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Warden at the Huairou Detention Center Threatened to Send Me to Northwest China, Never to Come Back Again

May 27, 2006 |  


Over five years ago I was illegally detained at the Huairou detention center in Beijing. Because I would not tell them my name, the ward threatened to send me to northwest China and that I would never come home again if I refused to tell my name. Only now do I realize that this was not just a threat, it was for sure.

On the morning of January 1, 2001, I went to Tiananmen Square in Beijing to validate Dafa at the Golden Water Bridge. A policeman abducted me and took me to a basement at Qianmen, where I was locked up in a big iron cage. Within a few hours, the police had detained more than a hundred Dafa disciples there.

The policemen began to send Dafa disciples to different places. They had two buses and Dafa disciples were brought aboard, in each bus five policemen were on watch. We were first sent to a detention center in Nanhu (I happened to see the name of Nanhu the next day) and we were detained there overnight. The next morning we were put on two buses. In each bus there were over forty Dafa disciples and we were sent to a detention center in Changping. After a while we were sent to a detention center in Huairou.

None of the arrested Dafa disciples would tell their names and addresses, since we knew from classified documents of the CCP that whenever a Falun Gong practitioner appealed, the spouse of the practitioner would be fired and fined 8000 to 10000 yuan, and from the officials in his/her workplace to the police department and police substation, all would be punished. The CCP utilized the method of provoking the masses to fight with each other to persecute Dafa disciples. Therefore, in order to protect the innocent, Falun Gong practitioners did not report their names and addresses.

On that day there were over three hundred Dafa disciples detained at the detention center in Huairou, and everybody was numbered. I was No. 196. The wards put all young people in one room and all elderly in another room. Everyone was stripped and examined. We were asked what kind of diseases we had before and they took our pictures and fingerprints.

Beatings of Dafa disciples were routine. Whenever a detainee did not lower his/her head at name-calling and interrogation, or did not wear a badge, or did not recite the prison rules, or practice, he/she would be beaten severely. Female practitioners were not provided sanitary napkins during their period; even if you had cash you could not buy any.

Dafa disciples were tortured, beaten up, shocked with electric batons, and physically punished in the posture of flying an airplane. They were forced to walk barefoot in the snow, cold water was poured onto them, then the door was opened and they would turn on an electric fan, and there was forced feeding. Two military doctors did the forced feeding.

When I was interrogated, the warden said: "I'll let you go home if you give me a fake name. Unless you tell me your name, I'll send you to northwest China and you'll never go home." At the time I did not think much about the threat. Only now after the exposure of the CCP's harvesting organs from live Falun Gong practitioners, do I realize that what the warden said was true.

I remember that in the detention center in Huairou, bulletin boards all over the room displayed when Dafa disciples were detained, sentenced or sent away. During that time Dafa disciples never had any contact with their family members, and nobody knew what they suffered there or where they were finally sent.

I'm a survivor. In only fifteen days when I was detained at the detention center in Huairou, my weight reduced from seventy kilograms to fifty kilograms after being tortured. It was after a hunger strike of fifteen days and under the protection of benevolent Master that I had the symptoms of fever, dizziness and low blood pressure, and I was released unconditionally.

Here I call on fellow practitioners to urgently search for missing Dafa practitioners, expose the evil and save fellow practitioners.