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"Outstanding Teacher" Ms. Gao Shuqin Was Detained and Tortured Twice in 2001 Before Being Persecuted to Death in 2004

April 29, 2005 |   By a practitioner from Mainland China

(Clearwisdom.net) Mrs. Gao Shuqin, 51, was a teacher at the No.12 High School of Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. She was in charge of a class and named as an "Outstanding Teacher." On March 27, 2004, the policemen who came to arrest her locked her door from the outside when she refused to cooperate with their requests. Mrs. Gao tried to climb down to the ground by tying a bed sheet to a window. Unfortunately, the sheet tore in half and she fell to the ground and died soon after, as previously reported on the Clearwisdom website.

Mrs. Gao was a steadfast Dafa practitioner. She was persecuted repeatedly, detained several times, and subjected to brutal torture. She was released from detention time after time using righteous thoughts. Clearwisdom has reported several times on her persecution case. The following is an account of what she endured while she was imprisoned in 2001.

Breaking away from Daqing City's Detention Center after a nineteen-day hunger strike

On May 5, 2001, the police arrested Mrs. Gao on her way to another practitioner's home and put her in cell number 406 at Daqing City's No.1 Detention Center. She began a hunger strike soon after and refused to give her name or address. She did not yield to their policies or rules and did not respond when addressed by an inmate number. Policeman Hu, who was responsible for the cell, tried every day to force Mrs. Gao to say her name, but she refused each time. Policeman Hu then slapped her face and pushed her. She did not cooperate when they tried to force feed her. The superintendent of the detention center, Bai Yunshan, told criminal inmates to force Mrs. Gao to the ground and then ordered four or five strong female criminal inmates to keep her down and force-feed her. Eventually they used a wider feeding tube and increased the amount of salt that they force-fed her to one quarter of a kilogram at each feeding, often with a large amount of it undissolved, causing great pain in a full stomach. The policemen then decided that whenever she refused to eat, the criminal inmates couldn't eat either, and if she ate, the policemen would buy the other inmates watermelon and sausages. The criminals would tearfully beg Mrs. Gao to eat, but she refused to compromise no matter what they tried. Her life was in grave danger after all the abuse, and the police quietly sent her home on her nineteenth day in the detention center. (The police had discovered her identity when they photographed and searched her.)

Leaving the Shaertu District's Detention Center after a month-long hunger strike

Three policemen barged into Mrs. Gao's home and took her to the Shaertu District Detention Center in Daqing City at midnight on July 22, 2001. Mrs. Gao went on hunger strike to protest her illegal detention. Cheng Shanyi, the superintendent of the detention center, together with three male police officers and one policewoman named Ms.Yang, went to force feed her, but as they disliked the dirty mess caused by force-feeding, they made five male criminal inmates drag Mrs. Gao in to be force-fed. Each time, they threw her onto the chair, even though she was a third of a meter above the ground. Once after she returned from force-feeding, she said that she had nearly died and felt as if her whole body had been broken into pieces. Mrs. Gao was black and blue all over. Many practitioners were on hunger strike during that time and Mrs. Gao refused to cooperate with their force-feeding. Her tormentors always made sure she was the last person so that they could force-feed her with everything remaining from force-feeding the others. They would drag her to the ground, put a towel in her mouth, pull her hair back, and pinch her nose closed. Each time she faced the possibility of being suffocated to death, and after every force-feeding, her face, clothing and entire body were soaked. They left her as she lay after each feeding session, and she had to walk back to her cell barefooted.

It is usually quite cold in August in Northeastern China, especially on rainy days, which were quite frequent at that time. Mrs. Gao was then wearing thin cotton clothing. She was not given any blankets to sleep under, so she had to sleep on a cold bed. After suffering a great deal on her 33-day hunger strike at the Shaertu District Detention Center, she was sent to the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center. But she was terribly weak, and the drug rehabilitation center didn't dare to take her as they were afraid that she would die. The authorities didn't let her go home, however, until they had sent her to the Ranghulu Detention Center for another three days on her way back from the drug center.

Relevant phone numbers:

Ranghulu Detention Center: Office of the Superintendent: 86-459-5093616, Instructor's office: 86-459-6304997, switchboard: 86-459-5989256 or 5596136

Policeman Chen Yaosong from Ranghulu Police Station, one of the ones who persecuted Mrs. Gao to death: 86-459-5596136, 5099579, 86-13804642080(Cell)

Daqing City Detention Center: 86-459-4616163, 4616158

Superintendent of Daqing City Detention Center Mr. Zhang: 86-459-4616098, 86-13059058777(Cell)

Superintendent Mr. Bai: 86-459-4616161

Shaertu District Detention Center: 86-459-4616638, 4616637

Superintendent Cheng Shanyi: 86-459-6363589 (home); his wife, Song Fuzhi, works at the Huizhan Neighborhood Committee of the Shaertu District

Superintendent Guo Cunguang: 86-459-6190015 (home); his wife, Lu Xiucun, works at the city's Supply and Distribution Company

Mayor of Daqing City: hotline number: 86-459-12345

April 16, 2005