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Langfang 610 Office Continues Persecuting Dafa Practitioners Yang Jianpo and Cao Baoyu

May 18, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On February 5, 2006, practitioner Yang Jianpo from Langfang City went with the family of practitioner Wang Shaoqiu (who is illegally detained and tortured) to appeal at Xianghe County Public Security Bureau. Unfortunately, Yang Jianpo was arrested along the way by Langfang City's Guangyang Area Public Security Bureau and detained at Langfang City Detention Center. Without holding a trial for Yang Jianpo, the vicious perpetrators sent Yang to a variety of forced labor camps and prisons in Hebei Province to be tortured. Yang Jianpo held a hunger strike for the entire time. Before long he became so weak that the labor camps and prisons declined to accept him. On March 9, 2006, practitioner Cao Baoyu from Langfang City was illegally arrested for no reason by Langfang City Public Security Bureau, Guangyang Division and Guangyang Procuratorate. He, too, was detained and tortured at the Langfang City Detention Center.

On around March 22, 2006, Langfang City 610 Office and the Guangyang area government secretly sent Yang Jianpo and Cao Baoyu to get emergency blood transfusions in Langfang City People's Hospital. To block the truth, they threatened the hospital officials into keeping the treatment secret and not notifying the practitioners' families. During the day they force-fed and performed intravenous infusions on them, and at night they took them back to the detention center. The hospital treatment caused their health to deteriorate even more. The hospital staff repeatedly notified the detention center of the practitioners' critical conditions, however, the vicious perpetrators did not stop the torture.

On March 30, Yang Jianpo and Cao Baoyu were urgently transferred to the Langfang City Chinese Medicine Hospital. The torture continued there. As for what they did previously, they hid the truth and threatened the hospital. The treatment lasted until the morning of April 13.

Meanwhile, on April 13, Langfang Detention Center issued a release notice for Yang Jianpo and Cao Baoyu. However, the 610 Office held on to the notice. On the afternoon of that day, they transferred the practitioners to Langfang City Guangyang People's Hospital (also known as City Beida Street Hospital) to be further tortured.

When Yang Jianpo's family learned the news of him being detained in the gastrointestinal infectious disease department, they went to see him. The nurses and doctors there cooperated with the police and lied, saying that there was no such person in the hospital. But in fact Yang Jianpo was in an isolated emergency room in the department of infectious disease in the north end of the hall of building #1.

The head nurses who were in charge of force-feeding and intravenous infusions to Yang Jianpo were Meng Qiaohong and Wen Mengqiu. The physician-in-charge was the assistant director of the department of heart medicine, Wang Zhijuan.

When Yang Jianpo's family managed to enter his ward, they saw him lying on the bed, bony, unshaven, long-haired, and on the brink of death. Lying next door was practitioner Cao Baoyu, also tortured nearly to death. Upon seeing that their crimes would be exposed, the vicious thugs forcibly pushed the families outside, and did not even allow them to stay in the hall.

The doctor stated the two practitioners' conditions to their families: Yang Jianpo was suffering from high blood pressure, heart and kidney failure, electrolyte disorder, whole body muscle atrophy, breathing difficulty and a loss of movement in the lower limbs. Cao Baoyu had festering around the neck, hypotension, face edema, leg convulsions, gastric ulcer and internal bleeding. They were both in critical condition and could die any time. The hospital issued death warnings multiple times.

When the families learned about the practitioners' conditions, they questioned why the 610 Office still refused to release them. A man in his twenties, about 1.7 meters (5 ft. 7 in.) tall, from the Guangyang area 610 Office said, "There is nothing wrong with Yang Jianpo. He is far from dying. He was on hunger strike for four months in Kaiping (the labor camp in Tanshan) and did not have any problems. Now it has only been over two months. It is way too early! We still pull the tubes out of him four times a day!"

The two practitioners' families dared not leave the hospital for fear that they would die, and decided on April 17 to wait in the hall of the hospital. However, at around 10:00 p.m., the public security office pressured the hospital staff to force them to leave.

The next day (April 18) at around 7:00 a.m., the two practitioners' families arrived back at the hospital. They requested director Liu from Guangyang local government to allow them to visit Yang Jianpo and Cao Baoyu. Their request was denied. The family members asked, "On April 13, the detention center already issued a certificate of release. Now you are illegally detaining them without any documentation." Director Liu replied, "We don't need any documentation for Falun Gong. Go ahead and sue me. I earn my bread from the Communist party, therefore I need to work for it and be responsible to the authorities, to the people below me and to the patients." He then left.

Seeing that they would not reason, the two practitioners' families decided to appeal to the city government. However, once they got there, the officials there made them go to the appealing office. Once they got to the appealing office, they were told to go to the Guangyang government. The local government then pushed them back to the Guangyang 610 Office. They were kicked around back and forth with no one willing to take responsibility.

We urgently call on practitioners all over the world and all international human rights organizations to address this issue. Let's use our righteous thought to eliminate all the evils and help Yang and Cao gain freedom.

List of departments that were involved in the torture of practitioners Yang Jianpo and Cao Baoyu:

Director Liu (chief) in Guangyang local government; Zhao x in Guangyang area 610 Office; Guangyang Area Public Security Bureau, Guangyang National Security Division, Beimenwai Security Office, Beimenwai Office, etc.

Langfang City Beida Street Hospital: 86-316-2112124 (all phone numbers in this hospital are now encrypted)

Langfang City Public Security Bureau: 86-316-2333333 (office), 86-316-2333102

Guangyang Area National Security Division: 86-316-2333886
Langfang City Guangyang Area Discipline Inspection Appealing Office: 86-316-2025203, 86-316-2331739, 86-316-2025155
Secretary of Langfang City Committee of Politics and Law, Sun Diangao: 86-316-2028508
Langfang City Guangyang Area Public Security Bureau: 86-316-223811
Vicious police officers in Guangyang Area Public Security Bureau: Gao Chenggang, Ma Baoquan and Xin Pingyu (female)
Office of director of Langfang City 610 Office: 86-316-2015211 ext. 6162
Secretary of City Committee of Langfang City: Wang Zengli

Head of Guangyang area, Langfang City: Yin Guangtai
Secretary of Guangyang area party committee, Langfang City: Bu Zewen
Langfang City Procuratorate office: 86-316-2233775
Langfang City Procuratorate inspection office: 86-316-2234798
Langfang City Guangyang Area Procuratorate office: 86-316-2152404
Langfang City Public Security Bureau: 86-316-2333102 (office)