s not a big deal since many people died during a hunger strike!"

After the tragedy happened, the detention center didn’t notify Mr. Wang Jianguo's family in a timely manner. To shirk the responsibility, they waited till April 11 to send a notification.

Enduring great suffering, Mr. Wang’s family wanted the detention center to be held accountable for Mr. Wang’s death. The detention center officials, however, fabricated lies and were very rude; even their statements contradicted the hospital’s diagnosis. This has brought Mr. Wang’s family great harm.

A brief summary of Mr. Wang’s situation when he was in unlawful police custody:

  1. Total of 37 days.
  2. Transferred from No. 1 Team to No. 3 Team on April 5 and 6
  3. When he was transferred from the No.1 Team, he was already very weak and needed help to use the toilet.
  4. Died in the afternoon of April 10.

Related persons' names in the detention center:

Prison doctors: Tang Yan, a person surnamed Sun
No.1 Division head: Peng Baolin and prison guards Wang Guoqing, Li Guoliang (this person display wicked behavior)
No.3 Division head: Wang Zhongjin and prison guard Piao Rongpei
Deputy head: Cong Maohua

Detention Center staff list: Peng Baolin, Chi Tie, Yu Changjiang, Yang Zhonghua, Wang Guoqing, Fu Runfan, Mao Xiuzhi, Xi Hongzeng, Li Guoliang, Wu Zhiyi, Dong Xinbin, Du Zhongqiu, Wu Zhenwei, Xu Hongyuan, Wang Zhongjin, Wang Jianjun, Yin Tieshan, Zhang Yifan, Zhang Zhixue, Piao Rongpei, Xu Chao, Wang Zhongfu, Ma De, Zhang Tie, Zhao Yong, Liu Fuyuan, Li Xiangguo, Liu Yanming

Jilin City Detention Center:

Cong Maohua, 86-432-4819029
Office-on-duty, 86-432-4819130
Jilin City Police Department:86-432-2455848, Chuanying Precinct Office:86-432-6962999
Nanjing Street Police Station:86-432-2409634
Persons participating in the persecution of Mr. Wang Jianguo and his wife and personally in charge of their case: Tan Xinqiang, Wang Kai