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Senior Citizen Exposes the Persecution in Langfang City

April 04, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners who were illegally arrested in Langfang City, Hebei Province were separately detained in the brainwashing classes in Jiaotong Hotel and Huakang Hotel, and some were secretly transferred to Yangshuiwu SARS Hospital in Langfang City. Seventy-year-old Dafa practitioner Mr. Shi Zhimin was illegally arrested by the 610 Office in Langfang City on February 19, and persecuted in the brainwashing class at Huakang Hotel. On the evening of February 22, Mr. Shi got out using righteous thoughts while he was closely monitored by many policemen. Below is his account of the persecution of Dafa practitioners.

"After I heard that fellow practitioner Mr. Wang Shaoqiu was arrested without reason and that he had aged parents and a young child all dependent on his income from his business for support, I went to Xianghe on February 5 to inquire about his situation. This was a perfectly legal act as provided by the law. But the police didn't allow me to speak or clarify the truth but threw me in their car. I tried hard to get out of the car and also tried to reason with them. They threw me back in the car. My head hit something and I passed out. I was carried to Guangyang Police Sub-bureau and handcuffed onto a metal chair that is used to immobilize criminals. I was not allowed to eat, sleep or speak. Whenever I spoke, the police would curse, beat me and spit on my face. Supervisor Gao of the Security Team slapped my face for over a dozen times, which caused me to bleed. Several of my teeth got knocked loose from his beating and I still have difficulty eating even now. The police splashed boiling water on my face and the upper part of my body was so scalded that the pain was unbearable and many blisters developed. The police also wrapped my head with thick clothing to suffocate me. They put me near the drafty staircase entrance to freeze me. They also threatened, 'Though you were not tortured to death in Mengzhou of Henan Province, we can easily do it here.'

"When the police saw that I didn't say anything, they put me in the Langfang Detention Center on February 6. I continued with my hunger strike to protest and also called out, "Falun Dafa is good!" On February 12, I lost consciousness and was sent to hospital for infusion therapy, but I still didn't wake up, so I was sent back home on the evening of February 13.

"I was detained together with another Dafa practitioner from Langfang, Mr. Yang Jianpo, on February 5 and 6. Mr. Yang clarified the truth to the police very effectively and always with compassion. The police often had nothing to say in response. On February 6, Mr. Yang's wife came to visit him, and in the end Mrs. Yang was beaten so fiercely by police that she lay on the ground unconscious for a long time. Shortly after, Mr. Yang was also transferred to Langfang Detention Center, and later sent somewhere else that I don't know about.

"I was taken home after I was beaten and tortured and on hunger strike at Guangyang Police Sub-bureau and the Detention Center of Langfang City, where I lost consciousness for 9 days. For 5 days, I could not take care of myself. Sometime after 8:00 p.m. on February 19, while I was resting at home, 3-4 policemen broke in all of a sudden, and ordered me to go to the police station to attend a meeting, hear an announcement from a government document and sign some documents for verification. I could not go due to my condition, but the police insisted on carrying me to the car and said, 'We know you are not well, that's why we picked you up in a car!' I kept clarifying the truth to them and refused to go with them. Our stalemate dragged on for a whole day. The situation greatly troubled my wife and she could not eat or rest. Around 9:00 p.m. in the evening, they carried me into the car (at that time I only had on a pair of shorts). It was cold and the weather was terrible. I kept calling out on the way, 'The police break the law while supposedly enforcing the law, and they don't allow me to dress and forcibly arrest me.' I also called out, 'Falun Dafa is good.'

"I was taken to Huakang Hotel in Langfang. I went on hunger strike to protest. Director Zhao from Guangyang Police Sub-bureau in Langfang tried many times to "transform" and tried to persuade me to cooperate with them to eat. He said, 'You can go home only when we allow you to go. It is useless to go on hunger strike and protest; even if you starve to death, we won't let you go home.' Later on, he no longer required me to "transform" and said, 'The Central government had two meetings; if you behave well for one month, you can go home, which is the order.' I still kept clarifying the truth to him with kind intentions, called out, 'Falun Dafa is good,' and asked to go home.

"On February 23, with Master Li's compassionate help, I went through much difficulty and hardship and started to walk holding onto the wall. I had on little clothing and no shoes. When I fell down in the dark, I crawled, but I didn't feel cold or pain. In the end, I got out.

"When I was detained in the hotel, I was often unconscious and couldn't speak, therefore the police talked freely in front of me. They said that over 40 Falun Dafa practitioners were arrested this time in Langfang City, and some practitioners were sent to forced labor camps, to detention centers and to brainwashing classes, including practitioners from other cities. The practitioners sent to Huakang Hotel were those in their old age and in poor physical condition. There were 3 males and 6 females - 9 practitioners altogether. They reserved two floors in the hotel with over 30 policemen watching the practitioners every day (3 policemen monitored one practitioner). Those practitioners that I know include: Cao Baoyu and Zhang Fengde. When I left, the other 8 practitioners were still on hunger strike to protest against the illegal persecution and they were in very weak physical condition - some of them in quite precarious condition.

"I hope that kind-hearted people and all relevant international organizations with a sense of justice can help rescue these good people who believe in 'Truth-Compassion-Tolerance,' and help stop this inhuman and brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners."

Postcode of Langfang City: 065000

The address of the 610 Office brainwashing class in Langfang: "Huakang Hotel" (outside the south gate of the city and beyond the toll station, on the east side of the road)

"Huakang Hotel" phone: 86-316-2829996

Langfang City Police Department, operator: 86-316-2333333, 86-316-2333102 (Office)

Section Chief of No. 1 Section in Police Department, phone: 86-316-2333121 (Office), 86-316-2333151

Head of Jurisdiction Bureau of An Ci District in Langfang, phone: 86-316-2113276 (Office)

Head of Jurisdiction Bureau of Guangyang District in Langfang, phone: 86-316-2111062 (Office)

Guangyang District Police Department in Langfang City, phone: 86-316-2238110

National Security Brigade of Guangyang District, phone: 86-316-2333886

Policemen/ policewomen in Guangyang district: Gao Chenggang, Mao Baoquan, Xin Pingyu (female)

The appeal office of Guangyang District Discipline Inspection Commission of Langfang City: 86-316-2025203, 86-316-2331739, 86-316-2025156

Address: The appeal office of Guangyang District Discipline Inspection Commission of Langfang City

Guangyang District Discipline Inspection Commission and Guangyang District Supervision Bureau of Langfang City

Address: 2 Kangning Street, Email: gylz@lf.net.cn

Director of 610 Office in Langfang City: 86-316-2015211 Ext.6162

Secretary of Political and Law Committee of Langfang City, Sun Diangao: 86-316-2028508

Mayor of Langfang City: Wang Aimin

Secretary of Chinese Communist Party Committee of Langfang City: Wang Zengli

Mayor of Guangyang District of Langfang City: Yin Guangtai

Secretary of Chinese Communist Party Committee of Guangyang District in Langfang City: Bu Zewen