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Trophy Awarded to Sichuan Province Women's Forced Labor Camp Earned through the Tears and Blood of Falun Gong Practitioners

May 09, 2006 |   By Qing Ming, a Falun Dafa disciple from Sichuan

(Clearwisdom.net) Nanmusi Women's Labor Camp in Zizhong City, Sichuan Province, has a seventh team that was specially set up for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners on June 20, 2000. As ordered by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s persecution policy, deputy labor camp chief Wu and discipline section chiefs Zhang and Li Zhiqing instigated the team leader, Zhang Xiaofang , Li Qi, and some other guards to slander Falun Gong with audiotapes, videotapes, VCDs, newspapers, magazines, and video materials. They use these things to try to brainwash Falun Gong practitioners and poison them. Practitioners who refuse to cooperate and be "transformed" are tortured. The guards lock them in small cells; beat and curse them; torture them with electric shocks; hang them up; force-feed them water, food, and even feces; bind their legs in the double-crossed position; the tiger bench; force them to stand in military posture; force them to stand in the sizzling sun; drag them along the ground; deprive them of food, sleep, and the right to use the restroom; and force them to perform slave labor. Many people died, numerous people were injured and disabled, and thousands of people were forced to "transform." Nanmusi is an outright living hell.

Ms. Wang Hongxia is from Anyue. Because she steadfastly believes in "Truthfulness, Benevolence-Forbearance," the guards brutally tortured her. They shocked her many times with electric batons, locked her in the solitary cell, force-fed her with water, and forced her to sit on the tiger bench.

Ms. Yue Li is from Longchang. She was forced to stand in military posture, sit in military posture, and squat. In the severe cold of winter they forced her to stand outdoors for a couple of days. She was deprived of movement and sleep, and the guards even prohibited her from going to the toilet. Besides this, the guards still humiliated her, slandered her and cursed her. They said that if she needed to go the restroom, she was to use the rice bowls of the "untransformed" Dafa disciples.

Ms. Su Shihui is from Guanghan. She was locked up in a small cell many times. The guards handcuffed her in various postures. Sometimes they even handcuffed her and hung her up. They also forced her to cross her legs and bound her calves with rope. Her hands were handcuffed at the back or in the front. The guards said that was let her to do the "exercise."

Ms. Han Jie from Leshan City was forced to cross her legs and was tied for three days and nights. Ms. Wu Houyu is from Luzhou. The guards prohibited her from washing or showering for several months. Eight people grabbed her and hauled her over the uneven floor in turn. Her trousers were torn open and her underwear was ripped to pieces. The lower part of her body was badly injured, and the floor was smeared with blood. After that, they forced her to be a "rooster standing"--to stand on only one foot and raise the other one. She was ordered to keep steady. If she moved a little bit, the guards would beat and kick her with their heavy shoes and twist her arms behind her back. Her whole body was swollen and one can hardly find any area on her body with normal, healthy skin. Several times, she lost consciousness when the guard punished her by making her stand under the eaves.

In March 2003, Ms. Ai Kexiu, a practitioner detained in the 2nd team, reported to Li Zhiqing from the discipline section how inmates Zhang Xiaofang and Mao Yukun had persecuted her. After that Zhang Xiaofang and Mao Yukun began to abuse Ms. Ai even more brutally. Every noon and evening they handcuffed her to the poles of two iron beds and stretched her in four different directions until midnight. Then she would be allowed to sleep for a while with her hands tightly handcuffed on the end of the bed. The two guards kept on torturing Ms. Ai Kexiu like this until her sentence term was over.

As for the "untransformed" practitioners, the guards force-fed each one four kilograms of water plus three small bowls of soup everyday or one big cup of water or soup every two hours. The capacity of one cup was about one pound. Sleeping, urinating, or defecating were all prohibited. When the practitioners' winter clothes and winter covers consequently became completely sodden, the urine leaked onto the floor. The guards then made them buy a broom to clean the floor. The "monitors" threw away all the urine-soaked clothes and covers. For instance, all the clothes belonging to Ms. Fu Liqiong from Chengdu City were thrown out. Ms. Fu Tianlu, a head nurse in the hospital affiliated with the Ziyang 431 Factory that belonsg to Railway Department, was force-fed water. Because the guards prohibited her from going to toilet, she suffered so much that she lost consciousness at last. The guard, Mao Yukun, was so inhumane that she proudly stood at the door of the 7th team office and she said in a sarcastic tone, "Eight cups of water was good for your health."

In the 7th team of the labor camp, Zhang Xiaofang persecuted practitioners everywhere she went. Even the feces ditch was utilized to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Ms. Ma Qingchun from Nanchong was tortured like this. Guards Huang, Liao and Zhang stuffed her mouth with a dirty rag and sealed it with tape. Then they pushed her down into the feces ditch. After that they tore off the tape, handcuffed her to a tree, and smeared feces on her face.

Ms. Zhou Huimin from Chengdu was also forced to stand in the feces ditch. Those steadfast practitioners were also forced to stand in the yard in the hottest period of summer. Ms. Lu Jian and some other practitioners were, against their will, "transformed" under this sort of persecution.

The authorities' behavior indicated that they completely disregarded the lives of those steadfast practitioners. Zhang Xiaofang and Li Qi instigated the drug addict Feng Ping from Yibin to beat practitioner Ms. Zhang Siqing from Chengdu with an iron club. Finally Ms. Zhang was beaten to the point that she passed out. Ms. Hua Miyi from Panzhihua was beaten so hard that she became crippled. Because Ms. Zhu Yunfang, a practitioner in her 50s from Chengdu, refused to be "transformed," Zhang Xiaofang instigated some criminal offenders to brutally beat her in the bathroom. They kicked and stomped on her chest and abdomen with heavy shoes. With a heartrending scream, Ms. Zhu Yufang was tortured to death.

There were also some practitioners who were tortured to near-death and passed away soon after being carried home by relatives. They were: Ms. Wu Shicui from Fangshi; Ms. Deyang; Ms. Li Yangfang, in her 50s, from Wenjiang in Chengdu; Ms. Jiang Jiyu, in her 50s, from Bi Count; and so on. Those who were tortured to disability or mental disorder were: Ms. Hu Ruilian from Leshan, Ms. Luo Junling from Huili, Ms. Zhu Xia from Chendu, and Ms. Gao Yan whose hometown is Chengdu but worked inLeshan.

The brutal persecution forced thousands of people to be "transformed." The guards not only persecuted those "untransformed" practitioners but also kept on persecuting the people whom they thought were not thoroughly "transformed." Since 2002 Zhang Xiaofang had adopted Mao Yukun's wicked plan to order all the "transformed" people to swear at Master and Dafa many times every day. This method was executed all around the 7th team. Those who refused to cooperate would not be allowed to use the restroom or sleep.

Ms. Xu Ping and a short woman named Ms. Zhou Zhengfeng from Panzhihua could not endure the persecution any more and were "transformed." But Zhang Xiaofang still forced the two practitioners to do heavy labor day and night, either in the yard or, in extremely cold weather, in a work cell, which was specially set up for the people who did not totally transform as evaluated by Zhang Xiaofang. They could not go to sleep until 2 or 3 a.m. and sometimes they had to work almost the whole night. At 6 a.m. they still had to get up and go to work immediately. They even had no time even to comb their hair. Once when Ms. Zhou Zhengfeng was hurrying to comb her hair, Zhang Xiaofang happened to see it. With a great anger, she went to give Ms. Zhou Zhengfeng a blow. But she did not aim well, missed Zhang, lost her balance, and fell on the floor. When a practitioner came to help her up, Zhang Xiaofang not only did not offer any thanks but also accused Falun Gong of "beating people." She railed at the practitioner who helped her, saying that she should not pull her up but, instead, should hold Ms. Zhou Zhengfeng so that Zhang Xiaofang could beat her.

They used innumerable methods of torture, and the number of the people they tortured was simply huge: I could not count every one of them. All I have revealed is just a small fraction of what goes on in the camp.

Because Zhang Xiaofang followed the orders of the CCP and Jian's group well, the 7th team was praised as one of the 20 "advanced units" in the national judicial system in 2000, and Zhang Xiaofang herself was praised as one of the "ten most outstanding youth of China" that year. When the deputy chief of the labor camp, Wu, cheerfully brought back the trophy that was smeared with the tears and blood of Falun Gong practitioners, Zhou Xiaofang saw the trophy as a precious award. If anyone even touched it, she was very unhappy. As detained practitioners continually revealed the truth and exposed the persecution, Zhang was transferred out of the 7th team in November 2004.

Now there were only about 50 practitioners still detained in the 7th team. The new leader's name is Ren, and the deputy leaders are Wu Yuhui and Xu. These new guards didn't stop the Zhang Xiaofang-style torture methods. Instead, they themselves adopted even more savage methods to continue to persecute Falun Gong practitioners.

Ms. Lv Feiyuan, who had been as thin as a skeleton, was again locked in the small cell. Ms. Jiang Yongfang fainted three times during torture and was also denied use of the toilet. She had to soil her own trousers. Because of the persecution Ms. Jiang developed the symptoms of hypertension and heart disease and even became delirious at times. Because the guards were afraid to assume the responsibility, they finally released her.

Ms. Luo Shuizhen is being locked in the small cell and subjected to torture. Ms. Li Fengqi and some other practitioners are still suffering persecution at the hands of the guards. The practitioners who are steadfast and constant in their belief in "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance" are Yang Taiying and Tang Tianming from Naxi Luzhou and Zhu Yuehui from Huarong.

The facts above are but a small fraction of the cases of persecution in Sichuan Women's Forced Labor Camp.