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Ms. Bu Cuiqin from Liaoning Province, Mr. Cao Jinlin from Hebei Province, and Mr. Qi Guangyu from Shandong Province, Died As A Result of Persecution

March 28, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Bu Cuiqin was 72 years old and lived in Chaoyang County, Liaoning Province. Since she began cultivating Falun Dafa in 1996, all of her sicknesses disappeared, and she could read Zhuan Falun from cover to cover, even though she had never learned to read before. She was abducted by police in May 2001 while passing out truth clarifying materials, and was illegally detained for one month in Chaoyang County Detention Center. She was seriously injured during the detention, resulting in incontinence of feces and urine. She died in September 2001 after being released.

Mr. Cao Jinlin was 55 years old and lived in Cao Village, Yingzi Town, Botou City, Hebei Province. Even though he was practicing Falun Dafa privately in his home, the police still came to his house to harass him after July 20, 1999, when Falun Dafa was officially outlawed by the Chinese Communist Party. He was sent to a brainwashing class around September 15, 2001, where he was injured both mentally and physically, and died around February 20, 2005.

Mr. Qi Guangyu was 68 years old, a farmer who lived in Qijia Village, Wanjia Town, Pingdu City, Shandong Province. He started cultivating Falun Dafa in 2003 and obtained good health as a result. Local police arrested him and extorted three thousand yuan before releasing him. He died soon after due to the stress of being persecuted.