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Mr. Wang Jingguo Tortured to Death, Jilin City National Security Bureau and 610 Office Threaten Family Members (Photos)

May 14, 2006 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Jilin City


Mr. Wang Jiangguo and his wife, Ms. Zhao Qiumei, from Jilin City were arrested on March 2, 2006, by Nanjing Police Substation officers in the Chuanying District led by Tan Xinqiang. Ms. Zhao Qiumei was later sentenced to one year of forced labor. Mr. Wang Jiangguo was tortured to death on April 10 at the Jilin City Detention Center after he was savagely force-fed and tortured in an attempt to extort a confession from him. He was 30 years old when he was tortured to death. On April 13, a memorial service was planned in his home, where people could come to express their condolences.

Tortured Brutally to Death at the Detention Center within 40 Days: Justice Will Not Tolerate Persecution for Being a Good Person

After the bier was set up, Mr. Wang's family, friends and relatives, neighbors and villagers came to offer their condolences. Most of the villagers shed tears and said: "It is a huge injustice for this young man to die."

On the morning on April 28, the police of the Shahezi Police Substation went to Mr. Wang Jiangguo's uncle's home and said, "Today, we will solve Mr. Wang Jiangguo's problem." As a result, the Shahezi Police Substation took three members of Mr. Wang Jiangguo's family to the Jilin City Detention Center. This time was different from the previous times. They took his family to a big meeting hall. Hardly had they entered the hall when they saw a poster announcing "the Meeting Regarding the Suicide Incident." In total, 18 people from Jilin City Chuanyin District Procuratorate, the Nanjing Police Substation, the Jilin City Detention Center, and the Jilin City 610 Office were already there. Also they had their cameras ready.

A Mr. Li, who claimed to be from the Jilin National Security Team and the head of the 610 Office, read to Mr. Wang Jiangguo's family a "Statement about Mr. Wang Jiangguo Being Jailed at the Jilin City Detention Center." They also threatened Mr. Wang's family. They concluded by telling the family that, first, the family had to have Mr. Wang Jiangguo's body cremated within one day; second, the memorial pavilion had to be taken down on April 29; and third, Mr. Wang Jiangguo's death had nothing to do with the public security bureau, because he had committed suicide.

Mr. Wang Jiangguo's family resisted this with righteous thoughts, saying, "If you do not solve the problem, we will appeal the case one level after another. We will appeal from the local level to the central government. This is not the end of the matter." The authorities felt guilty and quickly ended the meeting.

Some policemen also said in anger, "In the future, don't come to see us about these matters. We thought we were supposed to really solve the problem. It is a real shame. You as the family should file a lawsuit against them [the other policemen]."

Cong Maohua, the Deputy Director of the Jilin City Detention Center and the jail doctor: 86-432-4819029

Nanjing Police Substation: 86-432-2409634, the persons directly involved in the case included Tan Xinqiang and Wang Kai

Li Guochen from the Jilin National Security Team and the Head of the 610 Office

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