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More Details Related to Mr. Liu Chengjun's Arrest in 2002 (Photos)

April 20, 2005 |   By a Dafa practitioner from China

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Liu Chengjun lived in his uncle's home before he was illegally arrested. His uncle Liu Changfa is a farmer from Shanhoutun in Qikeshu Village, Shenjingzi Town, Qianguo County, Jilin Province.

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Mr. Liu Changfa's home and Liu Chengjun's hiding place

In the evening of March 23, 2002, over twenty police vehicles surrounded Shanhoutun, and seven of them surrounded Mr. Liu Changfa's home. Directed by the Public Security Department and commanded by the chief of the Jilin Provincial Public Security Bureau, a group of officers with representatives from the Changchun Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Songyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Qianguo County Public Security Bureau and the Nong'an County Public Security Bureau swarmed into Mr. Liu's home. They demanded that Mr. Liu prepare food for them, while at the same time, they took Mr. Liu Changfa's son (referred to as "Junior Liu" in the remainder of the article) to Shenjingzi Town's local police station.

The chief of the Jilin Provincial Public Security Bureau directed the officers to beat him. The police from the local police station then beat Junior Liu mercilessly for over an hour. They wanted him to tell them the whereabouts of Mr. Liu Chengjun. He did not answer, so they threatened to interrogate his grandmother. At that time, Junior Liu's grandmother was 84 years old. Junior Liu knew that the police were very cruel and feared that they would kill his grandmother, so he told them that Mr. Liu was hiding in a haystack.

The police then set Mr. Liu's haystack on fire. The haystack went up in flames, and nine of Mr. Liu's neighbors' trees were burned, as well. The police did not see a corpse, however, so they beat Junior Liu again.

Junior Liu then said Liu Chengjun was in another stack of branches, so the police lit that stack, too. By this time it was after 1 a.m. on March 24. Many people were awakened by the flames and got up to extinguish the fire. Because so many people had gathered, the police extinguished the fire and dragged Mr. Liu Chengjun from the stack of branches. Mr. Liu had burns all over his body, especially severely on his hands and face. While many people looked on, the police beat him savagely with a huge club and then handcuffed him. Policeman Li Bowu from Songyuan fired two shots at Mr. Liu Chengjun's feet and clamored, "This time, I want to see where you'll run to." Finally, the police stuffed Mr. Liu into the trunk and then arrested Mr. Liu Changfa and his wife. They then swaggered away.

The police tied Junior Liu's thumbs together with thin rope and put him in the backseat of the vehicle. A man weighing nearly 220 pounds sat on him until they reached Qianguo County. Mr. Liu's family of three was imprisoned in the Qianguo County Detention Center for 11 days and barbarically tortured. Junior Liu's chest was beaten, causing internal injuries, and the muscle on his uncle's thigh was beaten through to the bone, which took more than half a year to recover. After 11 days, Mr. Liu's family was released, but only after they had paid 12,000 yuan. Later, five more of the neighbor's trees died. A mere five hundred yuan was given as compensation for his 14 trees.

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The burned trees of Mr. Liu Changfa's neighbor

The road from Shanhoutun to the detention center is unpaved. During this episode, Mr. Liu, who was stuffed in the trunk, and Junior Liu, who was sat on by a large man, each suffered from an extremely bumpy ride that practically suffocated them both.