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Supplementary Facts about the Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners at the Harbin City Women's Prison

December 24, 2005 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Heilongjiang Province


The Harbin City Women's Prison is also known as the Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison. For the past few years, the prison's persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners has been documented on Clearwisdom.net. Further supplementary facts of the prison's continuing persecution are as follows:

On March 24, 2005, at the prison hospital, Prison Director Zhao Yingling and Deputy Prison Director Zhao Huihua led a dozen guards and more than 20 inmates to forcefully hold down practitioners in order to draw their blood. They claimed that they needed to "do some tests" on the practitioners, but their real purpose is unknown.

For a long time, the prison guards have been inciting inmates to persecute practitioners. Inmate Xu Zhen uses vicious means in order to "transform" practitioners. For that, team leader Liu Zhiqiang awarded her with a color TV. Inmate Qiao Qingyan's term was reduced and she was released early because of her "perseverance" in persecuting practitioners. At home, Qiao claimed that she would continue to persecute practitioners in an effort to "transform" them. During a meeting on August 30, 2005, the prison commended prisoners Xu Zhen, Gao Xiaomei and Wang Fengying for persecuting practitioners.

The means of persecution that the Harbin Female Prison has adopted are very base. Prison policy allows the prisoners to openly persecute Dafa practitioners and control them. Practitioners are also not allowed to talk to each other and are under the prisoners' surveillance even when they use the restroom.

The "Transformation Center" is located on the third floor of the Prison Hospital. The ground floor is where practitioners who are on a hunger strike are detained. One practitioner is detained in a room with and monitored by four to five inmates. The windows and doors to the room are completely closed and covered up. They force practitioners to watch offensive videotapes. If they refuse to watch, the inmates beat them and deprive them of sleep. In order to get "credits," some prisoners force practitioners to put their fingerprints on documents that claim they have been "transformed". These inmates either hold down the practitioners or beat them until they lose consciousness to get their fingerprints.

Although the prison is currently implementing "civilized" prison policy, it still blocks information. They don't allow practitioners' appeal letters to be mailed out to the relevant departments at the township, municipal and provincial levels. The prison tries to "transform" practitioners by enticing them with having their term reduced or getting released. Practitioners who are "transformed" are moved to the third floor to "have a conversation." Some practitioners saw through their plots and refused to go downstairs to the third floor, which would mean that they were "transformed." As a result, the guards order the prisoners to forcibly move the practitioners. Guard Zhang Xiaoying ordered the prisoners to drag practitioner Ms. Xiao Shufen downstairs to the third floor. She ended up hurting her back at the turn of the stairs. The prisoners also swore at Teacher and Dafa. When Ms. Xiao refused to listen to them, they began to pinch her. Dafa practitioner Ms. Wu Yulan has been persecuted for more than six months. Her mouth was covered and her hands tied behind her back as she was beaten.

Guard Zhang Xiaoying, Qu Hua and Tianchuan are in charge of "transforming" Dafa practitioners. They have the inmates monitor practitioners, and do not allow practitioners to read the Fa. They often search the practitioners' cells and tear open their quilted blankets to see if there is anything inside. When collaborators Wang Jinhua, Wang Yuzhao, Deng Jianmei and Yang Xiaolin refused to cooperate with this kind of persecution, they were put into solitary confinement. Since 2003, the packaging shop has set up the "Base of Transformation." In July 2005, they trained over 70 people in order to carry out the "transformation" task with the slogan, "Everyone must be transformed. We cannot leave one person out." Team Leader Liu Zhiqiang said, "No matter what kind of means we use, we must 'transform' practitioners."

Guard Zhang Xiaoying also incites prisoners to beat practitioners' vaginal areas or breasts so that the wounds will not be visible to others. Wang Zhongyi tortured Ms. Wang Yuzhuo for over a month. Chen Zeng beat practitioner Ms. Deng Jianmei with a club. Ms. Deng's two front teeth were also pulled out when she went on a hunger strike. Ms. Yang Xiaolin has been detained in solitary confinement to this day because she did the exercises and was reciting Teacher's articles in order to resist the persecution. The guards beat Ms. Liu Kun for reading Teacher's articles. When Ms. Liu unexpectedly shouted out, "The prison guard beat me!" guard Kou Caicai took off her uniform. With only her undergarments on, she said, "I am not a prison guard now, so I can beat you." When Ms. Deng Jianmei was sending forth righteous thoughts, the prisoners used clippers to clip her eyelids together until they bled. They also sprayed detergent into her eyes. A death penalty inmate, Han Lijing, hit practitioner Yu Xia on the mouth until it bled. The prisoners also sprayed cold water on the practitioners who were hunger striking and sending forth righteous thoughts, and caused their winter clothes to be soaked.

When Wang Jinfan did the Falun Dafa exercises in the evening, Li Chuyan woke up all the 20 cellmates and ordered them to curse her. Whoever refused to cooperate was deprived of sleep, while the others had to stay up all night to curse Ms. Wang. Ms. Wang's hands and arms were also tied up. Later, the warden forced her to squat for two days and nights until she appeared to be numb. After that, Ms. Wang was sent to solitary confinement, where she was stripped in order to humiliate her.

The guards also are very hard on any inmates who help practitioners.

A list of perpetrators from the No. 9 Ward in Harbin Women's Prison:

Liu Zhiqiang (team leader), Jia Wenjun, Yan Yuhua
The Harbin City Women's Prison: 86-451-86639059, 86-451-86639069

Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City:
Law Enforcement Office in the Municipal Government: 86-451-84641094
Municipal Police Bureau: 86-451-84661748, 86-451-84661441
National Security Team: 86-451-84661749, 86-451-84661761
Provincial Prison Administration Bureau (located at No. 79 Hanguang Street, area code 150080): 86-451-86335924 (Office), Reception 86-451-86342139
Harbin Prison (located at No. 2 Xiangde Street, area code 150030): Switchboard 86-451-55301531, 86-451-55301522(Office)