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Shenxin Reformatory Authorities in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province Are the True Murderers of Su Juzhen

May 17, 2006 |   By Zhao Suohuan


Earlier report: Falun Dafa Practitioner Ms. Su Juzhen Suffered a Mental Collapse and Passed Away Due to Drug Poisoning and Torture at a Forced Labor Camp (Photo)

The first time I met Su Juzhen was in the second prison, first brigade bathroom at the Masanjia Women's Labor Camp. At that time she was being tortured right beside the toilet. She was forced to squat in the "horse stance," in which her legs had to be in a half squat, her arms extended flat in front, and around her stood a group of people beating her. She had a serene expression on her face and seemed very peaceful. I heard that she had been tortured in the washroom for many days already without getting any sleep.

On April 19, 2001, an international human rights organization came to Masanjia for an "inspection." I was amongst ten or so people who were taken to the Zhangshi reformatory institution in Shenyang for isolated brainwashing. Su Juzhen was sent to my prison cell for brainwashing, which lasted until very late at night.

On May 19, 2001, we were again transferred to the Shenxin reformatory. Su Juzhen and I were in the same cell. Often she sat on the bunk above my bed telling me about her time at Masanjia, and how the police used electric batons to beat her. We were together for about three months. When she was alone, I often saw her eyes staring straight ahead, her face expressionless.

I began a hunger strike to protest the extension of my imprisonment. Every day I was force-fed and injected with unknown drugs, and it caused me unspeakable pain. My heart felt tight and jittery, like thousands of ants were biting my heart. I couldn't sit, stand or lay down. I felt lightheaded; my thoughts became disjointed and my memory faded. Afterwards the prison doctor said that there was no hope for me to recover. When I was on my deathbed, my family paid a cash deposit and I was released. When I came home I had problems seeing, and my face was expressionless.

Later on the Minghui website, I read that around February 5, 2002, Su Juzhen had been persecuted to point of suffering a mental collapse. I had no idea that in just half a year, Shenxin reformatory authorities could persecute her to this state.

I remember there was a practitioner imprisoned at the Shenxin reformatory in 2000 that told me that one day she saw the prison police with weird facial expressions. She did not know what was about to happen. After supper, she saw that the rice was tinged red. She suspected that they had drugged the food. When she saw the police, they looked very pleased with themselves, and even waited for everyone to finish eating before going away.

The above is testimony to the fact that Shenxin reformatory was responsible for the death of Su Juzhen. It is merely that the Shenxin reformatory authorities did things in a covert way. Both that institution and Masanjia cannot escape from taking responsibility for killing Su Juzhen.