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My Husband and I Have Endured Long-term Persecution by the Vicious CCP; My Husband Was Tortured to Death

February 22, 2006 |   By Lin Qian, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Mainland China

(Clearwisdom.net) My husband Rao Zhuoyuan and I are both Falun Gong practitioners. During the last six years of brutal persecution and torture of Falun Gong practitioners, we have both stood steadfast in our belief. Agents from the wicked Chinese Communist Party (CCP) tortured my husband to death, and I have endured suffering from long-term physical torture and mental torment.

My name is Lin Qian. I am from Guangdong Province. I used to work at the Dental Center of the Guangdong Provincial Hospital. Before practicing Falun Gong I suffered from a gastric ulcer. I couldn't even eat apples because my stomach would hurt if I did. Worse was that I also had pituitary adenomas. I went to all of the hospitals in Guangzhou City. Some doctors suggested that I have the "gamma knife treatment," but I could not financially afford this treatment.

On December 21, 1994, I attended Teacher's 5th session of a nine-day class held in Guangzhou Stadium. Teacher gave lectures for nine days in a row, with each class lasting over an hour. Every day, right after I entered the stadium, I would fall asleep. It resembled exactly what Teacher taught in Zhuan Falun,

"A few individuals may fall asleep and wake up as soon as I finish my lecture. Why is that? It is because their brains have illnesses that need to be treated. One will be unable to stand it if one's brain is worked on. Therefore, one must be put into a state of anesthesia or become unconscious." (Chapter 7, Zhuan Falun)

Teacher wanted me to sleep so that he could purify my body. After the 9 days of classes I remembered only one sentence:

"The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities." (Zhuan Falun)

After six months, I went to the hospital for a checkup and found out that everything had become normal. After that I did not need a single pill. It was Falun Dafa that brought me good health, and gave me a new life. My former illnesses vanished. I became more open minded. My work and family life also became satisfactory and pleasant.

From 1994 to July 19, 1999, I lived the happiest period of my life. I have practiced Falun Dafa for 11 years now. I experienced profoundly that Falun Dafa is a mighty Great Law that improves one's mental and physical health. This is also why after six years of suffering and misery under the persecution, I am still steadfast in the practice.

Since the onset of the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, initiated by former dictator Jiang Zemin, I have been unable to carry out my practice in the same way as before. In addition, my human rights were severely violated. Jiang and the evildoing CCP destroyed a harmonious family that many others admired before.

On the morning of July 20, 1999, my husband Zhuoyuan and I went to the Guanzhou City Municipal Building and the administration building of Guangdong Province to appeal for justice for Falun Gong. From then on, persons from our workplaces repeatedly pressured us to hand in our Falun Gong books. They also ordered us to stop practicing the Falun Gong exercises at work.

Zhuoyuan went to Beijing to appeal on September 7, 1999. He returned on the 14th. On the evening of the 16th, officer Lin from the Xingang W. Rd. Local Police Station in Haizhu District (address: #142, Building #5, Xingang W. Rd, Guangzhou) came to our home and lied to us, saying that agents at the local police station wanted us to go there to "have a talk." On our way there, I got out of the car. Zhuoyuan was illegally arrested under force and taken to the First Detention Center of Haizhu District. He was unlawfully detained for 15 days. Our daughter was only one year old then.

One day while Zhuoyuan was incarcerated in the Haizhu District Detention Center, it rained heavily. I went to bring him some clothes, but the detention center officials did not let me see him. At the end of the 15 days, I went there again to get Zhuoyuan released. They told me that even if his term was up, they still would not release him because he practiced Falun Gong. Drug addicts and robbers could be released, but not my husband. I went home, disappointed, waiting for information from him. He was released on October 5th. Only then did I find out that after the first 15 days he was transferred and detained in the Guangdong College of Industry (152 Xingang W. Rd, Haizhu District) for several days.

On July 3, 2000, Zhuoyuan was arrested while at work and locked up in the Jiangcun Mental Hospital where he was subjected to suffering from inhuman tortures for 54 days. He endured all kinds of insults and humiliation, as well as other mental torment. No one notified me of his whereabouts during those 54 days. Not until after his release on August 25, 2000, did I discover where he had been. After this incident, Zhuoyuan had to accept a demotion in his job as a highly qualified food inspector. He was transferred to the supply room where he was told to wash bottles. His salary was also withheld, and he was paid only 700 yuan monthly. The amount was later lowered to 380 yuan.

On September 4, 2001, Zhuoyuan was again unexpectedly arrested at work. Personnel from the Guangzhou City Medical Department locked him up in the notorious "Legal System School" in Guangzhou (56 Xizhou N. Rd, Cuotou, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City) where he was forced to undergo brainwashing. I took our two-year-old daughter to go see him. When she saw Dad she couldn't stop crying and she pleaded for her Dad to come home, but the inhuman police still wouldn't let him go.

I went to the Guangzhou City Medical Department and to the Guangzhou Health Bureau, asking them to let Zhuoyuan go free. At the same time, another family member was affected by the persecution. Due to frequent insults from 610 Office agents, my mother suffered a mental illness. With my strong request, Zhuoyuan was released on September 30, 2001. After he came home, the 610 Office people often had someone monitoring our residence. To avoid further persecution, Zhuoyuan left home and lived a homeless and destitute life. Our home phone was tapped and he did not dare call us. I did not know his whereabouts. On October 26, 2001, an official from the Xingang Local Police Station in the Haizhu District called me and asked me to go see Zhuoyuan. Only then did I find out that he was detained again.

This time, Zhuoyuan was held in the First Detention Center in the Haizhu District. After he held a hunger strike to protest the unlawful detention, he was transferred to the Huadu First Forced Labor Camp in Guangzhou City. Zhuoyuan was on a hunger strike the whole time. His weight dropped from 68 kilograms (approximately 152 lbs) to 35 kilograms (approximately 82 lbs). He was extremely weak and looked like a skeleton. People at the labor camp clinic could not even find a vein to give him an injection. In November 2001, Zhuoyuan was transferred to the Zhijing Legal System Hospital in the Baiyun District of Guangzhou. He stayed there for two days. The hospital officials forced his family members to sign the guarantee statement. Then he was released "on bail for medical treatment." I carried him home as he was unable to walk. Our family members could not even recognize him after he got home. Our little daughter was scared at the sight of him and hid behind others' backs. She could not believe that the person right in front of her then was the father that she had been so close to before.

On January 19, 2002, as Zhuoyuan was recovering at home, the 610 Office from the Haizhu District sent agents to the Dental Center of the Guangdong Hospital where I was working. I was wearing my doctor's white gown and cap. They took me against my will and detained me for 24 hours at the Changgang Street Police Station in the Haizhu District, located in Haifu Huayuan, Jiangyan Rd., Guangzhou.

On January 20, 2002, after being detained for 24 hours, I was transferred to the Haizhu District "Legal System School," located on the 9th floor of "Mrs. He Guirong's Welfare Center" at 1690 - 1694 S. Guangzhou Ave., where I was subjected to brainwashing. The center forced Dafa practitioners to watch the "Tiananmen Self-immolation," "Fu Yubin killed his family members," and other deceitful videos that slandered Teacher and Falun Gong. We were forced to read anti-Falun Gong materials as well. They also threatened that if I still refused to be "reformed" they would put me in a labor camp. They intended to destroy me spiritually, trying to force me to give up my belief in Falun Gong. They had someone watch me 24 hours a day. They also forbade me from leaving the room. Afterwards they transferred me to a small cell. I could only see others during meal time.

My husband was forbidden to visit me during my detention in the brainwashing class. My mother-in-law attempted to see me once, but police officer Li Qing stopped her. My family endured a great deal during my detention. My brothers traveled thousands of miles to the brainwashing class to see me. My mother was sick at home, but nobody took care of her then. My daughter could not see me either. My nieces and nephews went to my hospital employers to request my release, fearing that I might be laid off. The brainwashing class personnel even demanded that my family members pay them a daily "fee" of 100 yuan.

On June 14, 2002, police from the Guangzhou City 610 Office, the Tianhe District 610 Office, the Haizhu District 610 Office, and agents from the Guangzhou First Labor Camp broke into our home and took Zhuoyuan away once again. Not until Zhuoyuan was detained at the Chini First Forced Labor Camp in Huadu for three days, was I released from the brainwashing class.

After Zhuoyuan was incarcerated again, my family firmly demanded to see him, but we were refused. The refusal came from Yu Qiang of the Haizhu 610 Office and from Li from the Huadu Labor Camp. Unable to see her son, my mother-in-law found it really hard to live in peace -knowing that Zhuoyuan had barely had time to recover before being arrested again. On June 28, 2002, she went to the Chini Forced Labor Camp to see Zhuoyuan, but the police there lied and said that Zhuoyuan had already been transferred to another place. She had to return, brokenhearted.

As a matter of fact, Zhuoyuan had been transferred to the Huadu City People's Hospital located at Xinhua Rd., Huadu City on June 26, 2002. My family and I had no idea what had been happening with Zhuoyuan. On July 1, 2002, Li Ruimin from the Haizhu District 610 Office, along with the Haizhu Brainwashing class supervisor, Yu Qiang, and the Haizhui 610 Office head gave some information to my workplace. They asked to accompany me to go see Zhuoyuan. They did not give me any details beforehand. When we arrived at the Huadu People's Hospital, I suddenly had a feeling that something was wrong.

Once at the Huadu People's Hospital, the hospital chief director, the Orthopedics Section head Wei, Huadu Labor Camp head Zhou, and policeman He Guichao briefed me on Zhuoyuan's situation. Police officer He said that he knew Zhuoyuan's situation quite well; that Zhuoyuan had fallen down seven or eight steps of stairs, then stood up and hit himself against a wall. They said that this led to Zhuoyuan breaking his fifth cervical vertebra. Head Wei was holding a CT scan image, and said that it was Zhuoyuan's. I saw that there was a broken piece inserted there. Being a doctor myself, I know that normally, if Zhuoyuan had already broken his fifth cervical vertebra, he would be paralyzed from the waist down and would not have been able to stand up to hit a wall. It would have been impossible for him to do anything. It was clear that police officer He was lying to me in order to cover up the facts.

Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Wenxue knew very well what happened to Zhuoyuan at the labor camp. He once came over to my house and told me. After the accident in the labor camp, Zhuoyuan's situation was not serious, but he was later tortured to that stage in a secret place. When Zhuoyuan was first sent to the hospital he was able to talk, but the doctors, nurses and police would not let me see him then. They only told me to go see him after he was unconscious. Thus, they hid their vicious deeds. When I saw Zhuoyuan he was no longer able to talk; he could only cry. Three-quarters of his right ear and neck were full of blood clots and swelling. His feet and hands had signs of injuries. There was a bloody swelling on his head, actually two, as I noticed later.

When I first went to see him, he was going through bio-traction treatment for his head. He could not move his head. In July 2002 I realized that there was a bloody swollen wound there. When I asked the principle doctor about my husband's case and requested to look at Zhuoyuan's medical records, the doctor became quiet and very nervous. He refused to let me see the records. At around 8:00 p.m. on August 5, 2002, the Huadu People's Hospital chief asked the Haizhu District 610 Office to inform me and my family members that Zhuoyuan had passed away. He was only 34 years old.

After Zhuoyuan passed away, Wen Chunlan, a female agent from the Haizhu 610 Office, went to my work unit and incited my supervisors to demean and slander me. Those whose titles and ranks were lower than mine were rewarded with higher bonuses than me (I only got 800f the amount that they received). Someone from my workplace even spread the rumor that my husband killed himself. Human resource director Li Qi talked with some of my friends and asked them to stop being friends with me. They also tapped my home phone and cell phone, and sent someone to follow me all the time.

On February 12, 2005, I posted Zhuoyuan's tragic experience on the Clearwisdom/Minghui website. In April, Haizhu District 610 Office supervisors Guo Guangting and Xiao Zhong, and someone from the neighborhood committee went to my workplace one more time. They ordered Huang Hai to take me to the 6th floor "to talk." They threatened me again. Two days later, on August 3, 2003, at 9:30 a.m., Yu Qiang and Wen Chunlan from the Haizhu District 610 Office demanded that I cooperate with them. It seemed that they intended to abduct me and detain me in a brainwashing class one more time. Drawing on my past experience, I firmly refused to cooperate with them. In front of over two dozen colleagues and over three dozen patients, I exposed their wicked deeds and demanded that they compensate me for the loss of my husband.

Within this short period of time, the constant torment and suffering I had to endure resulted in the decline of my memory. I am unable to take a conventional job, and nor can I live a normal life. In order to escape from the persecution, in December 2005, I finally made my way out of China.

My case is only one example of the hardship suffered by tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners. They are still suffering from the persecution and brutal tortures just because they remain steadfast in their belief. They have lost all basic human rights and many even lost their lives. Being a practitioner who was fortunate enough to leave Mainland China, I am asking the world community and kind-hearted people to extend a helping hand to end this persecution against Falun Gong and the disaster befalling Chinese society.