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Practitioner Mr. Cao Baoyu Once Again Arrested and Persecuted in Langfang City, Hebei Province

March 25, 2006 |  


On February 13, 2006, Langfang City's Guangyang District Police Station police released practitioner Mr. Cao Baoyu from Dachang Detention Center and sent him home. At about 7 a.m. on February 19, six people from the Guangyang Police Station and the Beiwang Town Police Station illegally arrested him again. Mr. Cao has not yet been released.

When the six police officers arrived at Mr. Cao's home, Beiwang Town Police Station Chief Zhao and an officer from the Guangyang Police Station entered the yard by climbing over the fence, since the gate was closed. They did not show any ID or documents, but ordered Mr. Cao to go with them. A policeman from the Guangyang Police Station said it would not take long. Mr. Cao said, "I will not go there. We can talk here." The police then arrested him by force. Mr. Cao's wife went up to ask about her husband, but the police grabbed and held her. They claimed she was "interfering with law enforcement." Although Mr. Cao was still physically weak, four policemen forced him into a police car and sent him to a brainwashing center, where he remains.

On February 5, Mr. Cao and several other practitioners went to the Xianghe Police Station and the county government to appeal the arrest of Langfang practitioner Wang Shaoqiu. At about 2 p.m., the Dachang police arrived. They beat him, kicked him, arrested him, and took him to the Dachang Police Station. That evening, a thin, tall police chief asked him to take off all his clothes, even underwear. Mr. Cao refused and was brutally beaten. The chief said, "So, you do not want to take off your clothes?!" Mr. Cao said, "No, I do not, since I am not a prisoner, nor have I committed crimes." The chief told several policemen to search Mr. Cao's clothes and even pulled off the zippers. He then brought Mr. Cao to the hallway, where he beat him, kicked him, and slapped him. Finally, he tied Mr. Cao to an iron chair.

Mr. Cao's nose was injured and still bleeding after one week. Two teeth in his upper jaw were loosened during the beating, and he was unable to chew food for more than 10 days. The beating also impaired his hearing. Mr. Cao and other practitioners went on hunger strike to protest the persecution. He was released on February 13 and then arrested once again on February 19.

Related phone numbers:

Xianghe Police Station: 86-316-8321236, 86-316-8321500
Dachang Police Station: 86-316-8828395, 86-316-5522529

March 1, 2006