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Mr. Wang Jianguo, 30, Persecuted to Death at the No. 1 Detention Center of Jilin City (Photos)

April 15, 2006 |   By a practitioner from Jilin province

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners Mr. Wang Jianguo and his wife Ms. Zhao Qiumei of Jilin City were arrested by a group of policemen headed by Tan Xinqiang from Nanjing police station on March 2, 2006. Within one month and nine days, Mr. Wang Jianguo, who was only around 30 years old, was persecuted to death at the No. 1 Detention Center of Jilin City. His body is at the autopsy center of Jilin City police station. Before his death, his wife was arrested again and taken to the No. 5 Division of Changchun Heizuizi Female Forced Labor Camp, where she is being persecuted.

In November 2000, Wang Jianguo was sentenced to two years of forced labor by Huanxiling Reeducation Center of Jilin city. His wife Zhao Qiumei was detained for two years at Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp in December 2001.

Wang Jianguo

Wang Jianguo and his wife Zhao Qiumei

On March 2, 2006, staff from the Nanjing local police station of the Chuanying area illegally confiscated Mr. Wang Jianguo's family's property and arrested Wang Jianguo and his wife Zhao Qiumei. They also stole personal belongings worth more than 30,000 Yuan. The police also took all the cash (about 3,200 Yuan) the couple had saved. After the Nanjing local police station arrested Wang Jianguo, they tried to extort a confession through torture, injuring his face and arms severely.

On March 10 at the noon, staff from Hadawan local police station and Jilin State Security Bureau sent three police cars to Wang Jianguo's father's house to arrest his father, Mr. Wang Shusen, because they were afraid that his father would appeal for help. They broke into his house and confiscated the family's property. Because of the repeated and continuous harassment by the local police and staff from the Jilin State Security Department, Wang Jianguo's parents left their home to avoid further persecution.

On March 31 Ms. Zhao Qiumei was taken by the Nanjing local police station to Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp to serve one year of forced labor. At this time, she is illegally detained at the No. 5 brigade. Mr. Wang Jianguo was still illegally imprisoned in No. 1 Detention Center in Jilin City.

In the morning of April 11, the No. 1 Detention Center of Jilin city called Mr. Wang Jianguo's family members and said, "Wang Jianguo was sent to the No. 2 hospital for emergency procedures yesterday. The doctors were unable to resuscitate him. He died of respiratory failure..." At around noon his family members arrived at the detention center. Deputy Chief of the Detention Center Cong Maohua said that they once forced fed Wang Jianguo, but he died of respiratory failure. He also said that Wang Jianguo had other severe health problems and could not breathe well. They also had found that he had lung problems, and so on.

Wang Jianguo was actually very healthy before being arrested. He once practiced martial arts and never had any health problems. Why did he suddenly die of respiratory failure at the detention center during forced feeding? That is a clear indication that the force-feeding at the Detention Center is performed brutally and not for humanitarian reasons or to rescue his life. It is in reality a torture method to retaliate against the peaceful protesters. The feeding tube was most likely mistakenly put into the trachea, which caused the food to enter the trachea. This led to the lung infection and inability to breathe normally, causing death.

The No. 222 Hospital of Jilin City wrote an Emergency Medical Treatment Medical Record of Wang Jianguo's time before his death.

After Wang Jianguo died, he was taken to No. 222 hospital of Jilin city.

The emergency medical treatment record, completed by the doctor on call, states:

(ID: 6156)

Wang Jianguo, male, 32 years old, Han Nationality, Working place address: Detention Center

Time: On April 10, 2006, 1:58 p.m.

Arrived: By ambulance

Reason for ER: rejection of diet for a month

Medical history: As per staff from the Detention Center, this patient has refused food for more than a month. After accepting advice, he ate a little porridge. His physical condition worsened and he became emaciated. He was brought to the outpatient service on the morning of April 10 for a medical examination. Director Guo examined him and he was then returned to the Detention Center for treatment. Around 1:20 p.m., the condition of the patient worsened and he had difficulty breathing. His arteries were fragile.

BP: 80/50

At 1:58 p.m. he arrived for an examination.

Physical examination: T: 0 ¡æ P: 0/minute R: 0/minute BP: 0/0mmHg consciousness: 0 Pupils: Left 4mm right 8 -10mm

Patient was sent to the emergency room at 1:58 p.m.

Physical examination: Breathing and palpitation of the patient had stopped. There was no pulse. The right pupil was 8 - 10mm, left 4mm and no response to light. The patient had no heartbeat and no breathing sound could be heard. There were no scars on his body, chest, back or limbs. O2 chest massage was performed, an electrocardiogram done, muscle injection given for emergency rescue. All resuscitation methods failed.

Preliminary diagnosis: 1. Malnutrition. 2. Respiratory failure.

Permission was given by the detention chief, not to do a CAT scan on the patient's head.

Rescue situation: The patient was dead on arrival.

Departure time: April 10, 2006 4:45 p.m.

Nurses: Zhang Lianfei

Wang Jianguo's remains are now held at the autopsy center of Jilin municipal public security bureau. Within one month and nine days, Wang Jianguo was persecuted to death during forced feeding at the No. 1 Detention Center of Jilin city.

Below are phone numbers of parties responsible in Wang Jianguo's death.

Area code of Jilin city number: 432
Deputy Chief of No. 1 Detention Center of Jilin City: Cong Maohua
Office telephone: 4819029,
Duty Officer: 4819130
Jilin municipal public security bureau Chuanying District Nanjing local police station: 2409634, 2452191

Those who are directly responsible for persecuting Mr. and Mrs. Wang Jianguo:
Tan Xinqiang, Wang Kai
Jilin municipal public security bureau: 2455848
Chuanying public security sub-bureau: 6962999
Jilin city Hongyuan economic development zone,
Office telephone: 2732696, 2740697
Hadawan local police stations telephones: 2738357, 2738454, 2409598