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A Fatherless Teenage Boy's Story -- Part III (Photos)

August 15, 2005 |  


Uncle disappears

Wang Boru's uncle Wang Xiaofeng, currently living in exile

Wang Boru's uncle Wang Xiaofeng, 34 years old, graduated from the Faculty of Industrial Foreign Trade, Industrial and Commerce Administration College, Chongqing University. He was part of the marketing staff for the Hebei Province Glucose Factory until he was re-assigned to an affiliated company, Hebei Shengxuekanghua Medicine Limited Company. His leaders, recognizing him for his hard, honest work ethics, promoted him to Chief of Marketing Section. He was responsible for negotiating with customers and team leaders, and got along well with his colleagues. After July 20, 1999, when Jiang's regime forced the whole society to participate in persecuting Falun Gong, police frequently went to his work unit to make trouble for him. Such interference frightened his supervisors. To lessen the pressure on the employers, Wang Xiaofeng quit his job and searched for another. The company management issued him one month's salary to make up for his loss, and wanted to help him financially to set up his own company, but Xiaofeng politely turned down the offer.

Wang Xiaofeng used to be hot tempered. In his youth, he was notorious in his hometown for fighting with others. He played practical jokes on others, so, his family members, classmates and acquaintances avoided him. Practicing Falun Dafa made him broadminded and tolerant. He began to study and work hard, and quickly became a pleasant young man. Later, wherever he worked, leaders and colleagues all gave him a high evaluation. When Jiang's regime escalated the persecution, the persecutors adopted methods of tracking, monitoring, checking ID, and threatening practitioners. This forced him to move again and again, frequently changing his job. His wife and baby, left on their own, had no choice but to endure their difficult, homeless state. Their life was very difficult. When the baby grew older, they bought two rib bones to make soup to nourish the baby, unable to afford to buy more than two bones at one time. When he heard his wife's life was in danger, he hurried to the hospital, but Xiaomin had already lost consciousness.

Wang Xiaofeng, Feng Xiaomei, and her husband are reportedly on the Shijiazhuang Police Department's 610 Office black list and are currently being pursued. In tears, Wang Xiaofeng parted forever with his wife and was forced to leave his one-week-old son.

Similar tragedies are taking place constantly throughout China under Jiang's political villain group,, who claim China is experiencing "the best human rights period in history."

Wang Xiaofeng's whereabouts and circumstances are unknown. The rest of Wang Boru's family wishes him to be strong and determined, because Dafa illuminates a practitioner's heart/mind.

Suffering mother

In June 2004, Feng Xiaomei, devastated by her sister's death, had just recovered from her own husband's death. After July 20, 1999, the two sisters encouraged and helped each other. They resisted the persecution together, overcame numerous tribulations, and were very good friends. Feng Xiaomei works hard to make enough money to get by. Life is hard, and she is tired, but still very optimistic and steadfast.

Grandfather passed away

Wang Boru's grandfather was a retired teacher. He was a target of persecution during numerous CCP political movements. He was extremely afraid of the CCP's violence and cunning. The death of Feng Xiaomin, his youngest and most beloved daughter, devastated him. Grandson Wang Tianxing was only one year old when his mother Feng Xiaomin passed away. He kept looking for her and held to her clothes, saying, "Don't touch this. It's mommy's."

Wang Boru's grandfather thought his son-in-law Wang Xiaofeng would be abducted sooner or later., He often cried worrying about his oldest daughter, because she would not be able to take care of two children on her own.

The police often came to harass them with excuse of checking "temporary residential permit" and looking for Wang Xiaofeng. ""After October 1,, Feng Xiaomei saw that her father was reluctant and didn't want to eat., He was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Feng Xiaomei's father practiced Falun Gong for two months in 1999 and his tracheitis was cured through the practice. After July 20, 1999, the police often harassed him and he lost the courage to practice. ,He did, however, believe in the power of Dafa. But he was afraid of being harassed by the police and had not resumed his practice. He passed away ,grieved, fearful and confused.

16-year-old Wang Boru

Wang Boru's parents were abducted when he was ten., Two years later, his father was illegally sentenced to forced labor, and at the same time, his mother decided to go into exile. A month later, his mother was dying. His father grew weaker and eventually passed away, followed by his aunt. His grandfather who used to help Wang Boru with his homework also passed away.

High Resolution Picture
16-year-old Wang Boru (2005)

Wang Boru is now 16 years old. He lived through many tribulations unimaginable to his peers. At age 10 he lived in the streets. He witnessed a police mob raiding his home again and again. He was threatened and interrogated when visiting his parents at the labor camp and at the police department. Later, he parted with his loved ones in the morgue.

Because of the persecution against Falun Gong, Wang Boru didn't reveal the cause of his father's passing to his teachers and classmates, fearing prejudice. He became even more introverted and is reluctant to go to school. When the pressure is too great, he simply looks lost and numb. His mother is taking care of the whole family and is often busy working; she leaves home frequently to run errands and can give him little attention.

High Resolution Picture
Three-year-old Wang Tianxing (2005)

Wang Tianxing is now three years old. He once asked the name of his mother because his kindergarten teacher asked each child to remember his or her parents' name. He also asked why his father never picks him up. He changed a children's song, "the baby is good, and mommy takes him home" into "the baby is good, and grandma takes him home." People who know his story felt very bad for him. He also sang, "I have two small hands." He dresses himself, washes his hands and walks by himself. He tries his best not to bother his grandmother.

The end