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He Xiuling's Husband Appeals to the United Nations to Investigate Her Death

April 03, 2006 |   By Xu Chengben

(Clearwisdom.net) My wife, He Xiuling, was persecuted to death by the Yantan Zhifu Detention Center, the Yantan City 610 Office, and Yuhuangdi Hospital at 7:30 a.m. on March 11, 2004, because she refused to give up her belief.

Before my wife died, officials used all kinds of dirty, cruel, and inhumane methods to torture her. After her death, I brought her final medical report from Yuhuangdi Hospital to some experts for their opinions. They told me that they needed the original medical records, because the summary medical report did not describe the origin of the hydrocephalus or how the spinal puncture procedure caused her death. I asked for the original records from the hospital many times but the administrators refused to give them to me. Other family members and I asked the medical examiner to examine her body, but the medical examiners from the Shandong Province Public Security Bureau, the Shandong Province Public Prosecutor, and Shandong Justice Bureau all helped to conceal the truth about the persecution. They were afraid to give us the report. In the end the Shandong Province Public Prosecutor even removed her original medical records from the hospital.

On February 9, 2006, I went to view my wife's body, but different levels of CCP officials prevented me from seeing her. Later, I tried several more times, but they refused me. On February 23, 2006, I contacted Director Gao from the Shandong Province Public Security Bureau again asking to view my wife's body. He replied that the request had been sent to the city office and no answer had come back yet.

It is my right to view my wife's body. The CCP officials, however, colluded with each other and refused to accept any written documents or fingerprints as proof. I appeal to the United Nations to investigate the death of my wife, so that injustice can be revealed and evil can be exposed to the world. I hope that injustice like this never happens again.

Director Gao: 86-13963821333 (Cell), 86-535-6618428 (Office)