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Jilin City Police Brutality Exposed: Grandmother in Her 80s Protests Death of Her Grandson ( Photo)

June 17, 2006 |   By Dafa Practitioners in Jilin City

(Clearwisdom.net) On March 2, 2006, Jilin City practitioner Wang Jianguo was arrested by the Nanjing police in the Chuanying District led by Tan Xinqiang. Forty days later, he was persecuted to death in No. 1 Detention Center of Jilin city. Mr. Wang was only 30 years old.

On May 11, Chuanying Police Division called Mr. Wang's family members, asking them to sign documents in the police division. The family members were very angry: "They [the police] even want to cremate the body and eliminate evidence after killing people! That is impossible!" The police also called and asked for Mr. Wang's parents' whereabouts, in order to plot further persecution.

On May 12, 2006, three of Mr. Wang's family members went to the Jilin City Government, to protest the injustice done to the innocent Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang's grandmother, in her 80's, sat in front of the government compound with Mr. Wang's photo and a big one-word sign, "Injustice." Many people stopped and watched.

Mr. Wang's grandmother cried as she was telling others about her grandson being persecuted to death. Later, a police van came, and four police officers came up to drive her away. She said, "I will stay here, and go nowhere else. I need to talk with the mayor. My grandson was a Falun Gong practitioner. He was a good person, and he was persecuted to death. Nobody cared about this."

A police van arrives. Four police officers come up to drive Mr. Wang's grandmother away.

Several dozen people were gathered on the stairs in front of the government building. They came to appeal, and most of them were wearing white caps. On the top of the stairs, there was a line of 7 to 8 police blocking the entrance to prevent people from entering.

Mr. Wang's family members distributed truth-clarification material about his death to the gathering of people. Many people came up to take and read the material carefully. Some people were reading as they walked away, and were still reading even when they were far way.

There were several policemen not far away behind Mr. Wang's grandmother. There was also a middle-aged man in a yellow jacket a few steps in front of her, who kept watching her all the time. Across the street at the Jilin City government building, a table was set up, and three persons stood there--one in his 40's and two in their 20's--with two plates and a blood pressure monitor. However, they did not wear health care uniforms, but instead appeared sneaking and suspicious. It was not difficult to tell they were most likely not medical professionals, but secret agents from the National Security Bureau. They have done similar things in the past to persecute other Dafa practitioners.

Two secret agents pretending to be medical staff who checked blood pressure

Close to the city government, there were also some police who appeared to keep order. Among the crowd, there was a person who was about 40 years old. He was wearing dark glasses, in a white jacket and blue jeans. He appeared to be extraordinarily active, and kept asking, "Why didn't Mr. Wang's parents come?" It was easy to tell he was a secret agent. There were also two plainclothes police chatting nearby.

At noon on May 12, 2006, a suspicious person (could be a secret agent) was video-recording this behind a flowerbed.

After 7:00. p.m. on the day when Mr. Wang's grandmother went to the city government calling for justice, two persons from the National Security Bureau came to Mr. Wang' s relatives, asking for his grandmother's whereabouts. They said there must have been a so-called instigator behind this--they could not arrest an elderly lady in her 80's. They also asked for Mr. Wang's parents' whereabouts.

How could a table to measure blood pressure show up in front of the city government building? Mr. Wang was persecuted to death, and the police are now coming after his parents--exactly what do they want?

Xing Lianzheng, a director from the National Security Bureau, once went to Mr. Wang's home around August or September in 2005. He was looking for Mr. Wang's father, but failed to find him. He heard Mr. Wang owned a convenience store, but was not sure about that. The Jilin National Security Bureau planned with the Nanjing Police Station police to check on this. However, after Tan Xinqiang from the Nanjing Police Station examined the store in the morning of March 2, five police officers came in a van around 1:30 p.m., carrying a search warrant and illegally confiscating items in the store. Later, Xing Lianzheng from the Jilin National Security Bureau reprimanded the Nanjing Police Station on this, because they originally planned to use the store as a trap to arrest more Dafa practitioners. While illegally interrogating Mr. Wang and his wife, the police said, "Now we are unable to use your store [to trap practitioners], but we have many other ways."

National Security Bureau

59 Songhuajiang Road, Jilin City, Jilin 132011
+86-432-3501131, +86-432-2503114
Manager: Xing Lianzheng (the murderer behind the scenes who persecuted the Mr. Wang Jianguo and his wife.)
Nanjing Police Station: +86-432-2409634
The persons who are directly responsible for the persecution against Mr. Wang and his wife: Tan Xinqiang, Wang Kai.