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Falun Dafa Practitioner Ms. He Lihua at the Brink of Death, Ms. Yang Yuhua Died During Force-Feeding; Practitioners in Daqing City Urgently Call for Help

June 07, 2005 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Daqing City

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. He Lihua from Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province is being illegally incarcerated at the Daqing Detention Center. She was arrested in mid-April 2005 and has been holding a hunger strike since the day of her arrest. She was brutally force-fed. Right now her life is in danger. Her home phone number is 86-459-5951840.

Another Dafa practitioner, Ms. Yang Yuhua, a teacher at the No. 6 Middle School in Daqing City, was arrested from her home on the evening of April 16, 2005. The perpetrators were from the Tieren Police Department. She was sent to a detention center, where she was savagely beaten and tortured. On May 12, many guards and inmates force-fed her, which caused her death.

The following are the details about Dafa practitioner Ms. He Lihua's situation. Ms. He was born in 1965 and worked at the Daqing Water Company. Because she persisted in her belief in Dafa and in Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, she was severely persecuted during the past few years. Ms. He was not allowed to go to work, was detained many times and had her home ransacked many times. On March 15, 2001 Ms. He was sent to forced labor. At the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center, she was tortured until she became incontinent. She could not eat or take fluids, and was paper-thin. After He Lihua returned home, Chen Guiqing from the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center led a group of perpetrators to her home and harassed her. In mid-April 2005, the police abducted He Lihua when she was clarifying the truth in front of a Daqing department store. The police subsequently ransacked her home. On May 24, perpetrators from the Longnan Criminal Police Division in Daqing issued an arrest warrant. The person in charge of the arrest was Zhang Kai.

Practitioners Zhang Guiyun, Yang Yuhuan, Zhang Weixia, Han Naixiu, Zhang Wenhua and Yang Huagui {in her 70s} are continuing to suffer brutal torture at the detention center.

The Daqing Forced Labor Camp is the main location where practitioners from Daqing City are being detained. In the past few years, the guards there have savagely tortured practitioners. They encouraged the criminal inmates to torture and abuse the practitioners as well. While some detention centers in Daqing City are starting to turn down requests to incarcerate Dafa practitioners, the Daqing Forced Labor Camp is still holding and torturing these practitioners. In May 2005, practitioner Yang Yuhua was tortured to death there.

Contact Information -

(Note: for home or office phone numbers, dial country code + area code before all numbers. For cell phone numbers, dial country code before the numbers. Country code: 86, area code: 459)

Daqing City Detention Center:

Head office: 4616098, 4616638
Daqing City Detention Center: 4616163,4616158
Zhang, director: 4616098, 13059058777 (Cell phone)
Bai, director: 4616161
Office of the deputy director: 4616090, 4616099
General office: 4616163
Monitoring room: 4616312
Front office at the front gate: 4616158
Front office at the inner gate: 4616160
Internal supply office: 4616100

Daqing City Police Department:
Cao Zhenhe, political head: 6373066 (Office), 6280888 (Home), 13329500002 (Cell)
Lin Guoli, deputy head: 6375026 (Office), 6986708 (Home), 13329500003 (Cell)
Liang Ximing, deputy head: 6390005 (Office), 6390988 (Home), 13329500004 (Cell)
Wei Chunhua, deputy head: 6398889 (Office), 6381983 (Home), 13329500005 (Cell)
Hao Dejiang, deputy head: 6375029 (Office), 6381516(Home), 13329500006 (Cell)
Liu Yong, deputy head: 6374899 (Office), 6292999 (Home), 13329500007 (Cell)
Lan Yingjie, deputy head: 6688059 (Office), 6689098 (Home), 13329500008 (Cell)
Wang Chunru, head of the Politics Bureau: 6368499 (Office), 4688828 (Home), 13329500009 (Cell)
Gao Zhenbo, office head: 6683926 (Home), 13329390299 (Cell)

Daqing City Safety Bureau:
Lin Zhisheng, head: 6281231 (Office), 6688448(Home), 13604651999 (Cell)
Wang Xiyan, Party secretary: 6181232 (Office), 4611878 (Home), 13904591292 (Cell)
Zhang Wanyu, deputy head: 6181233 (Office), 6362878 (Home), 13903690009 (Cell)
Kang Jinlong, deputy head: 6181234 (Office), 6283599 (Home), 13804653333 (Cell)
Zhang Wendong, deputy head: 6181235 (Office), 6286716 (Home), 13903693705 (Cell)
Shao Zhenbang, secretary of the Disciplinary Inspection Division: 6181236 (Office), 4663149 (Home),13614668088 (Cell)
Wu Shengsheng, head of Politics Bureau: 6181237 (Office), 5980826 (Home), 13009903408
Lu Guowen, deputy division head: 6181232 (Office), 6681568 (Home), 13804680733 (Cell)
Tian Guihai, office head: 6181239 (Office), 6292173 (Home), 13329390383 (Cell)
Wu Wei, deputy head: 6181235 (Office), 6383936 (Home), 13945901158 (Cell)
Song Xianfu, deputy head: 6181235 (Office), 6372324 (Home), 13804688977 (Cell)
Front office: 6363033 (Office), 13945991999 (Cell)
Fax: 6181250

Daqing City officials:
Gai Ruyin, Party secretary: 6181833 (Office), 4601833 (Office), 6104941(Home), 13304500260 (Cell)
Han Xuejian, mayor: 6186779 (Office), 6181228 (Office)
Han Keyan, executive deputy mayor: 6181097(Office), 4607676 (Office), 5998518 (Home), 13604659306 (Cell)
Li Yongku, deputy mayor: 6581059 (Office) 4601059 (Office), 6377722(Home), 13039833033 (Cell)
Cui Qiang, deputy mayor: 6186190 (Office), 4689590 (Office), 6395056 (Home), 13804680568 (Cell)
Wang Hongen, deputy mayor: 6185199 (Office), 4671596 (Office), 6188565 (Home), 13936796666 (Cell)
Tian Fengchun, deputy mayor: 6392628 (Office), 4605770 (Office), 6199880 (Home), 13945997880 (Cell)
Tian Liying, deputy mayor: 6186755 (Office), 4689577 (Office), 6199733 (Home), 13604897733 (Cell)
Shen Hongyu, deputy mayor: 6361606 (Office), 368029 (Home), 13329390100 (Cell)

Daqing City Political and Judiciary Committee:
Li Dong, deputy secretary: 6392011 (Office), 6387336 (Home), 13904696199 (Cell)
Wang Gui, deputy secretary: 6372469 (Office), 6381758 (Home), 13904890661 (Cell)
Li Jibin, deputy head of the Comprehensive Office: 4666486 (Office), 4612602 (Home), 13945602390 (Cell)
Zhao Wenpeng, head of the Politics Division: 6390920 (Office), 6362203 (Home), 13845933508 (Cell)

Daqing City Party Committee:
Xia Lihua, deputy secretary: 6398366(Office), 4609866(Home), 13804642080 (Cell)
Li Fumin, deputy secretary: 6376667(Office), 6368196 (Home), 13945929999 (Cell)
Ruan Dianlong, deputy secretary: 6186776 (Office), 6371988 (Home)
Si Jiaxiang, deputy secretary: 6181355 (Office), 4600655 (Home), 13329390039 (Cell)
Su Yutian, deputy secretary: 5998800

May 31, 2005