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Atrocities Perpetrated in Langfang City: Cao Baoyu Persecuted to Death; Yang Jianpo in Critical Condition

May 02, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Around 12 p.m. on April 27, 2006, Falun Dafa practitioner Cao Baoyu, 56, was persecuted to death at Guangyang District People's Hospital (Beidajie Hospital) in Langfang City, Hebei Province. At the same time, Dafa practitioner Yang Jianpo remains in critical condition from the persecution.

1. Guangyang District 610 Office hides the truth and threatens family members

When Cao Baoyu and Yang Jianpo ended up in critical condition due to the persecution, Langfang City Hospital and Chinese Medicine Hospital officials gave the word and Langfang City Detention Center prepared notifications of their impending release. Alas, Guangyang District 610 office refused to release the notifications to the families, and transferred Cao and Yang to Guangyang District People's Hospital for further persecution. They concealed the truth, and hindered and threatened family members who tried to visit.

April 19, at 7:00 a.m., family members of Cao Baoyu and Yang Jianpo returned to the Guangyang District People's Hospital. Upon their arrival, the director of the local police station, Mr. Zhang told them: "To tell you the truth, these two will be sentenced, and the warrants for their arrest have been delivered to us. They will receive a one or two year sentence. They could be released the minute they pledge that they no longer practice Falun Gong in writing. We are required to follow the country's laws and its processes." The family members told them, "They did not break any law! They now have serious health problems. What you are doing is illegal. Show us your law!" Zhang replied, "You may sue me at the United Nations," and left. A little later, the family members saw Director Liu of Guangyang District Governor Office and they asked, "Whom should we talk to in order to solve this problem? They did not kill anyone or set fires on anything, why should they be treated like this?" Liu answered: "I can't tell you. If you killed or set fires, you may actually be excused. Practicing Falun Gong is more serious than killing or setting fires." Then Liu left without looking back.

At 11:00 a.m. of April 25, when Cao Baoyu's wife arrived at Guangyang District People's Hospital to deliver a change of clothes for her husband, she was held by several people from Guangyang's 610 office. They called for five or six policemen from the Guangyang Security Branch, who arrested Cao's wife outside the hospital.

Dafa practitioners Cao Baoyu and Yang Jianpo were force fed daily and both their stomachs hemorrhaged. Cao Baoyu also suffered incontinence - he no longer could urinate or have bowel movements. The family members demanded answers from Director Liu of Guangyang District Governor Office, who holds responsibility for the problems caused by the force feeding. Liu answered that they do everything according to the orders from the doctors. In turn, the doctors said that they take their orders from the 610 office. All tried to shirk responsibility and blamed each other.

2. Secretly detained and persecuted even before CCP's public persecution

Cao Baoyu was employed at Langfang City Popes and Pipelines Property Management Office. All his diseases were cured after he began to practice Falun Dafa in 1993. Just before the CCP's ban and beginning of the persecution of Falun Gong -- on July 17, 1999 -- Director Zhang of Tianjin City Wuqing County Public Security Office Internal Security Branch called Cao to this office. Cao was questioned about the Falun Gong practice sites. On his way home, the bus he traveled on was stopped. He was arrested and taken to the Wuqing Zhu Zhuang police station. On July 19, the evil CCP began its systematic arrest of Falun Dafa practitioners nationwide. That day, Cao Baoyu was transferred to Tianjin City Detention Center where he was secretly detained. His name was changed to "Li Yu".

The Tainjin Public Security Office sentenced Cao Baoyu to a 4-year term without due cause. They charged him with the "crime" of "gathering people and disturbing social order." He suffered inhuman torture at Tianjin City Prison. He was forced to sit on a "small stool," three fingers wide, four fingers high, which could fit into a palm. His health was severely affected. He suffered an abscess of 15x5 cm from which went from his neck and to his back.

Tianjin Prison ordered the Langfang 610 office to arrest Cao, charging him with "not being transformed," and took him to a "brainwashing class," where they continued to persecute him. Because of his family's demands, Cao was taken to a hospital. The exam showed "poisoned by formic acid", also called "cutting head boils." At that time the size of the boil was about 10cm and was infected through to the bones, which had been laid bare. The doctors told the family that there is no cure, even if they would spend tens of thousands of yuan. Given this diagnosis, the Langfang 610 office had to release Cao.

After returning home, Cao Baoyu studied the Fa and practiced the Falun Gong exercises. He was close to being fully recovered. On Chinese New Year of 2006, Cao was arrested again when he was clarifying the truth to some government officers. They beat him and broke the blood vessels in his nose. Even after a week his nose was still bleeding when he blew his nose. Two of his upper teeth had come was loose from the beatings. He couldn't chew food even after ten days. He also suffered hearing lose due to the beating. Cao Baoyu went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution, and he was released on February 13th. In the morning of February 18th, when Cao was still extremely weak, the Langfang City Public Security Office, Guangyang Branch, State Security Brigade sent the team leader and six depraved people, including the director, from the Beiwang police to Cao's home. They broke into Cao's house by jumping over the wall and arrested him. They took him to a "brainwashing class," and refused to tell Cao's family members where they had taken him. Staff from the Langfang Procuratorate and Langfang Public Security Office arrested Cao Baoyu shortly after with the excuse of "disturbing social order." Cao was died from on April 27th.

All Dafa practitioners, please clarify the truth, and eliminate all evil with righteous thoughts.

Please, ask people who stand for justice and all international human rights organizations to help us stop the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

Related phone numbers:
Zhao Jiapu, the director of Langfang City, Guangyang District
Zhao's wife is a teacher at Langfang City No.11 Elementary School 86-316-6826266
Langfang City, Guangyang District, Beimen Police Station, police Zhang Huisheng
Langfang City Guangyang District People's Hospital (Beidajie Hospital):
Jin Guochang, a branch director at Langfang City Guangyang District People's Hospital. The person coordinates with evils a lot.
Langfang City Hospital, director's hotline: 86-316-2039002
Internal medicine department vice director, Wang Zhijun:
86-316-5908066 (second floor)
86-316-5908089 (first floor, the room Cao Baoyu and Yang Jianpo stayed)
Langfang City, Guangyang District, local governor office director Liu (clarify the truth and encourage good behavior)
86-13503162571 (cell)
Langfang City Public Security Office:
86-316-2333102 (office)
Guangyang District State Security Brigade: 86-316-2333886
Guangyang District public security police:
Gao Chenggang, Ma Baoquan, Xin Pingyu (female)
Langfang City 610 director:
86-316-2015211 ext. 6162 (office)