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Xu Chengben Persecuted For a Long Time; His Wife Tortured to Death in 2004

May 08, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Xu Chengben, and I am an employee of the Ocean Fishing Company in Yantai City, Shandong Province. I live at 203-p Fuyuan Rd., Zhifu District. My wife He Xiuling and I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. We cultivated ourselves by following the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." All of our diseases were healed after we practiced Falun Dafa.

On July 20, 1999, Jiang Zemin and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched the persecution of Falun Gong. Practitioners were arrested, jailed, fined and brainwashed. Their families, friends and workplaces were also affected. My wife and I appealed for Falun Gong, but we were arrested and jailed at a detention center. We also went to Tiananmen Square to tell people that the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong is wrong.

I have been jailed in detention centers seven times, jailed in a labor camp once and in brainwashing classes three times. In December 2000, at Haidian Detention Center in Beijing, the police asked some criminals to take off my clothes. To avoid being seen, they closed the door. Then, they poured cold water on me for an hour. Four to five criminals stretched my hands against wall and used their knees to push my bottom against the wall so that my feet barely touched the ground. Then they hung a bottle of water from my penis and swung it. Moreover, three to four criminals watched me, forcing me to stay awake for four whole days. Whenever I fell asleep, they would poke my nose and ears with needles, which made me very uncomfortable. They also slapped me to keep me from falling asleep. In the detention center, the policemen often beat me with electric batons, which made my face swell up and my lips bleed. They also sprayed nerve-damaging drugs at me, but these did not have any affect on me as a cultivator.

Since I refused to renounce my belief in Dafa, Bi Wuyi, the head of the CCP committee in my company, along with Ju Chuanzheng, the chief of the organization department, Luan Shide, labor and materials division head, and Li Changhai, the political head of the security division, held a brainwashing session, asking more than 30 people to brainwash me in turns, trying to force me to renounce Falun Gong.

In April 2001, I was jailed in Zhifu Detention Center in Yantai. The police locked my hands and feet onto the bed and I started a hunger strike. Five criminals pushed me against the bed, and the doctors force-fed me.

At Wangcun Detention Center, the police deprived me of sleep. I developed high blood pressure as a result. They forced me to get up every morning at 5:00 a.m. and do heavy labor. The working environment was full of poisonous stuff. At night, they brainwashed me until 10 p.m.

I was arrested several times when appealing for Falun Gong in Beijing. Every time, the police took away all the money I had. Then, they called my company to take me back. The people from my workplace always took this chance to have fun in Beijing and spent a lot of money on the trip. I was forced to pay all the bills for them. An officer from my company, Qu Yanbo, took 1,700 yuan from me, and the political head from my company took 4,000 yuan.

My wife He Xiuling was jailed in a prison in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province for 3 months. She was extorted out of 3,000 yuan. She was jailed in detention centers five times. In 2003, because she produced some truth clarifying material, the police department in Zhifu District and the local 610 Office arrested her and jailed her in Zhifu Detention Center. On March 11, 2004, she was very weak and was dying from the torture. The 610 Office and the hospital sent her into the morgue when she was still alive. She didn't even have any underwear on when left to freeze at the morgue. She was tortured to death.

After the Chinese New Year in 2006, her family members and I went to see her body, but the 610 Office and the detention center didn't allow us to do so.

When the National People's Congress and People's Political Consultative Conference were in session, the chief of the security section Li Chunye went to my home to harass me. The political head Li Changhai harassed me over the telephone.

On April 6, 2006, the police spied on me and my sisters. On April 8, the police spied on me again, which only added more pain.

I was shocked when I heard about the CCP harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners in labor camps, prisons, concentration camps and hospitals. The news also made me think again about the circumstances of my wife's death. He Xiuling was tortured to death at 7:30 a.m. on March 11, 2004. The head of the 610 Office in Zhifu District Li Wenguang called me to tell me the news. I got to the hospital at about 9 a.m., but I didn't see her body. I went to her room, but the police didn't allow me to enter. At around 11 a.m., her family members got there too. They saw her in the morgue, and she was still alive. When the medical examiner viewed her body, we were not allowed to see it. They just told us what physical problem she had, and let us have a glance at the body before we were driven out.

I appeal to the international organizations to investigate He Xiuling's case. What has been exposed about the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong is just the tip of the iceberg. In order to avoid more persecution, I also suggest all practitioners in China to write down their experiences in order to expose and stop this bloody persecution as soon as possible.