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Xicheng Detention Center in Beijing Secretly Relocated Practitioners in 2001

May 04, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Around Chinese New Year's Eve in 2001, I went to Tiananmen Square to validate Falun Dafa. Thousands of practitioners were being arrested every day. They were detained in all the detention centers in the Beijing area. Most of the practitioners did not reveal their names or addresses, and each of them was given a number. The majority of them went on hunger strikes as soon as they were in the detention center. Military physicians came every day to run physical tests, measure blood pressure, and carry out force-feedings. Every few days, there would be a group of very firm and healthy practitioners being secretly relocated. We were told that they were sent to Northwestern area for tree planting and "re-education," and yet, once they were gone, there was no more news about them, dead or alive. Where did they go exactly? None of the practitioners knew. It wasn't until after the recent exposure of China's concentration camps harvesting the organs of live Falun Gong practitioners that I remembered the groups of practitioners who were secretly relocated years ago. If they were sent for tree planting and "re-education," can Chinese officials provide convincing evidence of this?

On New Year's Day in 2001, I was holding banners in Tiananmen Square. A group of police and plainclothes police started beating and kicking me. I struggled and called out "Falun Dafa is good" with all my might, and the policemen used the banner to stuff my mouth so that I could not yell. Then, some other practitioners and I were detained in a police transportation vehicle and were sent to different detention centers.

I was sent to Xicheng Division Detention Center. Because I would not tell them my name and address, they labeled me as number 88. I did not cooperate with them, so one middle-aged police officer slapped my face hard, and punched and kicked me. They did not treat me like a woman at all. Two vicious policewomen shocked me with two electric batons for a long time, and they repeatedly said, "Shock her eyes." In the end, I could not stand their humiliation and torture any longer, so I threw myself on the wall with great force. I had the human notion of never giving in when I hit the wall, but I later realized that throwing myself on the wall was not in accordance with Dafa principles. I acted that way before only because I could no longer stand the torture. At that time, the policewomen were stunned, and they put a thick rubber hat on me. They also handcuffed my hands and feet, so that they were connected together. The chain between the handcuffs and the shackles was very short, and I could not stand up straight, therefore I had to walk with an arched back.

I was illegally detained in a cell with several other practitioners, and some of them were on a hunger strikes as well. I was very weak due to the hunger strike, and they all felt really sad after seeing me. They took great care of me. Every day, we had group Fa-recital and experience sharing. We treasured every single day we spent together, because no one knew whether we would be together from one day to the next. Every day, there were frail practitioners who were released because the police were afraid that they would die in the cell. There were new practitioners being brought in, and there were healthy practitioners, who were numbered because they refused to give their names or addresses, being relocated in secret. People were told that those practitioners were sent to Northwestern area for tree planting and re-education. There were also other practitioners who gave their names and addresses, and were taken back by police officers from their local police stations. I was in Xicheng Division for nine days, and on the last day, I fainted. That night, some physically frail practitioners and I were put in police cars and dropped off on the side of the road. That counted as being released.

Every time I think about the fellow practitioners whom I spent time with, and how they were dissected by demonic doctors and had their organs taken away, I cannot hold the anger and sadness that I feel in my heart, and I am beside myself. When I am rational, I tell myself that only when I strive to do the three things well can I save more sentient beings. Only then I can rescue all the other practitioners who are still in the concentration camps. Only then can I repay master's most benevolent salvation!