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Mr. Cao Baoyu Persecuted to Death, Local "610 Office" Denies Family's Right to Claim the Body

May 08, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Cao Baoyu was a 56-year-old practitioner from Langfang City, Hebei Province. After being persecuted until he was in a life-threatening condition, he was sent by the Guangyang District 610 Office to Guangyang People's Hospital (also called Beidajie Hospital) for further persecution. Mr. Cao died in the hospital on April 27, 2006. The Guangyang "610 Office" has not allowed family members to claim his body.

At 11 a.m. on April 25, Mr. Cao's wife went to Guangyang People's Hospital to visit him and give him some new clothes. At that time, Mr. Cao was already in a semi-comatose state. Mr. Cao's wife demanded his release. However, she was taken away by several people, including the Guangyang "610 Office" Director Zhao Jiapu, a person surnamed Wang (could be Wang Huijun), Guangyang Government Office Director Liu, Guangyang National Security Policewoman Xin Pingyu, and others. They forced her into a car and took her to the Jiaotong Hotel Brainwashing Center for further persecution.

On April 26, Mr. Cao was in a life-threatening condition. His family asked to visit him but were refused.

On the evening of April 27, Mr. Cao died. On the morning of April 28, the Guangyang District "610 Office" notified Mr. Cao's son about this through a telephone call. However, so far the Guangyang District "610 Office" still has not allowed family members to claim the body. On the morning of April 28, Mr. Cao's wife was released after going on a hunger strike to appeal for four days. Mr. Cao's body is now in the Guangyang District People's Hospital in Langfang City.

Here, we strongly demand the release of Dafa practitioner Yang Jianpo. Like Mr. Cao Baoyu, Yang Jianbo was also persecuted until he was in a life-threatening condition. We cannot allow what happened to Mr. Cao to happen again.

Zhao Jiapu, person-in-charge for Guangyang District "610 Office" in Langfang City;

Zhang Huisheng, Beimeiwai Police Station office in Guangyang District of Langfang City;

Guangyang People's Hospital (also called Beidajie Hospital) in Langfang City, operator +86-316-2112124 (this hospital's phone line is now encrypted);

Jin Guochang, a division manager in Guangyang People's Hospital. This person is very active in persecuting practitioners;

Hotline for Director of Langfang City Hospital: +86-316-2039002;

Wang Zhijuan, assistant director of the internal medicine: +86-316-5908089 (this is the phone number for the room where Yang Jianpo and Cao Baoyu stayed in the hospital);

Meng Qiaohong, the Head Nurse; Wen Mengqiu, a nurse;

Langfang City Police Department: operation +86-316-2333333 (operator), +86-316-2333102(Office)

Guangyang District National Security Division: +86-316-2333886;

Guangyang District Police Station in Langfang City: +86-316-2238110;

Guangyang District Police Officers: Gao Chenggang, Ma Baoquan, Xin Yuping (female);

Office of the Director for Langfang City "610 Office": +86-316-2015211 x6162.