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Some Facts about Dafa Practitioner Wu Jingfang's Being Persecuted to Death in Jieyang City, Guangdong Province

March 04, 2005 |  


Falun Dafa practitioner Wu Jingfang from Zhainei Village, Quxi Town, Jiedong County, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province recovered from all her diseases after she began to practice Falun Dafa. Her face glowed with good health. Upon seeing her great changes, many people began to cultivate Falun Dafa one after another. Wu Jingfang was illegally arrested and detained many times because she persisted in continuing her cultivation. In the beginning of April 2002, she was brutally tortured to death.

Since she was arrested by the Jiedong County police before the Spring Festival of the year 2001, Wu Jingfang was not able to go back home. At the end of 2001, Wu Jingfang and seven other practitioners broke out of the brainwashing class in the district of Rongcheng with righteous thoughts during the night. After that, they lived in a rented house in an urban area so that they could continue their truth clarification activities.

Out of consideration for their safety, they moved to the district of Dongshan on March 30, 2002.

At about midnight on March 31, 2002, when Wu Jingfang and other three practitioners were sleeping, the door was suddenly kicked open. About 10 policemen swarmed in, shouting and sweeping around with long flashlights. Moments later Wu Jingfang and another three practitioners were pushed out from their rooms and handcuffed. The Dafa books and materials were gathered and thrown onto the ground of the sitting room. Then, the policemen took some photos. Upon seeing the Dafa books trampled on, Wu Jingfang said without hesitation: "These are our Dafa books."

As the words left her mouth, Wu Jingfang was beaten arbitrarily by the policemen with their long flashlights. The policemen especially beat her knees and shins. As a result, Wu Jingfang was in so much pain she squatted down, but the policemen still continued beating her and shouting furiously.

At that time, the other three practitioners were also abused. One of them, a female practitioner named Ding Yiyin, a resident of Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, was beaten badly and her arms were severely bruised. Ding Yiyin' s husband Lin Wuyong and another practitioner He Zhiwei (another resident of Zhuhai City) were also beaten and arrested together with her.

The policemen confiscated all of their Dafa books and materials and stole over 7,000 yuan in cash, 2 mobile phones and 1 watch. He Zhiwei's identity card was also confiscated by the policemen. Except for a mobile phone that was later returned to the couple Ding Yiyin and Lin Wuyong through negotiation, everything else was divided among the policemen.

When they were arrested and taken away by the policemen, Wu Jingfang and the other three Dafa practitioners were not permitted to take any clothing with them. Meanwhile, the policemen also arrested the owner of the practitioners' house.

That night Wu Jingfang and Lin Wuyong were sent to a police station in the district of Dongshan, and Ding Yiyin and He Zhiwei to another police station. Later after not getting any answers, on April 2, the police in Jieyang City asked the police in Zhuhai City to take Lin Wuyong, Ding Yiyin and He Zhiwei back to the Liantang brainwashing class in the district of Qianshan in Zhuhai City. Later, the three practitioners were again transferred to the larger-scale and more concentrated Minfu brainwashing class in the district of Xiangzhou and persecuted, and then to the so-called "legal bureau of Guangdong province." The three Dafa practitioners, especially Lin Wuyong and He Zhiwei, were persecuted for a long time.

Unable to get a confession from Wu Jingfang, the police became more furious. From the moment of her arrest to the time when she was sent to the police station and later to the second detention center in Jieyang City, Wu Jingfang was beaten many times, interrogated illegally for long periods of time, and threatened and tortured constantly. In no more than 10 days, Wu Jingfang was tortured to death in the detention center.

There are 3 police stations in the district of Dongshan in Jieyang City: the Dongyang police station, Dongxing police station and Dongsheng police station. The police station and 610 Office in Jiedong City were involved in this case, but the specific perpetrators have not yet been identified.