(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Cheng Peiming escaped using the power of his righteous thoughts from the Longnan Hospital early in the morning of March 3, 2006 after he had been tortured to the brink of death at the Daqing Prison. Daqing Prison officials issued a No. 01 Arrest Order, and the authorities pursued him throughout the city and harassed many people in their efforts to find Mr. Cheng. The following are details:

Cheng Peiming lived in Jixi City. The police illegally arrested him in May 2001. In January 2002, the Jiguan District Court in Jixi City unlawfully sentenced Mr. Cheng to eight years in prison. He was detained in the Harbin City Prison. In July 2004 Cheng Peiming was transferred to the Daqing Prison to be further persecuted. While there, he was placed in solitary confinement and was subjected to a number of tortures including the "big hang-up." (1) This torture severely injured Cheng Peiming's head and arms. A wound on his head measured 0.8 inch wide and two wounds on his arms each measured 1.2 inches in length. He was sent to the city hospital on the evening of November 16, 2004. The left side of his ribcage was cut open during surgery after extensive bleeding in solitary confinement. The surgical incision measured 12 inches in length and required more than 100 stitches. Mr. Cheng was sent back to the Daqing Prison after six days of hospitalization, and was again handcuffed and shackled in solitary confinement. The captors inserted a wooden stick into his mouth.

In May 2005, Cheng Peiming firmly refused to wear the prison uniform. Guard Pan Shaolin ordered the inmates to beat him. They tied up his hands and feet with a rope and tied a knot behind his back, leaving him for several days. Pan Shaolin said to him in front of the inmates, "I just don't believe that I can't fix you. If you are not afraid to die, I'm not afraid to bury you." He secretly told the inmate on duty to strangle Cheng Peiming with a rope when Mr. Cheng went to the bathroom and then claim he committed suicide. The inmate refused to do this and as a punishment, he was kicked out of the prison infirmary division. Cheng Peiming developed tuberculosis. The prison authorities not only refused to release him, but locked him in solitary confinement again.

On January 26, 2006, Prison director Wang Yongxiang personally beat Falun Gong practitioners Jiang Derong, Jia Shenghui, Sun Jianbin, Wang Yudong, Jin Sheng and others. Then he had them tortured in solitary confinement cells. Many practitioners went on hunger strikes to protest this round of persecution. Cheng Peiming was on his 36th day of a hunger strike. He was on the brink of death and could not swallow food. He vomited whatever he was fed.

After Cheng Peiming escaped from the hospital, the authorities went after him. In their illegitimate arrest order, the persecutors never mentioned that Cheng Peiming is a persecuted Falun Gong practitioner. Instead, they that he is a "criminal" who had been sentenced to eight years in prison for using an organization to disrupt the administration of law. The Communist regime officials have promised 30,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan rewards for people who provide useful information and who assist in the capture and arrest of Cheng Peiming. They want to lure people whose minds are poisoned by propaganda into committing crimes against Dafa. The notice also listed the following report hotlines: 86-13936816666 (Cell), 86-13766776699 (Cell), 86-13039804444 (Cell), 86-13329470855 (Cell), 86-13936991999 (Cell), 86-459-5059911.

Between 8:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. on March 4, more than twenty police officers arrived in five police vehicles and surrounded the residential building in Daqing City where Dafa practitioners Guan Zhaoqi and his wife Yu Guixiang live. They broke inside and ransacked the home. About fifty people near the supermarket witnessed the mobster-like behavior of the Chinese Communist police. It is thought that this ransacking has to do with the authorities' pursuit of Cheng Peiming.

Yu Guixiang's husband Guan Zhaoqi is being persecuted at the Daqing Prison. He is very weak, and his stomach and throat are bleeding from irritation by a hard plastic force-feeding tube. He can no longer withstand the brutal force-feeding. The abusers ignore his condition. They pry his mouth open daily and pour food into his mouth. Mr. Guan's life is in peril.

Attachment: Dafa Practitioner Cheng Peiming's Personal Story and Accounts of Persecution, July 23, 2004

I started practicing Falun Dafa in the fall of 1998. I became a good person as I conducted myself according to Truth-Compassion-Forbearance, the principles of Falun Dafa. However, I experienced the following inhumane abuse and mistreatment under the persecution:

On May 11, 2001, I went to a Falun Gong experience sharing conference held in Hongxing Township, the Jiguan District, Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province. Two police officers arrested me and two more police officers approached me and immediately beat me without asking any questions. They struck me to the ground and beat me for more than ten minutes. Then they dragged me by my feet for more than 260 feet and forced me into the trunk of a police car.

They drove me to the Jixi Police Department and threw me in the interrogation room. During more than thirty hours of torture and interrogation between May 11 and May 13, they tied me to the tiger bench and grossly abused me in the following ways:

Officers hit my chin.

Two officers violently scratched my groin with both hands. Two other officers ran their knuckles down my ribcage causing me tremendous pain and weakness.

Torture with the "space hat." They first put a plastic bag over my head and then put a steel helmet on my head. They struck the helmet with a 9-pound hammer, which shocked my brain and I lost consciousness. They then made a hole in the plastic bag where my nose was and interrogated me.

They scratched each one of my ribs with the sharp tip of a belt clip.

They ground my nipples with a sharp metal tool.

They hit the instep of my feet with police batons until they swelled.

They dug into my collarbones with brutal force until the area went numb.

They hammered bamboo splinters into my fingers.

They burned me with an open flame and otherwise tortured me repeatedly.

On May 13, the authorities sent me to the No. 1 Detention Center in Jixi City. The guards first ordered the inmates to throw heavy punches at my head. Then they handcuffed me and put me in shackles that weighed more than 44 pounds. I held a hunger strike to protest the brutal persecution. On May 15, Zhang Yi, the deputy head of the detention center, ordered me to eat. I refused. He told me to kneel. I refused. He ordered the inmates to push me on the floor. The guards hit me with electric batons, then stripped me naked and shocked my mouth and genitals with electric batons until the batteries went dead. They also tried to coerce me to curse Teacher and Dafa. They later switched to a pair of shackles weighing over 70 pounds, which I was forced to wear for 24 days. Zhang Yi also ordered inmates to spit on me, verbally attack me, gag me with stinky socks, insult me, and savagely beat me again until my whole body swelled. Doctor Wang said, "If a Falun Gong [practitioner] dies, I'll write a certificate that says he died from illness."

In January 2002, the Jiguan District Court illegally sentenced me to eight years in prison. I appealed because Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa and Dafa practitioners are innocent. The court police hit me five times with a police baton. On April 10, 2002, I was once again physically and mentally abused, this time at the Group Drill Division at the Harbin Prison.

In 2003, guards Lin Bo, Dong Zhimin and Zhang Jiushan locked me in a room by myself, a room especially set up to torture people. I held a hunger strike to protest the persecution. The guards ordered inmate Zhang Yong to torture me, and he said, "Don't blame me. The 'government' made me do this, and the 'government' will take the responsibility if we beat you to death. We'll earn credits if we 'fix you good.'" They wrapped a towel tightly across my mouth and flicked my eyeballs with their fingers, violently boxed my ears, pinched my testicles, dug into my spine and kicked my head. Zhang dug my collarbone with his fingernails, and my upper arm went numb. It was excruciating. Ni Jie and Zhang Xiaofeng kicked the sides of my ribcage and forced my fingers to bend backwards. They tortured me for several hours. I was very thirsty and had to vomit. The vomit hit the towel that was placed on my mouth and went back into my stomach. They feared I might die and reported to the guard in charge of solitary confinement. They then sent me back to the hospital. Afterwards, I told guards Lin Bo, Huang Zhimin and Zhang Jiushan about the beating in the solitary confinement cell. They didn't investigate and simply ignored me.

In May 2004, I filed an official lawsuit against the guards who so severely abused me at the Group Drill Division.

On July 1, 2004, I was transferred to the Daqing Prison where I developed tuberculosis and coughed up blood. I was skin and bones. This occurred on the seventh day of my hunger strike.

I strongly urge the Chinese Communist regime to immediately stop this persecution and release all illegally-detained Dafa practitioners.

Relevant Contact Information:

Daqing Prison (Note: for home or office phone numbers, dial country code + area code before all numbers. For cell phone numbers, dial country code only before the numbers. Country code: 86, area code: 459)
Address: Daqing Prison, Hongweixing, Ranghulu District, Daqing City, Zip code: 163159
Wang Yongxiang, prison head: 5099876, 5964388, 13904867068 (Cell)
Chen Qingfa, prison political secretary: 5058588, 4686358 13329491288 (Cell)
Wang Jiaren, deputy prison head: 5050616, 4687616, 13303691339 (Cell)
Zhang Yajun, deputy prison head: 5059122, 6388889, 13359825633 (Cell)
Jiang Shuchen, deputy prison head: 5059808, 6783122, 13936711131(Cell)
Wang Yingjie, deputy prison head: 5059919, 6363870, 13329393777 (Cell)
Tan Ronglai, head of Politics Division: 5050618, 6133365, 13304694188 (Cell)
Xu Zhi, deputy head of Politics Division: 5059918, 13936702596 (Cell)
Han Jiayi, deputy head of Politics Division: 5059900, 6283035, 13059050546 (Cell)
Gong Huaqiang, head of Disciplinary Inspection Monitor Room: 5059590, 4660518, 13845929612 (Cell)
Yie Wenhui, head of Division 1: 5059423, 5982371, 13069600810 (Cell)
Li Chunzhi, political head of Division 1: 5058609, 6766285, 13019083428 (Cell)
Liu Shengyu, deputy head of Division 1: 5059423, 6687062, 13039825600 (Cell)
Zhu Renshan, head of Division 2: 5059596, 5699290, 13936776952 (Cell)
Zhu Wenwu, deputy head of Division 2: 5059596, 6688246, 13054213979 (Cell)
Cao Wenzhao, deputy head of Division 2: 5059596, 6683203, 13945910985(Cell)
Zhu Rui, head of Division 3: 5059835, 6180660, 13936723666 (Cell)
Wang Yalong, deputy head of Division 3: 5059835, 5827085, 13019776633 (Cell)
Cheng Junchang, head of Division 4: 5059834, 6868664, 13019070892 (Cell)
Fu Xuelin, political head of Division 4: 6865576, 13045390999 (Cell)
Chu Zhongxin, deputy head of Division 4: 5059834, 4686728, 13936729603 (Cell)
Chen Yubin, head of Division 5: 5059423, 4893913, 13019087748 (Cell)
Xu Jiamin, political head of Division 5: 6366017, 13936977750 (Cell)
Wang Defeng, deputy head of Division 5: 5050422, 4622466, 13945955956 (Cell)
Liu Shouchun, deputy head of Division 5: 5050422, 6368717
Dong Menghuan: head of Division 6: 5059596, 4686883, 13059041717 (Cell)
Cui Shijun, political head of Division 6: 5059704, 6328933, 13936836930 (Cell)
Liang Shougui, deputy head of Division 6: 5796937, 19836735042 (Cell)
Li Fengjiang, head of Division 7: 5059233, 5962033, 13359603366 (Cell)
Xiang Zhenchun, deputy head of Division 7: 6180347, 13904863444 (Cell)
Gao Changhua, political head of Division 7: 5059233, 6369885, 13936998789 (Cell)
Pan Shaolin, head of Admit/Release Division: 5059704, 6678320, 13845951567 (Cell)
Li Zhenxing, deputy head of Admit/Release Division: 5059704, 6288707, 13059042788 (Cell)
Li Hai, deputy head of Admit/Release Division: 5059704, 6337570, 13845920440 (Cell)
Wang Xiyi, head of Internal Control Division: 5059892, 4681337, 13704896555 (Cell)
Huo Weidong, political head of Internal Control Division: 5059233, 6388861, 13059065518 (Cell)
Gao Qing, head of prison hospital: 5059828, 6852986, 13804696394 (Cell)
Huang Zhiwei, deputy head of prison hospital: 5059828, 1309168508 (Cell)

Seven people who work at the prison hospital: Qiao Guotao, Wang Haicheng, Wen Jijun, Wang Wenhui, Mei Hongfei, Lu Mingyao, Hou Gongyu

Daqing City CCP Committee
Gai Ruyin, secretary: 6186779 (Office), 6181228 (Home)
Han Xuejian, deputy secretary: 61811833 (Office), 6104941 (Home)
Xia Lihua, deputy secretary: 6398366 (Office), 4609866 (Home) 13804642080 (Cell)
Li Fumin, deputy secretary: 6376667 (Office), 6368196 (Home) 13945929999 (Cell)
Ruan Dianlong, deputy secretary: 6186776 (Office), 6371988 (Home)
Si Jiaxiang, deputy secretary: 6181355 (Office), 4600655 (Home), 13329390039 (Cell)
Su Yutian, deputy secretary: 5998800


(1) The "big hang up" - There are two forms of this torture: a) With both hands cuffed behind the back and only the toes touching the ground, one is hung by a rope that is tied to a metal window frame; b) One hand of a practitioner is handcuffed to one bunk bed and the other hand to another bed, and the two beds are pulled in opposite directions. The pain is extreme as the body is pulled apart.