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Large Groups of Falun Gong Practitioners Were Transferred from Beijing's Xicheng Detention Center to Shenyang City At the End of 2000

May 16, 2006 |  


On December 30, 2000, I was illegally arrested and sent to the Xicheng Detention Center because I held a banner at Tiananmen Square. At that time, many practitioners were arrested. We refused to cooperate with the evil authorities and refused to tell them our name and address, refused to allow our photos to be taken, refused to be fingerprinted, and held a hunger strike to protest the illegal arrests, requesting to be released unconditionally. Everyone was numbered, and I was given No. 779. The police yelled, "If you don't tell us your name and address, we will send you to the northeast!"

On January 6, 2001 at around 9:00 p.m., many practitioners were called to gather in the yard. First the practitioners from one corridor were called out, totaling about 40 to 50 of them. Later those of us in our corridor were called out. There were many police vehicles parked at the entrance. Military police holding guns surrounded us. The police were calling numbers and dragging practitioners one by one to the vehicles. One policeman said, "We are taking you to Shenyang in the northeast ...." I did not clearly hear the detailed location.

The vehicles left one after another. I was standing in the yard without being called. One policeman asked me, "What's the matter with you? What's your number?" I said, "No. 779." One policeman yelled, "Take him back." Thus I was not sent to Shenyang. I saw only male Falun Gong practitioners. Later I came to know many female practitioners were also sent over to Shenyang. Two female practitioners that I knew of were also transferred to Shenyang.

After returning to the prison cell, we watched a video of the transfer of practitioners on the TV in the prison. Later we also saw the address label, Shanhaiguan, Shenyang, etc. We surmised that the video was taken on the road to Shenyang before this occasion. The police used this type of video to threaten practitioners, i.e. to make us fear that we would be taken away like that to Shenyang. Every day, a few hundred practitioners were sent to Xicheng Detention Center. It is not clear how many were transferred to Shenyang.

When the news of the Shenyang Sujiatun concentration camp's harvesting live Falun Gong practitioners' organs was exposed, this memory suddenly came to my mind. At the end of 2000 and the beginning of 2001, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had already transferred a large number of Falun Gong practitioners to Shenyang because the CCP had already planned this Sujiatun death camp. Here, I am calling on the international organizations to immediately and thoroughly investigate all Chinese prisons and forced labor camps and all of their crimes of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. We cannot allow such crimes to continue.