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The Ways Used to Torture and Kill in China's Forced Labor Camps and Prisons

February 19, 2005 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) The most vicious persecution in human history is happening in the labor camps and prisons in China. In recent times there have been an average of 2 practitioners killed every day.

The practitioners that were murdered showed the following symptoms:

1. They became extremely skinny and emaciated.

2. They were riddled with wounds, especially internal injuries that are difficult to detect.

3. They became slow and absent minded, with foggy memories. Sometimes they became mentally unstable and unable to take care of themselves.

4. They often could no longer talk or write.

5. The labor camp and prison prohibited visits by family or friends. They only informed the family members after the practitioners were killed. They prohibited the family members from investigating the cause of death. They do not allow photos or video to be taken of the bodies, and they often cremated the bodies immediately to destroy evidence of their brutality. Bodies are often cremated before families are notified of the deaths.

6. These practitioners were often steadfast in practicing Falun Dafa and refused to be "transformed".

The labor camp guards and prison guards employ two methods of murder:

1. First is a method that one can detect. Of the practitioners who refused to be "transformed," the guards would first fake a superficial kindness toward them, or order so-called "reformed" practitioners to lie and persuade the steadfast practitioners. If this failed, they would force the practitioners to watch slanderous videos and coerced other prisoners to slander and curse at the founder of Falun Dafa and the practitioners. If the practitioners were still steadfast, they would put away their superficial kindness and start torturing the practitioners. They have various and endless methods of torture, such as: Forcing the practitioners to work extensively, forcing them to sustain extreme military drill exercises, forcing them to sit, stand and squat for long periods of time, locking each practitioner in a small cell, force-feeding them excrement and urine, depriving them of sleep, threatening and ordering other prisoners to continuously beat the practitioners and shocking them with electric batons, "tying them up with ropes" and suspending them excruciatingly in midair, then beating them, putting them on stretch beds, etc.

2. Second is a method that one can't detect. They would poison the practitioner's food, or feed practitioners poison while they force-fed them. They would inject poison into the practitioners and claim that they are trying to "cure" them with medicine. They also employ machinery to torture the practitioners, such as exposing them to radioactive materials or poisonous gas, as well as other torture methods that are undetectable. The poisons they used are usually materials that destroy one's cranial nerves, or viruses that will make practitioners sick at a later time.

The methods that one can detect, especially when the guards order others to do their dirty work, are extremely secretive. They secretly force other prisoners to "monitor" the practitioners. In reality, it's constant verbal abuse and brainwashing. The prisoners can beat the practitioners as they wish. If a practitioner is injured, the guards call it a quarrel among prisoners, so they punish both parties. If a prisoner kills a practitioner, the guards force the prisoner to fabricate evidence and claim that it's a suicide.

The methods one can't detect are cruel and inhuman. It can make one's hair stand on end. Some practitioners were tortured to the point of mental illness. Some were perfectly healthy people, and in one or two years they were "diagnosed" with incurable diseases.

The reason the labor camps and prisons are so wicked in killing the steadfast practitioners is because they follow the Jiang regime's order: "'Transform,' if not, 'cremate' (torture to death)." They aim to eliminate those who practice Falun Dafa. Another reason is because they are afraid that steadfast practitioners can leave the camps alive and expose their vicious crimes. Hence, they want to kill the practitioners in the labor camp, or torture the practitioners until they can no longer survive or speak their thoughts. Then they inform the practitioner's family members and let them die in their homes.

Everyone knows that freedom of belief is a manifestation of basic human rights, and Falun Dafa, which promotes "Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance", should be protected. Only a courthouse can give the death sentence and see it through. When did labor camps and prisons receive this power? How do these prison guards differ from murderers? We call out to everyone with a sense of justice to pay close attention to the Chinese labor camps and prisons' brutality against practitioners, and to help practitioners stop this persecution against "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance" and basic human dignity. For oneself, for fellow human beings and for the future, we must decide!

December 21, 2004