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A Fatherless Teenage Boy's Story - Part II (Photos)

August 14, 2005 |  


Part I: http://clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2005/8/12/63860.html

First-time police encounter: frightening a 10-year-old child with threats and lies

The labor camp never allowed Boru's father, Wang Hongbin's family to visit him, also concealing his physical condition and refusing him medical treatment. They later sent him to the Strictly Controlled Group where they didn't allow Wang Hongbin's family to send him clothes. Several times when Feng Xiaomei went to visit her husband the perpetrators were extremely rude and threatened to detain her as well.

With help from a kind-hearted person, the labor camp authorities eventually agreed to let Wang Boru have a secret meeting with his father by himself. The door guards at the labor camp threatened and lied to ten-year-old Wang Boru and asked if he practiced Falun Gong. Wang Boru didn't answer because he didn't want to lose his chance of seeing his father. In the end, someone couldn't stand the guards' rudeness toward a child and confronted the guards, who finally let Wang Boru in to see his father. On his way back, Wang Boru was pallid and he threw up from being overexcited and frightened.

Wang Boru's father tortured

Ma Wensheng, head of the Shijiazhuang City 610 Office and his subordinates are the main perpetrators responsible for Wang Hongbin's abduction. They followed former president Jiang Zemin's policy toward Falun Gong ("ruin their reputation, bankrupt them financially, and destroy them physically"), and they arrested a group of Falun Gong practitioners they regarded as important. They abducted Wang Hongbin after they ordered personnel at the Changan Police Department to tap Wang Hongbin's home phone and cell phone, and tailed him for over a month.

After Wang Hongbin was taken to Shuanghuan Hotel in Shijiazhuang City, Wang Xiaofeng from the Shijiazhuang City Police Department's "610 Office" and Hu Guanghui, deputy head of the Political and Security Division of the Changan Police Department attempted to force Wang Hongbin to sign a "confession" written by the perpetrators. This "confession" stated that Wang Hongbin gave three Falun Gong VCDs to Lu Xinshu, a teacher at Tatan School, in Lu Xinshu's office in September 2000. Because he had never done this, Wang Hongbin refused to sign the confession and asked to speak with Lu Xinshu. The perpetrators denied his request and forced him to stand barefooted on the ground. They handcuffed him in a "forced backbend" position [this is a very painful form of torture in which one arm is reaching down the back behind the head and the other hand meets it from the lower back. The two hands are cuffed together to cause unbearable pain. This is a torture reserved for hardcore criminals]. While Wang Hongbin was handcuffed, the perpetrators beat and kicked him; they abused him verbally and didn't give him food. They claimed that Wang Hongbin was holding a hunger strike, and they force-fed him.

Several of the abducted practitioners were savagely beaten. Lu Xinshu's wife was beaten until she lost consciousness; she lost her hearing and had convulsions before the perpetrators released her. Wang Hongbin heard practitioner Lu Xinshu screaming in the room next door and saw that the face of practitioner Yang Jianmei was black and blue.

Lu Xinshu was sentenced to eight years in prison and Yang Jianmei was sentenced to 12 years in prison. They are currently held at the Baoding Prison. Wang Hongbin was sentenced to three years of forced labor and was held in Division 2 of the Shijiazhuang City Forced Labor Camp. According to a source inside the police department, Wang Hongbin's labor camp sentence was the official conclusion of his case, and Ma Wensheng and his subordinates from the city's "610 Office" received a 50,000 yuan reward for persecuting the practitioners.

Wang Boru's father passes away

Wang Boru's father Wang Hongbin (deceased)

Wang Hongbin was tortured physically, and mentally tormented during the time he was held at the labor camp. He was not allowed to sleep for a very long time because he refused to renounce Falun Gong. As soon as he fell asleep, the guards ordered inmates to burn his fingers with cigarette lighters. Once, he had one hand shackled to the metal window grate, with his feet barely touching the ground; he was handcuffed in this position for three days and three nights. The inmates monitored him and hit his ankles with sticks when his feet touched the wall. The inmates followed him everywhere, including the restroom, because they would receive points and sentence reductions for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Wang Hongbin was threatened with being sent to the Strictly Controlled Group and was constantly living under great pressure. His health deteriorated from torture.

Early in the year before Wang Hongbin's release, the labor camp authorities took him to a hospital for a physical exam and claimed he had a stomach disease, but a more reliable source states it was actually lung cancer. The labor camp authorities didn't allow him to receive medical treatment. They released him before his sentence expired, when he was on the brink of death.

After he returned home, for a while Wang Hongbin didn't look in the mirror because he saw an emaciated old man. He became introverted and often sat by himself staring into space, growing thinner and coughing with increasing frequency. He intuitively avoided police, including traffic police, and was jittery whenever someone knocked on the door. He didn't have much confidence in anything he did, and his health continued to worsen. He passed away soon afterward.

Feng Xiaomei risked her own and her son's safety and appealed numerous times for her husband's release. When he finally returned home, she watched Wang Hongin grow thinner and weaker by the day, but could not help him. The agony was unbearable for a wife.

Wang Boru followed aunt to appeal and was separated from her

Wang Boru was very close to his aunt Feng Xiaomin. Feng Xiaomin graduated from Qiqihar Normal University in Heilongjiang Province and was sent to work at the No. 6 Cotton Factory in Shijiazhuang City.

Wang Boru, his mother Feng Xiaomei and aunt Feng Xiaomin

When Feng Xiaomin was in the ninth grade she moved from northeast China to live with her sister and brother-in-law. Later, she became sick and depressed because she was not satisfied with her work. After seeing her sister and brother-in-law getting healthy and happy because of practicing Falun Gong, she decided to give it a try and started reading Falun Gong books around 1996. As she continued to read the books and do the exercises, she learned many principles and knew that she should look inward when conflicts arose, and she should be strict with herself in order to become a better person. Feng Xiaomin enjoyed better health and became a more productive employee. Later, she met Falun Gong practitioner Wang Xiaofeng. They fell in love and got married. In the mornings they went to a practice site to do the exercises before going to work. They read Falun Gong books together in the evening. They enjoyed a peaceful and happy life. They took care of their parents. On weekends, they either visited their parents or went out with her sister's family.

Wang Boru's parents were arrested during the July 20, 1999 mass arrests. Ten-year-old Wang Boru was left home alone. Feng Xiaomin quit her job and took Wang Boru to appeal for justice for Falun Gong and to look for Wang Boru's parents. They went to the Shijiazhuang City Appeals Office, the Hebei Province Appeal Office and were told that only the State Council Appeals Office had the authority to resolve the issue. Feng Xiaomin and Wang Boru set off for Beijing. Riot police filled the main streets to intercept Falun Gong practitioners, and they were forced to walk in cornfields. They had blisters on their feet and their clothes were soiled. They were hungry and tired.

When Boru and his aunt arrived in Beijing they saw plainclothes police officers everywhere arresting people. Wang Boru was accidentally separated from Feng Xiaomin. Feng Xiaomin and many other Falun Gong practitioners went to Tiananmen Square where thousands of Falun Gong practitioners sat on the ground and recited Dafa articles such as Lunyu and "Genuine Cultivation." Fully armed military police surrounded the square and they suddenly started to drag the practitioner into police cars. The practitioners held hands and firmly resisted the police violence. When the police beat the practitioners the practitioners said, "We would never return a blow or a curse." The scene was very moving. Some police officers were touched and they stopped beating people. An elderly police officer hit Feng Xiaomin on the neck and threw her in a police car. They sent her back to Shijiazhuang City and held her at the Party Office before releasing her.

After she went home, Feng Xiaomin felt dizzy and disoriented. She hadn't succeeded in finding her sister and brother-in-law and she had been separated from her nephew Wang Boru. After much difficulty, she first went to the place where her husband Wang Xiaofeng was held and successfully appealed for his release. She eventually found Wang Boru at her neighbor's home. Wang Boru looked perplexed and had a blank look on his face.

Feng Xiaomin shoulders responsibilities

From then on, Feng Xiaomin didn't live another day in peace. The police officers went to her home and forced her to turn in Dafa books; the perpetrators from the Party Office went to her home and forced her to write "guarantee statements" to renounce Dafa, and people from the Street Party Committee watched her every move. Her family and friends bombarded her with criticism and tried to persuade her to give up Dafa saying, "You need to provide for young Wang Boru." Feng Xiaomin persisted in her belief in Dafa. She went home more than two months after her sister and brother-in-law were abducted and detained. She had to be very careful because there was always someone watching her and following her whenever she left home.

On December 5, 2000 Wang Hongbin was abducted from home again, and his wife Feng Xiaomei dared not return home for fear of certain arrest. Feng Xiaomin was again faced with the responsibility of providing for Wang Boru. She sent Wang Boru to school and picked him up. She went to great lengths to find out the whereabouts of her sister and brother-in-law. She was worried that the police might ransack her home again. One month later, her sister was tortured to the brink of death and was sent home by the police. People who saw her said she wouldn't live, but Feng Xiaomin took good care of her sister and with firm righteous thoughts, she studied the law and made phone calls and wrote materials calling attention to the illegal persecution of Falun Gong. She also went to related police departments to expose and confront the perpetrators and told them that they would be held responsible for anything that happens to her sister. Feng Xiaomin strongly urged them to release her brother-in-law. With her relentless efforts, her sister recovered after one week and the police didn't abduct anyone else in her family.

During this period Wang Boru's mother was in great pain; her whole body was swollen and she had difficulty moving around. Wang Boru finished his homework right after he returned home each day, then helped his mother eat, drink and go to the restroom. Before he went to bed he asked his mother to wake him up if she felt uncomfortable.

Wang Boru's aunt passes away

On May 1, 2001, Feng Xiaomin and another practitioner went to a mountain carrying pieces of tape with the words "Falun Dafa is Great" written on them. Officers from Donghualu Police Department in Shijiazhuang City abducted them, and the two practitioners disappeared for nearly 40 days. The police ordered inmates to beat them and unlawfully sent them to the No. 1 Detention Center in Shijiazhuang City. Feng Xiaomin firmly resisted the persecution and held a hunger strike for over 20 days. She was very weak and several times was at death's door. The detention center refused to keep her, as did the labor camp, yet the Donghualu Police Department still refused to release Ms. Feng and even tried to extort 5,000 yuan from her family. Feng Xiaomei and Feng Xiaomin firmly resisted the persecution and refused to give money to the police.

Feng Xiaomin eventually returned to the home of her sister, but she often had fever and was very weak. The perpetrators were quite unscrupulous and frequently abducted practitioners who had been released after holding hunger strikes, and sent them to brainwashing classes or directly to labor camps. Feng Xiaomin and her husband left her sister's home and lived a homeless life in order to avoid being arrested again. She rarely contacted her family for fear that they would also be persecuted. During all this time Feng Xiaomin conducted herself properly and recovered quickly. She studied the Fa, did the exercises, clarified the truth and exposed the perpetrators' crimes.

Around September 2002 Feng Xiaomin gave birth to a baby boy named Tian Xing, and her life became even more difficult. The police were at that time searching and arresting Falun Gong practitioners under the pretext of examining household registrations. Feng Xiaomin heard that the head of the police department was harassing her sister and demanding that she help find Feng Xiaomin and her husband. Because of this, Feng Xiaomin didn't ask her family to help take care of the baby. It was their firstborn and they had a very hard time taking care of the baby. They constantly moved to avoid the police and lived under great pressure.

Baby Tian Xing

Wang Boru's aunt Feng Xiaomin (deceased)

During the SARS epidemic, an entrance permit and ID was required everywhere anyone went. Falun Gong practitioners living away from home didn't carry identification cards. During their homeless period, Feng Xiaomin and her family continued to be harassed. This forced the couple to separate. She took on the hardship of caring for the infant alone. The pressure was so great that her mind and body were affected to the point where she could no longer look after the baby and had to leave him with her sister.

After she sent the baby away, the police escalated their pressure on Feng Xiaomei to find Feng Xiaomin, to the extent that Feng Xiaomin couldn't visit her infant son. Because of her weak physical condition, one day Feng Xiaomin suddenly fell unconscious and was rushed to the hospital. She passed away five days later. Ms. Feng was diagnosed with encephalitis, but the yellow brain fluid indicated something else. The doctor suspected that she had been struck on the head. Her family members also suspected that the police beat her, because when her family saw her she could not recognize them. She thought they were the police and cried out for them not to torture her. Feng Xiaomin's sister and husband were deeply saddened seeing her condition.

Feng Xiaomin passed away at the age of 34, before she could witness the end of the persecution of Falun Gong. She will not be able to watch her son grow up.

To be continued.