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Crimes Committed Against Dafa by Authorities in Xuchang City, Henan Province and Xuchang City Forced Labor Camp

July 07, 2005 |  


I. Crimes Against Dafa Committed in Mianchi County

Mr. Zhao Zheng is a Falun Dafa practitioner from Xuchang City of Henan Province. While in Mianchi County doing business, he was illegally arrested and detained in the Mianchi County Detention Center. He was detained from February 2001 until March 2002. The Yima City and Mianchi City 610 Office branches collaborated in Mr. Zhao's arrest. They searched his home, took his TV and VCR, and stole 100 yuan in cash. Later, in July 2003, they fined him 6,000 yuan. Zhao was also detained in the Xuchang City Forced Labor Camp.

Zhao's family several times requested that the Mianchi County 610 Office return Zhao's stolen property. Li Yuwei, the head of the 610 Office, said, "We won't return your property. Do you think there is anything you can do when the government takes it?" Zhao and Li Yuwei treated other practitioners badly as well. They extorted over 10,000 yuan from a practitioner named Chen.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Deputy Secretary of the Political and Judicial Committee of Sanmenxia City ordered officers in Mianchi County to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Li Yuwei took advantage of this opportunity to confiscate Zhao Zheng's goods from his grocery store and sell them. The head of the educational bureau ordered schools to bar Zhao Zheng's children from attending. Anyone who allowed them into class would loose their job. The persecution forced Zhao Zheng's entire family into homelessness.

Right after the persecution started on July 20, 1999, the County CCP Secretary, Li Hongbin, called an emergency meeting to mobilize the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. He ordered Li Yuwei to search practitioners' homes, remove their Falun Dafa books, video and audio tapes, audio/video players, televisons and any other items they found. And on August 6, they secretly organized a brainwashing session to force practitioners to give up their belief in Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, while extorting their money. Practitioners Zhang Minglin, Xi Hai, Zheng Fahai and others were forced to attend the brainwashing class and to pay 2000 yuan each. The Mianchi County 610 Office arrested practitioners Zhao Baozhuang, Li Ying, Yang Yong, Yang Qingyu and Han Fazhong in February 2001, and forced each of them to pay 3000 yuan. Zhao Baozhuang and Han Fazhong were detained for 14 months.

In April 2002, practitioner Yang Yong was detained for 7 months and forced to pay 2000 yuan. In November 2002, Zhao Baozhuang was detained for 14 days.

In October 2003, the 610 Offices of Yima and Mianchi County together decided to arrest Zhao Baozhuang, Li Ying, and Yang Yong. They sentenced Zhao and Yao to two years in a forced labor camp. Around the same time, practitioner Han Fazhong's home was searched and 10,000 yuan was extorted from practitioner Chen. Zhao Baozhuang had two grocery stores full of goods. The two stores were robbed and all the goods were taken by the local police officers. Zhao Baozhuang's family was forced to leave Mianchi County and become homeless.

In October 2004, Ms. Yang Qingyi was arrested and sentenced to two years in a forced labor camp by the Mianchi 610 Office. Currently, Yang is detained at the Shibalihe Forced Labor Camp in Zhengzhou City. In May 2001, practitioner Zhao Li was detained for one month and fined 3000 yuan by the 610 Office.

Responsible person's phone number:
Li Yuwei, Head of Mianchi County 610 Office: 86-13707641760 (C)

II. The Crimes of Police Officer Xu Shuiwang at Xuchang City Forced Labor Camp

(1) Xu Shuiwang is the leader of the First Squadron in the Third Brigade at the Xuchang City Forced Labor Camp. One day Falun Gong practitioners reported to him that one of his group leaders didn't return the money he had borrowed from them. Xu Shuiwang's response to the practitioners was anger. He forced one practitioner to put his hand on the ground and then he stomped on it, shouting, "Just to let you know pain!" Finally, he twisted his shoes on the hand to cause more pain.

(2) In August 2004, Xu instigated criminal detainees to beat practitioners. He offered a leather belt to Zhang Huizhuo and told him to use it to whip practitioners Wang Jun and Jin Chaofu.

(3) Xu Shuiwang tortured practitioners Guan Xiaoguang, Wang Jun, Wu Yihuai, Shi Zaihe, Jin Chaofu, Dai Yaping, Chen Shaomin, Liu Yingchun, Zheng Xianjing, Pang Liang and others.

(4) Xu Shuiwang is very vicious. He swears and beats practitioners at will. Some of his words include: "This is a forced labor camp, you have to work!" and "You are so old. This is not a senior's center. Who let you grow so old?" and "This is not a place for you to argue."

(5) Xu Shuiwang used practitioners and detainees as servants to bring him food and daily items. He ordered criminal detainee Li Zhanqi to get him food, clothing and whatever else the store in the camp sold. Li Zhanqi could not afford to buy these things, so he forced practitioners to give him money. Xu declared that we should shut up, saying "What use is it to report to him, as he would punish whoever did." He forced a practitioner to work as his servant, making the bed, washing clothes, doing massages for him and whatever else he wanted done. Other detainees were also forced to serve him.

(6) Practitioner Guan Xiaoguang is from Hebi County in Henan Province. Xu Shuiwang was promoted to leader of the Third Squadron in March 2004. He and police officer Xu Zusheng beat practitioner Guan Xiaoguang from Hebi County, Henan Province, with electric batons, ropes, kicks and punches. Xu also forced detainee Chen Guoqing to beat Guan, and ordered two criminal detainees to monitor Guan around the clock.

III. More Facts of the Persecution at the Xuchang City Forced Labor Camp

Practitioner Wang Jun is from Xiangcheng County in Henan Province. He was sent to Kaifeng City Forced Labor Camp on September 28, 1999. Later he was transferred to the Xichang Forced Labor Camp. He spent a total of 5 years and 4 months in the camps. In July 2003, he was moved to the Xuchang City Forced Labor Camp, where police officers Jia Zigang and Xu Zusheng tied him up, shocked him with electric batons and extended his term for four months. In June 2004, the camp intensified the persecution of practitioners. Wang Jun was forced to work for long hours, even though he could not bear the heavy load. One night, police officers Xu Shuiwang, Xu Zusheng, Yan Lei, and Du Zhengtao accused Wang Jun of not working hard enough. For punishment they beat him brutally with wooden sticks, leather shoes, kicks and punches.

Wu Yihuai is a practitioner from Nanyang City in Henan Province. In June 2004, police officer Du Zhengtao talked with Wu. Wu clarified the truth about Falun Gong to Du. Regardless, Du and police officer Yan Lei tortured Wu. In November 2004, Xu Shuiwang and Xu Zusheng accused Wu of not working hard enough, shocked Wu with electric batons, and kicked and punched him. Police Officer Yan Lei tried to extend Wu's term when it had expired.

Ma Lucheng is a practitioner from Jiaozuo City in Henan Province. In November 2000, the Jiaozuo City 610 Office arrested him. At the Jiaozuo Detention Center, Ma went on a hunger strike and was force-fed by police officers once every four days. On the 45th day of his hunger strike, he was sent to the Xuchang City Forced Labor Camp. Police officer Jia Zigang coerced criminal detainees Chen Guoqing and Li Zhanqi to insult, curse and beat him.

Wu Junqing is a practitioner and former employee of the Shuanghui Company in Luohe City, and a graduate of the Beijing Science and Technology University. In 2001, he was sentenced to one year in a forced labor camp. He was first detained at the Luohe Detention Center and then moved to the Xuchang City Forced Labor Camp. In July, November and December, he suffered tortures which left his arms disabled. In September 2004, Xu Zusheng and Du Zhengtao shocked him with electric batons for over four hours. In October 2004, the Camp intensified the persecution of practitioners. Police officer Tan Junming, Xu Zusheng and Yan Lei tortured Wu for several days and extended Wu's term for four additional months.

Dai Yaping is from Shashi City in Hubei Province. He was an employee at the Third Oil Extraction Factory of the Central Oil Field. Dai refused to cooperate with the Oil Field 610 Office. As a result, he was sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp and sent to the Xuchang City Forced Labor Camp in April 2004. In October 2004, Xu Shuiwang and Xu Zusheng tortured practitioner Tan Jinfu (from Xingxiang City) and then they tortured Dai Yaping. Xu Shuiwang clubbed Dai's face with leather shoes. Xu Zusheng shocked Dai with electric batons and hit him with a shovel to force him to yield to his demands.

Chen Shaomin is from Luoning County in Henan Province. In November 2004, he was moved from Luoyang Forced Labor Camp to the Xuchang Forced Labor Camp. When he first entered the Xuchang City Forced Labor Camp, Police Officers Xu Zusheng and Yan Lei shocked him with electric batons while he knelt on the floor. Chen Shaomin still clarified the truth of Falun Dafa to them during the suffering. At midnight three days later, Xu Shuiwang and Du Zhengtao beat Chen's face with leather shoes while violently kicking and punching him.

Ma Fei, a practitioner from Nanyang City, entered the camp on December 4, 2004. He was subjected to torture the very first day. Police officers handcuffed him and coerced criminal detainee Zhang Huizhuo and others to prevent Ma from sleeping and to beat him. On the morning of December 6, 2004, Zhang Huizhuo handcuffed Ma to a luggage rack by twisting Ma's arms behind his back and inserting several stools under his legs to cause more pain. At breakfast Ma Fei shouted, "Falun Dafa is good." Police officer Yanlei, along with criminal detainees Zhang Huizhuo and Liu Ji beat him in front of many people. Zhang Huizhuo, Liu Ji and Liu Ermin dragged Ma along the ground to the work area. Police officers Tan Junmin and Xu Zusheng praised Zhang Huizhuo, Tan and others for their brutality.

Wang Chaowei is from Yanggu County in Shandong Province. On December 6, 2004, he was sent to the labor camp. Police Officer Zhang, from the management section, beat Wang for about 30 minutes because he refused to submit to them. Zhang ordered Liu Yi to drag Wang to the Third Brigade area. Xu Shuiwang and Xu Zusheng also tortured him.

Pang Liang is from Liaoning Province. In November 2002, he shouted "Falun Dafa is good" at a meeting. For this, police officer Zhao Zhimin and Shen Jianwei tortured him until his right hand became disabled, and extended his term for seven months. On June 10, 2004, Police Officers Shi Baolong and Ma Huating accused Pang Liang of not working hard enough. They led a group to torture Pang Liang by kicking and punching him while binding him with rope. They then used six electric batons to shock Pang Liang from head to foot. At the same time, they forced Pang to say that his hand was disabled by itself, not by police torture. Seven months later, Xu Shuiwang again tortured Pang many times.

Yue Caiyun previously worked at the Yima Coal Mine in Henan Province. In 2003, he went to Zhongnanhai in Beijing to appeal, but was sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp. Later, he shouted "Falun Dafa is good" twice at the dining hall in the camp, and the guards extended his term for one year. In May 2003, he was tortured. In March 2004, around midnight, police officer Zhao Zhimin and Shen Jianwei tortured Yue and Wang Tiezhuang (formerly the deputy head of the Nanyang Industry and Commercial Management Department). Yue's term was up on January 26, 2005, but police officer Shi Baolong and others did not want to release him. They asked the Yiman City 610 Office to pick him up. Since then his whereabouts are unknown.

Shou Libing is from Jaiozuo City in Henan Province. On the afternoon of January 23, 2005, criminal detainee Gao Zhijie took drugs against prison rules and was caught. Gao extorted practitioners' money in order to buy things to bribe the police officers and avoid punishment. Gao also lied about Shou, saying that he intended to escape. As a result, police officers Zhao Zhimin and Meng Guanglu brutally tortured Shou until he became muddleheaded. Then, to cover their crimes, the police officers spread rumors that Shou had mental problems. The guards also coerced criminal detainees to torture Shou.

Tang Keyu is from Henan Province. The morning of January 2, 2005, he shouted "Falun Dafa is good" and was tortured by Zhao Zhimin. The police instructor from the
Third brigade joined in the torture of Tang at around noon.

Zhao Guoan is from Luohe City in Henan Province. On December 26, 2003, he clarified the truth about Falun Dafa to the prison guards and said, "Falun Dafa is good" to them. Police officers Jia Zigang and Xu Zusheng then tortured him with thetiger bench. The night of December 28, a group of prison guards led by Jiang Qingtai, the deputy head of the camp, tortured Zhao by tying him up, shocking him with several electric batons at once, kicking and punching him. The torture caused Zhao's death. Jia Zigang coerced criminal detainee Chen Guoqing to spread rumors that Zhao Guoan was sick and sent to the hospital. Chen said he died at the hospital, thus covering up their crimes.

Shi Zaihe is a practitioner from Xinyang City in Henan Province. On May 14, 2004, he wrote a solemn declaration to affirm his determination in cultivating Dafa, and persuaded Xu Shuiwang and Xu Zusheng not to do bad things any longer. That night, instructor Ma Huating gave orders to Xu Shuiwang and Xu Zusheng. They tied Shi up with ropes. Xu Zusheng stomped on Shi's feet with leather shoes. After beating Shi down to the ground, Xu Shuiwang used a steel shovel to hit him. Then two guards shocked Shi with electric batons first together, then alternately.

Wang Yukun is from Henan Province. In May 2003, Jia Zigang coerced several criminal detainees to beat Wang in the shower room. They crushed Wang's legs with a steel bar for several days, which left Wang's left leg disabled. Wang's term was up in December 2003. A police officer forced Wang to state that his leg was not disabled from the beatings.

Wang Mingyao is from Henan Province. In April 2003, Jia Zigang accused Wang of making trouble, and ordered about six criminal detainees to torture Wang one night. One criminal detainee forced push-pins into Wang's nails and toes. Then he hit Wang's toe with a small hammer causing his feet to swell up. They stopped at dawn and pretended that nothing had happened.

Police officers at the Xuchang Forced Labor Camp:
Head: Yan Zhenye
First deputy head, Jiang Qingtai
Resident Procurator from Xuchang City Procuratorate: Dai Xiaojuan
Head of the Education and Reform Office: Dong Jianchao.
Leader of the Third Brigade: Shi Baolong
Instructor: Tan Junmin (Ma Huating preceded him, now Ma is the head of the Living section)
Deputy Head of the Third Brigade, Jin Weishan

Police officers in the First Squadron, Xuchang Forced Labor Camp
Head: Xu Shuiwang
Director: Yan Lei
Group leaders: Xu Zusheng and Du Zhengtao

Police officers in the Second Squadron, Xuchang Forced Labor Camp
Head: Zhao Zhimin
Director: Shen Jianwei
Group leaders: Meng Guanglu and Zhang Qingshao.

Police officers at the Xuchang City Forced Labor Camp:
Tan Junmin, Ma Huating, Xu Shuiwang, Xu Zusheng, Yan Lei, Du Zhengtao, Zhao Zhimin, Shen Jianwei, Meng Guanglu, Zhang Qingshan, Chen Guoqing, Liu Wei, Li Zhanqi, Zhang Huizhuo, Li Xiaoliu, Liu Ji and Liu Ermin.

June 7, 2005