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Belated News: Ms. Li Xianming Tortured to Death on the Same Day He Was Arrested

March 02, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of April 6, 2005, Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Xianming from Shehong, Suining in Sichuan Province was illegally arrested in front of the county government hostel. National Security Bureau agents staged the arrest and pushed him into a small, unmarked car. They took him to the county detention center, where they savagely tortured him. The guards injected him later with a poisonous substance. He died the day of his arrest, on the evening of April 6, 2005.

Dafa practitioner Ren Qun, who was arrested at the same time with Li Xianming is still being detained. The police are blocking information, and the details about his condition are unknown. We ask practitioners inside and outside China to make phone calls to clarify the truth and support Ren Qun.

Shehong County, Suining City, Sichuan Province County 610 Office
Yang Min: 86-825-6637088, 86-825-6611135, 86-13320635111 (Cell)
Liang Shangwu: 86-825-6637007 (Office), 86-825-6636001 (Home), 86-13882599558 (Cell)
Niu Bin: 86-825-6624053 (Office), 86-825-6612838 (Home), 86-13309066222 (Cell)

Deng Zuhua, deputy head for Shehong County: 86-825-6681077, 86-13980185688 (Cell), 86-13882539696 (Cell)
Deng Weixian, Judicial Bureau: 86-13882539696 (Cell)
Deng Shixue: 86-13982539333 (Cell)
Zhou Yuan, head of National Security Division: 86-825-6603266, 86-13909065266 (Cell)

Detention Center
Wang Fuqiang, head: 86-825-6607113
Wang Xia, guard: 86-825-6880865