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Heilongjiang Women's Prison Persecutes Practitioners

August 10, 2005 |  


On March 24, 2005, many Falun Dafa practitioners in Heilongjiang Women's Prison were forced to give blood. Warden Zhao deceived the practitioners by gathering them together for a "meeting." He arranged for about 25 prison guards and 10 inmates to oversee the blood collection procedure. They threatened everyone that resisted.

The following are some individual cases of persecution in Heilongjiang Women's Prison from March to June 2005.

Mrs. Wu Yulang, 65 years old, has been isolated on the third floor for "transformation" since December 2004. The guards have repeatedly beaten her and forced to sit on a bench for long periods of time. Because she continues to practice Falun Dafa, she has been repeatedly hung from a double bed, with only a toe touching the ground. She is currently still under persecution.

Mrs. Huang Yanzhen, 60 years old, was repeatedly wrapped up in a blanket and savagely beaten. This way the guards would not leave any visible trauma.

Mrs. Xiao Shufen, 60 years old, has a history of hypertension. She has been in solitary confinement since February 2005.

Mrs. Li Yushu, from Mohe, has been resisting the persecution. To protest, she has been on a hunger strike for 10 months. She is currently tied down to a bed and her mouth is sealed.

Ms. Zhang Dan, 24 years old, was beaten until she passed out because she refused to sign her name on the "transformation" paper and refused to squat. The prison guards signed the paper with her fingerprint while she was unconscious. After coming to, she declared the paper invalid and received intensified persecution as a result. Now she is lame, her nerves have been damaged, and her armpits have open sores. The prison guards prevented her from exposing the persecution to her family when they visited her at the prison.

The main method used in June in the Helongjian Women's Prison was intensified brainwashing. The vicious guards formed a surveillance group to isolate practitioners and force their "transformation." They even sealed the windows. Warden Liu Zhiqiang has claimed he would not use torture methods and would not transform anyone by force, but he has intensified the covert persecution and has confiscated all the appeal letters.

These are the Dafa practitioners illegally held and persecuted: Zheng Jinbo, Du Chunxiang, Mu Xiaolu, Tan Fengying, Ren Xiuying, Wang Xiuyue, Ni Shuzhi, Pan Hua, Lu Hongfang, Gao Shuyun, Cao Yingchun, Zhang Xiuzhi, Sun Huifeng, Ma Fenglan, Zhao Yalun, Shi Shuyuan, Wang Liping, Wu Lijun, Zhang Guiqin, Zheng Liping, Guo Fenglan, Chu Xiulan, Gao Ruoying, Zheng Guiqin, Liu Wenjun, Huang Yanzhen, Xiao Liulan, Li Guiying, He Shuying, Shi Yuxia, Lin Chunzi, Lou Xuming, Wang Shufeng, Tao Yajun, Li Guizhi, Zhang Yan, Du Fenghua, Guan Shuyun, Lu Shuqin

Heilongjiang Women's Prison Infirmary: 86-451-86639038

Prison guards: Yan Yuhua, Wang Shaojian, Jia Wenjun, Zhang Xiaojuan, Zhang Xiuli.