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Wang Jianguo Tortured to Death; Jilin Detention Center Authorities Try to Shirk Responsibility (Photo)

May 08, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) At around 9:00 a.m. on April 12, 2006, Wang Jianguo's eleven family members went to the chief director's office at the First Detention Center. They asked deputy director Cong Maohua how Wang Jianguo could have died within a few days when he was strong and healthy when he was first taken into detention. Cong said that Wang Jianguo died from a hunger strike and malnutrition. The family members countered, "That is impossible! You should take full responsibility for Wang's death!" Cong replied, "No way! Wang died of natural causes! The detention center is not responsible at all. We will consider covering the cremation costs, but nothing else." The following are the details:

Wang Jianguo

Falun Gong practitioners Wang Jianguo and Zhao Qiumei (husband and wife) from Jilin province were arrested on March 2, 2006 by Tan Xinqiang and some other agents from the Chuanying District of Najing Local Police Station. In just a month and nine days, Wang Jianguo was tortured to death by the authorities at the Jilin City First Detention Center. Before this, his wife Zhang Qiumei was once again arrested and taken to the Fifth Division of the Changchun's Heizuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp.

When Wang Jianguo's over 80-year-old grandmother heard of her grandson's death, she took a taxi on the morning of April 11 and went to the Nanjing Local Police Station. She saw a few of the police officers inside the station and started to cry and said, "How did my grandson pass away?" Police Liu Qun said, "Who was your grandson?" Grandma replied, "His name was Wang Jianguo." Liu then said, "He practiced Falun Gong, and he died from a hunger strike." Grandma shouted in tears, "It was you who beat him to death. You tortured him to death! What's wrong with my grandson practicing Falun Gong? Falun Gong practitioners are good people. They only do good deeds. My grandson had no illnesses; how could he have passed away so easily?"

The police were speechless. One policeman said, "Why don't you go to the First Detention Center and take a look at your grandson?"

Grandma then took another taxi and went to the First Detention Center. She told the doorkeeper, "I want to see my grandson. I cannot read. Tell me which building, I'll go see him." The doorkeeper said, "Wait here and let me make a phone call to get someone to come here." Grandma then sat down by the entrance and cried. She told the people around her, "My grandson did not do anything wrong. My grandson was a kind man, but you beat him to death. You only do evil things, so you will face karmic retribution. What's wrong with practicing Falun Gong? Falun Gong people are good. My grandson should not have died."

Grandma sobbed as she spoke. Some people gathered around her. Two older ladies said, "They have committed a crime! You should sue them." Grandma said, "I will! God will punish them."

By then, Cong Maohua and another female police officer came and took Grandma inside an office. Cong told Grandma how Wang Jianguo died. The chief of police said, "Wang Jianguo held a hunger strike and he died from lack of nutrition..." Grandma said, "When his life was in danger, why didn't you inform the family and send him back home?" Cong was speechless. Grandma then went home.

On April 12, Wang Jianguo's family members asked Cong Maohua to tell them the names of the responsible persons, such as those who forced-fed Wang Jianguo, and who interrogated him for the last time and who the guards were, and other such questions. If Cong would not give them any names, the family members would hold Cong responsible. Faced with their determination, Cong revealed names. The family also demanded that no one would be permitted to touch the body prior to the investigation of this incident. Cong cooperated. After that, the family members found someone to examine the body. Cong said, "If you find any problems, we can pay for the cost of the body exam, or else you will have to be responsible for all the cost." The family members then went to the morgue.

The family members found that the back of Wang Jianguo's head was covered with wounds, the left arm had scars, and there was a deep bloody scar on the right side of his face. His back and lower back were bruised; below his lower back, the color was normal.

Wang Jianguo had only held an off-and-on hunger strike; furthermore, the detention center authorities had also force-fed him daily. Cong's explanation for Jianguo's death was not valid. Wang Jianguo used to be very strong and also had previously practiced martial arts. When he held the hunger strike in the detention center, his respiratory system suddenly started to fail, which caused his death. It is obvious that when he was being force-fed, they did nothing to save Wang Jianguo's life, and allowed his condition to worsen as retaliation because of his hunger strike and his peaceful protest. They also used force-feeding as punishment instead of saving a human life. When they force-fed Wang Jianguo, their violent pain-inflicting method caused them to accidentally insert the feeding tube inside his trachea. The fluid entered his trachea, which caused breathing abnormalities, affected his lungs and breathing and led to lung failure, causing his death.

The CCP's (Chinese Communist Party) agents often deny killings of innocent people. Such denials are one of their well-known tactics. These tactics extend to Falun Gong practitioners and involve their families. The recurring tragedies are too horrible to simply fall under the category of "persecution." They are plain and simple acts of calculated murder! No matter how cunning the Communist regime and its agents deem themselves to be, their crimes will become despicable chapters in history books sooner or later.

The following is a list of names and phone numbers of those who are responsible for Wang Jianguo's death:

Jilin First Detention Center deputy chief of police, Cong Maohua: 86-432-4819029 (Office)
Jilin Municipal Police Station, Chuanying Branch, Nanjing Police Station: 86-432-2409634, 86-432-2452191
The main responsible personnel involved in persecuting Jianguo and his wife, including: Tan Xingqiang, Wang Kai
Jilin Municipal Police Station: 86-432-2455848
Chuanying Branch: 86-432-6962999
Hadawan Local Police Station: 86-432-2738357, 86-432-2738454, 86-432-2409598
Jilin Municipal National Security Branch Team; Chen Dongfeng: 86-432-2409796
The police team:86-432-2026497, 86-432-2069354
The police division:86-432-4847970
Jilin Municipal Police Station Chuanying Branch address: 100 Jiefang St., Xida Neighborhood, Jilin City 132084
Phone number: 86-432-2026300
Chief of police phone number for the public: 86-432-6962787
Chief of police office number: 86-432-2026391
The political Party secretary office: 86-432-2026471
Deputy chief of police office: 86-432-2026717, 86-432-2026510