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Malaysia: Three Signature Drives in Two Days (Photos)

April 06, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On the weekend of April 1-2, 2006, Malaysian Falun Dafa practitioners had three signature drives in Klang and Kuala Lumpur Cities condemning the Chinese Communist Party's secret Sujiatun Concentration Camp. People signed petitions, one by one, supporting efforts to end the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) atrocity.

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Signature drive at Bukit Bintang District

Falun Gong practitioners from Klang City first went to the night market at the center of the city to distribute flyers clarifying the truth of the Sujiatun Concentration Camp and collect signatures on the petition to the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Olympic Committee (IOC), calling for immediate attention to the Chinese Communist Party's harvesting Falun Gong practitioners' organs.

On the following morning, they went to People Park in Klang City to pass out flyers and collect signatures.

Girl signs her name and asks her mother to sign too.
A mother signs her name and then encourages the boy to sign and support the rescuing Falun Gong practitioners project

When the people doing morning exercises heard about the truth that Chinese Falun Gong practitioners were being inhumanly murdered by the CCP, and the persecution is still going on today, they signed their names one by one. One mother signed her name and then encouraged her children to sign theirs. One girl signed her name and then asked her mother to sign to help the rescue effort. The park staff also signed to support the effort.

Staff of Municipal Administration signs petition
Signature drive at Klang Night Market

On the afternoon of April 2, Falun Gong practitioners from Kuala Lumpur held a signature drive at the bustling Bukit Bintang commercial area. Many Malaysians condemned the Chinese Communist Party's atrocity and called on the international community to help stop the killings.

The signature drives received responses from people of countries including China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland, Norway, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait and others.