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Within 5 Days of Beginning to Practice Falun Gong, a Woman Dies of Persecution Suffered in Police Custody

June 13, 2005 |  


Li Hui of Weiyuan County, Sichuan Province obtained a Falun Gong exercise CD and found that the exercises benefited her greatly. Her entire body became relaxed. Therefore, she began to practice Falun Gong. But when the police found that she had the book Zhuan Falun in her possession, she was persecuted to death within five days of practicing Falun Gong.

Ms. Li Hui, 42 years old, was originally from No.11 Village, Gaoshi Town, Weiyuan County, resided at Yangliu Village, Longhui Town, Weiyuan County.

Li Hui worked in a different province. On April 29, 2005 she was informed that her mother was ill, and she hurried back home to see her. The afternoon after she arrived at home, she took out a CD that she was given while traveling to see her mother, and played it for her parents. Only then did she realize that it was a Falun Gong exercise CD. Li Hui also practiced the five exercises while watching the CD. She felt very comfortable. She told her father, "I also want to practice the exercises and I want to read the Falun Gong books. I want to be a practitioner." This is how Li Hui started on her cultivation path. For five days she diligently studied Falun Dafa and did the exercise. She also got the book Zhuan Falun for her friends in another province.

On May 4th, during her trip back to her work place, the Chengdu City Train Station staff searched her and discovered that Li Hui was carrying the book Zhuan Falun, a photo of Teacher and two exercise tapes. The police immediately arrested her and took her to Longhui Town Police Station in Weiyuan County, where she suffered brutal persecution.

On May 5th, Gaoshi Town Police Station staff received notice from Longhui Town Police station, asking them to come to the No.11 Village, Xiaowan Township, Gaoshi Town.

Staff from the Gaoshi Town Police Station broke into and ransacked the home of Li Hui's father, Li Yingmao. The police arrested Li Yingmao and took him to the Gaoshi Town Police Station for interrogation. During the interrogation, Li Yingmao found out that his daughter Li Hui had died in police custody. (Details of how she was killed are yet to be collected and verified.)

Police from Longhui Town Police Station were afraid to accept responsibility for Li Hui's death. On May 5, two plainclothes policemen drove Li Hui's body in a truck to the Huang Shanqiao area, 20 miles from her father's home. They chose a drainage ditch, less than 5-inches deep, filled with water from a leaking iron pipe. It was also full of weeds. They pushed Li Hui's forehead into the drainage ditch, pulled her clothes off her back and over her forehead, and made sure that the water from the tiny water pipe dripped on Li Hui's naked back. They set it up to make it look like a drowning incident. Several minutes later the two plainclothes police jumped into the truck and drove off.

Some time later the police asked crematory staff to pick up Li Hui's body. Pictures were taken. Li Hui's relatives were not notified. As no relatives were there, they asked the pathologist to perform an autopsy. The falsified death diagnosis was "death by drowning."

On May 8, 3 days after Li Hui's death, Gaoshi Town Police Station staff notified Li Yingmao to come to the crematory. Policeman Liu Ren asked Li Yingmao to identify his daughter from a picture. Li identified the person in the picture as his daughter. The pathologist said, "Your daughter was not murdered. She died in an accident. We have already opened her abdomen and found no evidence of foul play. Maybe an autopsy of her head may show some problem. We won't know until we perform an autopsy."

Li Yingmao said, "Why did you not contact us before performing an autopsy of my daughter's abdomen. Now, since she died, what's the use to continue with the autopsy?" Li Hui's family members did not wish Li Hui's body to be further violated by the pathologist. They were forced to pay for the autopsy expense and the crematory fee. The total cost was 1,730 yuan. Only then were they allowed to take Li Hui's ashes home.

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Longhui Town Police Station of Weiyuan County, Neijiang City: 86-832-8422009 Chief of Longhui Town Police Station of Weiyuan County, Neijiang City: 86-832-8442289

Gaoshi Town Police Station, Weiyuan County, Neijiang city: 86-832-8122007