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Mr. Wang Jianguo Persecuted to Death; the No. 1 Custodial Station in Jilin City Couldn't Get Away with Shirking the Responsibility

May 08, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Today, as the behind-the-scenes crimes of the Sujiatun Concentration Camp are being exposed to the public and shocking the whole world, Mr. Wang Jianguo, a Falun Dafa practitioner in Jilin City, was persecuted to death by the Nanjing Police Station in the Chuanying District and the No. 1 Custodial Station, both in Jilin City.

At about 9 o'clock in the morning on April 12, 2006, 11 of Mr. Wang's family members went to the director's office of the No. 1 Custodial Station in Jilin City. Deputy Director Cong Maohua met them. Cong told them that Wang Jianguo died from a hunger strike and malnutrition. He also said that Wang's death was considered a "normal" death and that the Custodial Station bore no responsibility. The family members demanded to know who was responsible for doing the force-feeding, and the final interrogation and the name of the prison doctor. Cong Maohua provided the names of the persons responsible. The family members then demanded that Mr. Wang's body not be touched before the case was closed. Later they went to the postmortem examination center.

There the family members found that the back of Mr. Wang's head was covered with pits and bumps, there were scars on his left arm, and there were bruises and a bloody wound on the right side of his face. When the family pointed out the purplish red of the skin on Mr. Wang's upper back and the normal color of his lower back, the people at the Center said it was caused by the freezing temperature.

Wang Jianguo's body had been sent to the No. 222 Hospital in Jilin City. The emergency patient record stated that the patient was not breathing and had no heartbeat; there was no pulse; the right pupil responded to light 8-10mm and the left pupil 4mm before they stopped responding; and there was no heartbeat.

The director of the Custodial Station did not allow the hospital to do a CT scan when the hospital staff reported Mr. Wang's condition to him.

Why was the CT scan not allowed? First, the postmortem examination revealed that the back of Mr. Wang's head was full of pits and bumps, which were, in all probability, caused by his having been beaten. Who beat him? Secondly, there were wounds on his face and forearm, and his upper back was purplish red. What caused these traumas? There were so many potentially fatal wounds, why did they say that his death was caused by malnutrition? It is far more likely that Mr. Wang Jianguo was beaten to death.

We strongly request that the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong immediately make an investigation and seek justice in this case.

Following are the phone numbers of the related personnel and departments:

(Please dial country code + area code + phone number, country code: 086, area code: 432.)

Cong Maohua, Director of the No. 1 Custodial Station in Jilin City: 4819029(Office)

Duty Officer's Room: 4819130
The Nanjing Police Station in the Chuanying District of Jilin City: 2409634, 2452191
Tan Xinqiang and Wang Kai, the investigators who participated in the persecution of Wang Jianguo and his wife
The Public Security Bureau of Jilin City: 2455848

The Public Security Sub-Bureau in the Chuanying District: 6962999
The Office of the Hongyuan Economic Development Zone in Jilin City: 2732696, 2740697
Hadawan Police Substation: 2738357, 2738454, 2409598
Hadawan Community Office:

Party Secretary: 2738604

Director: 2738285, 2738358
Director of the National Protection Team in Jilin City Chen Dongfeng: 2409796
The Political Security Section of the First Division of the Public Security Bureau: 2409863

Following are the phone numbers of the various departments of the Jilin City Public Security Bureau:

Departmental chiefs: 2409354, 2409887, 2409976, 2409867, 2409355, 2409346, 2409501, 2409826, 2409865, 2409866, 2409864, 2409758

Address of The Public Security Bureau Chuanying Sub-Bureau of Jilin City: No 100 Jiefang Blvd Xida Area Jilin City, Post Code: 132084

Phone: 2026300

Monitoring Phone: 6962905

Director's Phone open to the public: 6962787
Director's Office: 2026391

Political Commissar: 2026471

Deputy Director Office: 2026717, 2026510
Discipline Inspection Office: 2016980

Direction Room: 2026393

General Office: 2026306

Equipment Supply Office: 2026500
Political Department: 2026375

Political Security Section: 2026390

Internal Security Section: 2026511

Residency Administration Section: 2026377
Preliminary Interrogation Section: 2026492

Legal System Section: 2027311
Monitoring Room: 2060918
Public Security Brigade: 4864483
Management Section: 4843403
Employment Section: 2039761
Safety Protection Office: 4858379
Fire Brigade: 4864483
Finance Investigation Section: 2016963
Vice Squad: 2026497 2069354
No 1 Sub-Brigade: 2035490
Patrol Police Squad: 4847970