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Hebei Provincial Government Begins New Round of Persecution in Langfang City and Three Northern Counties

March 22, 2006 |  


Recently the Hebei Province Public Security Department 610 Office established a "Supervisory Team" that carries out supervision and inspection visits to Langfang City and three northern counties, including Xianghe, Dachang and Sanhe, ostensibly for the purpose of "Assuring the successful meeting of the Dual Congress." In fact, this is a new round of persecution targeting Falun Gong. They demanded all government offices from each county to investigate whether there were any Dafa practitioners' "activities." All "activities" were to be reported to the "610 Office" at the county level. Furthermore, they were trying to discover where the "Falun Dafa information distribution point" was.

Quite a few Dafa practitioners were illegally arrested, including Cao Baoyu, Shi Zhimin, Zhou Xiuzhen, Zhang Ruihua, Zhang Fengde, and Li Shuhong. They began a hunger strike to protest the persecution.

Dafa practitioner Liu Yajie and Wan Yaqin from the 3rd District of the Street Control Bureau of Langfang was surrounded by the State Security police for over 8 days. All overseas Dafa practitioners who see this report please send forth righteous thoughts and call the responsible government offices to support. Liu Yajie's home phone is 86-316-2016100.

The homes of Cao Ruitang and Tao Liangui are under surveillance. The police even question neighbors who go there to pay a visit. Cao Ruitang and his wife, Tao Liangui's wife, and Wang Jianhua's wife were forced to leave their homes to escape the persecution.

Practitioner Wang Fenghai was sentenced to a labor camp because of the Xianghe incident. His wife was also arrested and taken to the brainwashing class. Practitioner Shi Yongping was sentenced to a labor camp. His family was also harassed by the police. The police also ransacked the homes of three Dafa practitioners who went to visit detained practitioners with their family members.

Dafa practitioner Lu Wenqing of Langfang was arrested recently at Lianzhuangzi Village.

Additional Information Pertaining to the Persecution of Detained Practitioners in Dachang County

After more than 30 practitioners went to Xianghe County to rescue their family members on February 5 (Lunar calendar January 8), they were all arrested and taken to the Dachang County Detention Center, where they all suffered brutal torture. They were beaten at the detention center; some had their teeth knocked loose to the point that they have not been able to chew food even to this day. One of the practitioners was tied to a wall in the spread eagle position for a whole night. None of the practitioners were allowed to wear warm clothes and the guards left all the windows open to keep the place very cold. In the evening, the guards forced all the practitioners, including two of Liu Shuying's daughters who were only around 10 years old, to sleep on the concrete floor with just one thin layer of carpet, but no blankets. The police also tied practitioners on an iron chair for forced feeding and IV injections. Due to the prolonged torture, many of them developed serious physical conditions. Practitioner Gao Tiansong had prolonged fever for many days, his body temperature reached 40° C (104° F), and was diagnosed by the hospital as having a severe lung infection. His family strongly requested that he be released, but the Dachang district police refused to release him.

The police again arrested some of the Dafa practitioners who had been previously released on February 21. Their excuse was in order to ensure the successful meeting of the "Dual Congress," they felt "better" if they put Dafa practitioners in jail. This is how the country is under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. While planning the "People's Congress," they arrest good people who dare to speak the truth. We appeal to our fellow practitioners both in China and overseas, and righteous people from all walks of life to pay attention to this incident.

Zhao Qinglin, is the Director of the Dachang County Detention Center and is responsible for beating Dafa practitioner Yang Jinlong (from Taipingzhuang Village in Dachang County) as reported by the Clearwisdom article "The Director of Langfang Detention Center in Hebei Province Savagely Beat Dafa Practitioners." He is from Xiaolizhuang Village in Dachang Township, Dachang County. Zhao is around 45 years old, and an army veteran. He was transferred back home after being discharged from the military in 2000. He is tall and lean, and was promoted to the director position a few years ago.

Information on Zhao Qinglin:

He is the Director of Dachang County Detention Center. His home phone is 86-316-8828831. Detention Center phone is 86-316-8835335.

Information on Zhao Qinglin's family:

His father is Zhao Huanming.
His first elder brother Zhao Qingyu lives at Xiaolizhuang Village at Dachang Township in Dachang County.
His second elder brother Zhao Qinglun lives at Dachang Township, his home phone is 86-316-8823583.
His brother in law Bai Zhenkuan lives at Dachang Township, home phone is 86-316-8829061.

Information on Xiaolizhuang Village:

Communist Party Committee Secretary: Wang Qingguang, home phone is 86-316-8824820; cell phone is 86-13930627906.
Head of Village: Zhang Changchun, home phone is 86-316-8825334; cell phone is 86-13663269481.

Information on Dachang County government officials who were involved:

Political and Legislative Affairs Secretary: Yu Chenglong, home phone 86-316-8829800.
Deputy Secretary and Director of 610 Office: Wang Fuhong, home phone 86-316-8839654, Office phone 86-316-8822149.
Deputy Secretary: Wang Lizhong, home phone 86-316-8833283, cell phone 86-13084554001.
Political Secretary of the Public Security Bureau: Ge Wenzhang, home phone 86-316-8823272, office phone 86-316-8828395
Deputy Director of the Public Security Bureau: Han Wenhua, home phone at the village: 86-316-8982566, cell phone 86-13932613666, office phone 86-316-8822429, 86-316-8822529.
Public Security Bureau Political Security Brigade Leader: Liu Chunguang, office phone 86-316-8822429, extension 6531. His parent's home phone: 86-316-8952076.
Public Security Bureau office phone: 86-316-8822529.
Officer at the Political Security Brigade: Yang Yi, home phone 86-316-8833197, office phone 86-316-8822429, extension 6531.
Langfang district brainwashing class: 86-316-6837702
Dachang County postal zip code: 065300.