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Ms. Jing Honghua Is Arrested on Her Way to Her Father's Funeral

December 12, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) In November 2006, practitioner Ms. Jing Honghua, who was forced to leave home and became homeless in order to avoid arrest and persecution, went to Shandong Province to attend the funeral of her father, who had died suddenly. She was arrested by the police officers at the Harbin Airport simply because she brought with her a copy of "Zhuan Falun. She was then sent back to Yilan County, Heilongjiang Province, and was detained at the Yilan No. 2 Detention Center for more than ten days.

In the seven years since July 20, 1999, Ms. Jing Honghua and her family have been brutally persecuted.

On January 6, 2000, Ms. Jing Honhua's husband, Mr. Song Ruiyi, was arrested by the Yilan County Police Department and held at the Yilan County No. 2 Detention Center for 77 days. He also had 6,900 yuan extorted from him because he went to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa. During his detention he suffered from cruel torture. He was forced to stand still for a long period of time, he was beaten, his head was pushed into the toilet, and he was made to "ride an airplane" [1]. Under the instructions of Zhen Jun, head of the detention center, and Lin Zhong, deputy head, criminal Sun Hui tortured Ms. Jing Honghua's husband all day long. As a result, Mr. Song Ruiyi was covered all over with cuts and bruises and developed edema. One day, incited by Lin Zhong, criminal Sun Hui and others kicked Mr. Song's back with their leather shoes and pushed his head into the toilet. They pored cold water over his head and even beat him while squeezing his neck with a towel. Mr. Song lost consciousness instantly.

In November 2000, Mr. Song Ruiyi was arrested once again and detained at the Chengnan Police Sub-station. He was badly beaten by the section policeman, Liu Qingtao, and then was escorted to Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp in Harbin City. He was sentenced to one year of forced labor. He was injured physically and mentally .

On December 29, 2001, Mr. Song Ruiyi and several other practitioners went to the countryside to hand out truth-clarification materials. They were reported by the farmers from Xingfu Village, Tuanshanzi Township. They were detained and taken to the office of the village committee and beaten by Zhao Chungui, the head of the village; Tan Chunqing, head of Security' and Yun Yufang, Head of the Women's Association. Ren Dashuo, a villager, used an iron bar to hit the back of a woman practitioner over 60 years old. She was knocked down to the floor. Mr. Song Ruiyi and other practitioners were taken to Yilan County Guest House by Zhang Huanyou, head of the Tuanshanzi Police Substation, and his men. Mr. Song's tricycle was confiscated by Xingfu Village and was illegally sold at a later date. At the Yilan County Guest House, the county 610 Office, the Political and Security Section and the Police Department together cruelly beat the practitioners and extorted confessions from them by torture. This frenzied torture lasted for 36 hours. Mr. Song was badly beaten and made to "carry a sword on his back" [2], which ruined his health physically and mentally. Later, Mr. Song was escorted to Yilan County No. 2 Detention Center. In order to protest the torture he began a hunger strike. Zheng Jun, the head of the detention center, ordered the prison guards and the criminals to force feed him with thick salt water, which seriously damaged his stomach. He was on the verge of death. Mr. Song was on hunger strike for 14 days before he was released since the detention center did not want to bear the responsibility for his possible death. Upon returning home, Mr. Song was extremely weak and was unable to eat. He was affected mentally as well.

On December 29, 2001, the Yilan County Police Department began another round of arrests. In order to avoid being arrested and persecuted by the police, Ms. Jing Honghua and her husband, Mr. Song Ruiyi, were forced to leave home and became homeless. They left behind a 76-year-old mother and a 16-year-old daughter. As a result of her son being repeatedly arrested, the elderly lady was injured physically and mentally. She had pains in her leg, but still managed to cook for her granddaughter. She depended totally on her neighbors for shopping needs. During this period of time when Mr. Jing Honghua and her husband wandered from place to place, the local police substation forced the village to provide funds for them to track down the couple. To hide from the police, the couple moved a lot and lived a very poor existence. Due to the mental pressure, the financial difficulties, and suffering from cuts and bruises covering his body, Mr. Song became even weaker. He had pains in his stomach from the damage caused by forced feeding. As a result, he lost his appetite. As they wandered from place to place, Mr. Song became very ill and died on November 3, 2002.

Ms. Jing Honghua was unable to return home and was forced to become homeless in order to avoid arrest and persecution. When her father, who lived in Shandong Province, died suddenly, Ms. Jing Honghua planned to hasten home for his funeral. However, she was arrested and is still being detained.

Telephone numbers of those people involved in the persecution of Ms. Jing Honghua and her husband Mr. Song Ruiyi:

County Code: 86; Area Code: 451

Zeng Fanhui, Head of the Yilan County Police Department: 86-451-57230353 (Office)
Xuan Zhenjiang, Deputy Head of the Yilan County Police Department (He is in charge of persecuting Falun Gong): 86-451-57235206(Office), 86-451-57233108(Home), 86-13303657006 (Cell)
Su Guoliang, Deputy Party Secretary of the Yilan County Police Department:
86-451-57235207 (Office), 86-451-57222798 (Home), 86-13303657007(Cell)
Wang Jiaxiang, Deputy Head of the Yilan County Police Department: 86-451-57235203(Office), 86-13845149299(Cell)

Policemen of the National Security Division:

Zhang Yu: 86-451-57218666 (Home), 86-451-55064998 (Cell)
Song Yuze: 86-451-57227499 (Home), 86-13936483388 (Cell)
Ling Wentao: 86-451-57223113 (Home), 86-13936227777 (Cell)
Liu Danyang: 86-451-57220880 (Home), 86-13945196369 (Cell)
Bi Xiubo: 86-451-57237180 (Home), 86-451-55062888 (Cell)
Zhang Wenguo: 86-13945121989

610 Office:

Liu Qifa: 86-451-57238610 (Office), 86-451-57239292 (Home), 86-451-55063608 (Cell)

Yilan County No. 2 Detention Center: 86-451-57281227


[1] Riding an airplane – In this torture, the head is bent down until it cannot go down any further, while the hands are pulled up and held up to the highest point. The hips have to point up. One is forced to keep this position unchanged for a long time. The body in this position somewhat resembles an airplane.

[2] Carrying a sword on the back – The practitioner's hands are tied behind his/her back with one hand over the shoulder and the other hand against the lower back. The police then apply a great deal of force to pull the two hands toward one another and handcuff the two hands together.