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In a Few Words: Reflecting on Safety Issues

May 22, 2006 |   By a practitioner in Mainland China


1.The status of ordinary society should not been casually damaged in normal situations. During the process of validating the Fa, you should not casually damage the principles for ordinary people even if you cultivate very well. Otherwise, you will violate the principles of Dafa, and you might generate security problems.

2. A cultivator who cultivates very well will be safe without resorting to ordinary people's measures. However, ordinary people will not understand this. Additionally, ordinary people will consider this cultivator to have "gone astray" and to be "behaving abnormally" and thus misunderstand Dafa, making it more difficult for them to be saved. Practitioners who are not diligent enough will also follow and copy such behavior. They will definitely encounter security problems because of their loopholes and attachments. As a result, they will lose people's confidence. This will have a further negative effect on ordinary people.

3. In fact, most practitioners will have some remaining loopholes. If they don't pay attention to ordinary people's security measures, the old forces will use it as an excuse to cause safety problems.

4. With big loopholes in cultivation, practitioners will have security problems even if they adopt ordinary people's security measures because the old forces will never let any big loopholes in cultivation slide by during the process of validating Dafa. When there are only small loopholes, safety can generally be guaranteed using ordinary people's safety measures. It is most important to maintain righteous thoughts without leaving any loopholes.

In summary, security can only be guaranteed through righteous thoughts and actions, and only if we pay attention to this issue can we be secure. In other words, to be safe, righteous thoughts are of primary importance while ordinary people's safety measures should be secondary.

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything you find inappropriate.