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Practitioner Lei Ming Who Intercepted TV Signals Disabled from Torture (Photos)

November 07, 2005 |   By practitioners in China

(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Mr. Lei Ming, 30, is from Baishan City, Jilin Province. To help explain the truth to the many people in China that have been deceived by the Chinese government's slanderous propaganda against Falun Gong, Mr. Lei helped other practitioners to broadcast Falun Gong truth-clarification programs on TV in Changchun City, Jilin Province, on March 5, 2002. At that time Jiang's regime had issued a secret order to "kill without mercy" Falun Gong practitioners caught posting truth clarification materials, and Mr. Lei was illegally arrested under this order. Consequently, Lei Ming suffered cruel persecution and inhumane torture in the hands of the police. The Changchun City Intermediate Court sentenced Mr. Lei Ming to 17 years in prison and sent him to Jilin Prison, where he was tortured further. Lei Ming was jailed for more than two years until he became critically ill. After posting bail, he was released for medical treatment in 2004, but he is now disabled from the torture. His muscles are atrophying, he can't walk and he can no longer take care of himself.

During the two years and one month he spent in Jilin Prison, Lei Ming witnessed practitioners suffering under the persecution. For example, Zhang Hongwei was tied up in a fixed position for 60 days in the Strict Discipline Team, and then spent two years in a strict discipline cell. Diao Shujun and Wang Fengcai were tied up in fixed positions in small cells for six weeks respectively. The prisoners who monitored them scalded their stomachs with boiling water. Liu Zhaojian began a hunger strike to protest when the prison started broadcasting slanderous information about Falun Dafa. Therefore, he was taken to the Strict Discipline Team for force-feeding with salt water, which caused him great thirst. Liu Zhaojian was tied up in a fixed position for 15 days and forced to sit for 11 months in the Strict Discipline Team.

Suffering Torture at the Changchun City Public Security Bureau

On March 15, 2002, police and others from Qingming Police Station of Changchun City arrested Lei Ming for intercepting TV signals. The police searched him and confiscated 200 yuan from him. They cuffed his hands behind his back and forced him to sit on the floor. Within less than an hour, a group of police officers from the Changchun City Public Security Bureau arrived. A few officers picked Lei Ming up and carried him outside. Lei Ming saw from the door many people gathered around outside. Some held microphones and video cameras. As soon as Lei Ming came through the door, they surrounded him, attempting to stage an interview. Mr. Lei refused to be interviewed by the police.

Changchun City Qingming Police Station

Changchun City Public Security Bureau

The police took Lei Ming to the Changchun City Public Security Bureau. He was taken to a room on the sixth floor and tied to a tiger bench. This tiger bench is made out of iron and is taller than a normal chair, so the person must be physically lifted onto the chair. After sitting on it, the feet are off the ground. The perpetrators fixed Lei Ming's feet to the legs of the chair, and inserted an iron bolt through holes located in the armrests and tightly locked the bolt across his stomach. Then they cuffed his hands behind the back of the chair. One policeman cruelly tortured Lei Ming's neck with an electric baton several times.

At that time, several police officers entered the room, untied Lei Ming, and covered his eyes. The police then carried him into a car. Lei Ming lost a shoe during the arrest. The police had removed his belt, so his pants fell down. After Lei Ming got into the car, he heard sirens, as if he were in a motorcade. Lei Ming did not know where he had been taken. After more than a 30 minute drive, the cars stopped and the police removed his eye cover. It was about 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. Because it was relatively dark, he could barely make out a building, but noticed that it was a tall building, surrounded by walls. He also noticed an iron gate had just had been closed behind them.

The policemen dragged Lei Ming into a room, which was filled with tiger benches, electric batons, plastic bags, a big iron bucket, an electric stove, and so on. The room had simple upholstery and looked like a hotel room that was no longer in use. The room had no heat. The police put Lei Ming on the tiger bench, tightly tied his feet with a thin rope, and then locked him in place at the abdomen with an iron bolt. To increase the torture, they cuffed his hands behind his back, causing Lei Ming's armpits to face the back of the chair. Then they passed a leather belt through the handcuffs, crossed it in front of the chair legs and pulled on it. Two of the police cruelly pulled the belt downwards and attempted to buckle the belt on the tightest notch. Because the leather bolt was attached to the handcuffs, his arm muscles were stretched by the pulling and he suffered unbearable pain. Lei Ming used all his strength to resist being buckled so tightly, and succeeded in preventing it, until one of the policemen furiously kicked the handcuffs; the belt was cinched at the moment. Lei Ming fainted from the pain. Sweat covered his body and the pain was excruciating. At that moment, Lei Ming could not move his body at all.

After this, the police were exhausted. As it was cold in the room, they turned on the electric stove and sat down to chat. A police chief surnamed Gao, defamed Teacher. Although Lei Ming was in the midst of unbearable pain, he loudly told the police: "Stop that!" Gao went into a rage, rushed at Lei Ming and slapped his face over and over, until he was too tired to continue. Then two police officers brought an electric baton, removed his clothing to expose his chest and neck and pulled off his pants to show his private parts. Then they tortured Lei Ming with electric batons on his neck, mouth, thigh, chest, private parts and anus, which caused excruciating pain. He could not stop himself from screaming in pain. The police did not stop until the batteries in the electric batons were drained.

Scars left on Lei Ming by tortures inflicted by the Changchun City Public Security Bureau police in March 2002. This photo was taken two years after Lei Ming's release from prison.

Next, another two policemen covered Lei Ming's head with a plastic bag. They made it so tight that Lei Ming could not breathe and almost suffocated. When he was on the verge of suffocation they loosened the bag. After allowing Lei Ming just a few breaths, they covered him again. They repeatedly tortured him like that until the electric batons were recharged. Then the other two policemen increased the torture. They took a screwdriver, heated it on the stove, and burned Lei Ming's neck. The skin on his neck was destroyed.

Police of Changchun City Public Security Bureau caused the scar on Lei Ming's neck with a hot screwdriver and electric batons. This photo was taken two years after Lei Ming was released.

Lei Ming clenched his teeth to endure the great pain. Then the police tortured Lei Ming even worse. They shocked the wounded areas with electric batons, and then poured water down his neck. The pain was unimaginably excruciating and the room was filled with terror. The police put a big iron bucket on Lei Ming's head and hit the bucket as hard as they could with a big iron bar to deafen his ears.

The policemen also inserted one end of a wooden stick into Lei Ming's anus, and wedging the other end of the stick onto the chair back; they tortured his anus with an electric baton, which caused indescribable pain.

After four or five hours, Lei Ming's arms and wrist bones were stretched out of shape. The pain was unbearable and he was sweating profusely. His clothes were soaked. Lei Ming pulled the belt with his wrists until it broke. The policemen tried to buckle it again, but were unable to, no matter how hard they tried. One of them took Lei Ming's hands, which were cuffed behind his back, and exerted all his strength to lift them up. This forced Lei Ming's chest to tightly touch his thighs, and his stomach was pressed by the iron stick. They tortured him in this posture for five minutes, and then they tried to tie him with a rope. But they could not tie him tightly. At that point they then opened the handcuffs and locked them to the armrest. Because both of his hands had been forcefully pulled and stretched, his right arm was disjointed. His right forearm was badly bruised and swung lifeless. Both hands were swollen, and his fingers were two to three times their regular size.

The police took turns torturing Lei Ming for the entire night. Later, the police were exhausted and went home to sleep. Two of the policemen stayed behind to watch Lei Ming, but both fell into deep sleep. At that time, Lei Ming wanted to leave. He broke the handcuff off of his left hand by smashing it onto the armrest. Unfortunately his right hand could not break off the cuff because he had no strength left in it. So he broke it with his left hand. Lei Ming's hands could move now, so he tried to untie the rope on his feet. He untied the thick rope, but the thin rope was too tight. Also, his fingers were too swollen. He could not untie the rope. The iron bar was also an obstacle. When the police woke up and found that Lei Ming had broken the handcuffs, they punched and kicked him again.

Lei Ming was held there for two days, after which the police took him to another hotel. They brought the iron tiger bench along. He was in the second hotel for another two days. Thus, he was tied to the iron chair for four days and nights. After the police had tortured him they took him to Tiebei Detention Center.

At the detention center, he was told to take off his clothes for inspection. The guards at the detention center saw Lei Ming was severely wounded and refused to accept him. But after the Public Security Bureau had a discussion with the guards; they agreed to accept Lei Ming. After Mr. Lei entered the prison cell, he needed to take a shower and have a haircut. When he took off his clothes and his injuries were revealed the prisoners were shocked. Some grinned and some turned their head away. The black burn marks and scars from the electric shocks were all over his body, including on his wrists, arms and feet. It was horrible to look at. At that time, the prisoner in charge said: "I did not believe that Falun Gong was persecuted so severely. Today, after seeing this, I believe that the Communist Party is going to collapse."

The police officers who tortured Lei Ming are: Liu Huibin, Jiang Tao, Gao Hang, Jiang Bo, a chief with the surname of Gao, etc.

The Trial of Mr. Lei Ming and Other Practitioners

After Mr. Lei Ming was held in the detention center for more than six months, Changchun City Intermediate Court illegally put some practitioners on trial for intercepting TV signals. On September 18, 2002, eleven male practitioners from the Changchun City Detention Center were carried into cars flanked by two armed policemen each. Two other passenger cars filled with fully armed police officers followed them. Several police cars cleared the way at the front of the motorcade. Four female practitioners from the Third Changchun Detention Center were also brought to the court. When they arrived at the courthouse, bailiffs replaced the police officers. Fifteen practitioners escorted by 30 bailiffs entered the court in a line.

Changchun City Intermediate Court

The practitioners who entered the courtroom first, shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is great!" Other practitioners behind them also shouted, "Falun Dafa is great" in unison. More than 300 people were sitting in the courtroom, and the bailiffs took the practitioners one by one into a disciplinary room. Three policemen were inside the room, and each held a high-voltage electric baton to shock the practitioners until they stopped shouting. They then took the practitioners back into the courtroom. When some practitioners shouted, "Falun Dafa is great" again, they were rushed back to the disciplinary room.

The third time in the courtroom, the police officers sealed practitioners' mouths to prevent them from shouting. During the trial, the practitioners were deprived of their right to defend themselves. If they uttered just a few words, their microphones were forcibly taken away. The trial was just for show. After the trial was completed, the practitioners were taken to a room one by one and had their fingerprints taken. The practitioners resisted, and the police officer forcefully pressed their hands onto the paper. After the fingerprints of all the practitioners were taken, they were sent back to the detention center.

On September 20, the court was supposed to hold another trial. The court was afraid of hearing the practitioners shout, "Falun Dafa is great!" so the sentence notices of the practitioners were sent directly to the detention center. All the practitioners appealed their sentences to the Jilin Province People's High Court on October 20. Before the hearing, a police officer told fifteen practitioners that there was no need to shout, and if they were not satisfied with the sentence, they were allowed to appeal again. But when the chief justice decided to uphold the original sentence, the practitioners realized that they had been deceived. There was no more chance to appeal. The judicial and public security organizations had become the accomplices of Jiang Zemin's regime in committing crimes.

Mr. Lei Ming Suffers Brutal Torture in Jilin Province Prison

On October 25, 2002, Mr. Lei Ming and other ten male practitioners were taken to the Jilin Province Prison, and were split up in eleven different prison wards. Lei Ming was sent to the Fourth Ward. In the cell, the inmates searched Mr. Lei' s body, and then forced him to sit on a plank with both legs straight and his back erect, both hands on his knees. If he moved even a bit, he was beaten. One inmate hit the back of Lei Ming's head twice.

After lunch, an inmate summoned Lei Ming out to the corridor, and ordered him to write the "four statements" [similar to the three statements]. Mr. Lei refused, so the inmate threatened to send him to the Strict Discipline Team, where people were tortured mercilessly. The inmate talked to him for a long time, but Lei Ming was very firm. Another inmate joined them. They sat on both sides of Mr. Lei and punched him in the eyes, knocking him prone onto the bed.

When Mr. Lei slowly got up, they beat him again. They also used a bamboo plank to hit Lei Ming's forehead. When Mr. Lei refused to compromise, they found two more inmates and pushed Mr. Lei to the ground. Two inmates held his legs, one held his hands, and another one pulled off his pant. They yanked Mr. Lei's genitalia so hard that he almost passed out. Lei Ming struggled and shouted for help, but the inmates covered his mouth. He eventually broke loose. Then one of the inmates brought some iron rings with the intent of shackling Mr. Lei to the bed.

Mr. Lei realized that the inmates would continue torturing him until they achieved their goal of getting him to renounce Falun Dafa. One inmate said, "You have three hours to consider." Another said, "Give him half an hour." Lei Ming had no choice, as he would rather die than compromise his beliefs. When Mr. Lei came back from the restroom, he smashed his head against a wall, and immediately fainted with his head bleeding. Those four inmates did not give up, and continued to punch and kick him. (Note: fellow practitioners, please cherish your body. Under no circumstances should suicide and self-inflicted injury be allowed. The evildoers, who persecuted Mr. Lei to such a desperate state, will surely be punished by law and by justice.) Then a policeman came and sent Lei Ming to the prison hospital with two of his torturers. Mr. Lei received several stitches on his head, and was sent to the Strict Discipline Team.

The guards ordered the inmates of the Strict Discipline Team to torture Mr. Lei. Four or five inmates carried him to a special bed. They stretched Lei Ming's arms to the maximum and then secured both his ankles and hands to the bed with iron rings. His hands and feet became swollen and he sweated profusely. In that position, Mr. Lei could not move at all, and he depended on the inmates to feed him. He was allowed to use the toilet twice a day. After two days, the discomfort became unbearable as if ants were crawling all over his bones. His heart ached with every pulse on his wrist, and the pain was excruciating. On the third day, the pain in Lei Ming's body was beyond description, and he broke down and wrote the "four statements." The inmates had achieved their goal and freed Mr. Lei from the bed. They continued to abuse him, and ordered him to sit for a long time with his legs crossed loosely, back straight, and both hands on his knees. If he moved, they beat him. Lei Ming was forced to sit from 5 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Due to the prolonged time of sitting, his buttocks became raw, blisters formed, blood oozed, and maggots grew.

Lei Ming was forced to sit for long time in the Jilin Prison. As a result, his buttocks became raw and formed scabs.

Scars remained on Lei Ming's ankle from torture in the Jilin Prison

During the first month of physical abuse, the prison police and guards of the Fourth Ward talked to Mr. Lei incessantly, asking him what was on his mind. Lei Ming told them that he had been forced against his will to write the "four statements" and wanted to nullify them. The guards said, "We were going to set you free, but now we can't because of your thoughts." They continued to detain Mr. Lei in the Strict Discipline Team month after month. After more than four months, he was finally allowed to leave.

After Lei Ming returned to the Fourth Ward, they continued to punish him, and he had to sit from 6 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. except for eating and going to the toilet. Due to the long-term physical punishment, the muscles on Lei Ming's legs became weak. His legs were sore and unable to function properly, and he found it very difficult to carry the wash basin to wash his face in the morning. The perpetrators continued to physically abuse Lei Ming. One day, when the Education Section subjected the practitioners to a "psychological examination," Lei Ming suddenly remembered that he had not written his solemn declaration. He then wrote it on the back of the exam paper, and handed it in. On the following day, the guards from the Fourth Ward talked with Mr. Lei. Lei Ming told them why he had written the solemn declaration, and the police officers were speechless.

On a different occasion, Lei Ming and another practitioner were forced to sit for a long time. An inmate discovered they were talking during the physical punishment, and kicked them once each. When the practitioners asked the inmate why he kicked them, two more inmates came to lift Lei Ming up, while another inmate punched his face several times. As a result, his face became very swollen.

Lei Ming was physically punished for nearly three months, and one day his heart suddenly started beating very fast and he refused to go to sit. The inmates reported to the guards, and the guards took Mr. Lei to a doctor. The doctor tested his heart rate and found it was more than 100 beats per minute. The guard took Lei Ming back to the cell, and said to the two inmates who supervised him, "It is your problem if you don't make him sit; but if Lei refuses to go sit, then that's his problem." Obviously, the police wanted the inmates to force Lei Ming to sit. Mr. Lei, however, refused to do so. The two inmates discussed the situation and attempted to force him, but Lei Ming was very firm. The inmates had no choice but to leave him alone. Mr. Lei finally was able to break away from the evil environment. He suffered in the Strict Discipline Team for nearly seven months. As a result, he became extremely weak and emaciated, and he stayed in the cell.

In September of 2003, Lei Ming and other practitioners enlightened to an understanding that they should resist the persecution with righteous thoughts and leave the evil den.

On October 1, China's National Day, the prisoners who monitored the practitioners were given a break to enjoy themselves on the second and third floor of the prison building, where the entertainment facilities were located. The prisoners were able to freely participate in the activities, but practitioners were even allowed to walk around. Lei Ming used this opportunity and went to the second floor to find practitioner Liu Chengjun (who was later persecuted to death). He shared with Mr. Liu the idea of having all practitioners go on a hunger strike to resist the persecution inside Jilin Prison, and Liu Chengjun agreed.

About 10 days later, after hearing that Liu Chengjun had been on a hunger strike for many days, all the practitioners in the prison also gradually went on a hunger strike and refused to do forced labor. This righteous action shocked the prison guards and they immediately held a meeting to deal with the practitioners. After the meeting, the guards closed off all the floors in the building and did not allow anyone to go in and out of the prison, fearing the practitioners would have contact with each other. They also had the prisoners spread rumors such as, "Practitioners in the other prison ward started eating," or "Some practitioners were taken to the Strict Discipline Team and were forced-fed." Some practitioners stopped the hunger strike due to the brutal tortures and the information blockade in the prison.

One day in February 2004, two prison guards and a prisoner suddenly appeared in the prison building and told everyone to line up for a body search. They found Chapters 1 and 3 of Zhuan Falun on Lei Ming and another practitioner. When the guards asked the other practitioner who the lectures belonged to, Mr. Lei answered that they were his. The prison guards then questioned Lei Ming, but he maintained righteous thoughts and refused to answer their questions, and they gave up.

After conducting the body search, the guards then ordered the practitioners to go out into the hallway while they searched each cell. They found a copy of a hand-written "Hongyin" from practitioner Wang Hongge's toolbox. The two guards discussed with each other and found four prisoners to take Lei Ming to the Strict Discipline Team and locked Wang Hongge in a small isolated room. The Strict Management Team physically tortured Lei Ming. Mr. Wang was locked in the small room for a week, and was then transferred to the Siping Prison.

In the Strict Management Team, prison guards Li Yongsheng, Tan Fuhua, and Wang Yuanchun from the Education Division asked Lei Ming many times to "talk" to them and tell them where he had gotten the lectures from. With righteous thoughts, Mr. Lei did not tell them anything. A guard from the Fourth Ward also talked to Lei Ming numerous times, and told him that they would release him from the Strict Discipline Team once he signed a statement to never read or pass on Dafa materials. Mr. Lei rejected the offer and was given a notification that he would continue to be locked in the Strict Discipline Team.

When his term was over, the prison guard asked Lei Ming to sign the notification again, but he still refused. The guard then ordered Mr. Lei to be locked in the Strict Disciple Team for another two months. During this time, Mr. Lei's health quickly deteriorated. The physical tortures he suffered this time worsened his health, and the injuries on his leg from being previously tortured had not completely healed. He needed to hold onto the wall in order to walk to the restroom. A prison guard from the Fourth Ward took Mr. Lei to the hospital for a checkup, which showed that his heart rate was 150 beats/minute, and he had high blood pressure (180 mmHg) and anemia. Still, the prison guard would not release Lei Ming on medical bail.

Ten days before Lei Ming's term ended in the Strict Discipline Team, his weight dropped dramatically from 100 to 65 pounds. The prisoners in the team feared that they would be held responsible for his health and called the guards in the Fourth Ward to check up on Mr. Lei. A prison guard came and interrogated Lei Ming. Seeing that Lei Ming couldn't stand straight during the interrogation, the guard gave him a chair to sit down. Still, the guard talked hypocritically to Mr. Lei saying, "How about this? I will ask that prisoner to write a statement for you. I promise the statement will not contain any words related to Falun Dafa. This will be used just to show the leader, so he will have a reason to release you." Lei Ming thought that it would be fine to write a statement since it would not mention anything about Dafa. That afternoon, Lei Ming was released from the Strict Discipline Team and was carried back to the prison building by a prisoner because he couldn't walk that far anymore.

After returning to the prison building, Lei Ming realized that he shouldn't have signed any statement, as it meant that he had compromised with the evil. It was July when Mr. Lei was released from the Strict Discipline Team and he was very weak. He needed help to go to use the restroom and he could not take care of his own daily needs. The practitioners who didn't have to go out to work took care of Mr. Lei.

Lei Ming heard that the provincial 610 Office held a brainwashing session in Jilin Prison and that the prison guards from the Fourth Ward had given his name to the 610 Office. The 610 Office brainwashes practitioners by forcing them to do heavy labor from 6 a.m. to 12 midnight every day until their minds were "cleansed." After the 610 Office left Jilin Prison, the prison's Education Division started its own brainwashing session that consisted of two groups. One group was led by guard Li Yongsheng and three prisoners. The second group was led by guard Wang Yuanchun from the Education Division. The first group tried to force practitioners to write the "Five Statements." If the practitioners refused, they would be sent to the Strict Disciple Team, strapped on a bed and physically tortured. Several practitioners including Wang Jian and Liu Gequn were forced to write the "Five Statements" this way.

Prison guard Wang Yuanchun from the second group went to Changchun for six months specifically to learn the "experience of transforming practitioners." Wang led the provincial 610 Office personnel and several collaborators to lock practitioners in an office in order to brainwash them. The authorities feared that the practitioners would strengthen their consciousness and awaken to righteousness, so they would sometimes force practitioners to sing karaoke to wear down their willpower.

By October, Lei Ming was persecuted to the point that he started to suffer from constant diarrhea and vomiting. This lasted for a month and did not improve. One night in November, Mr. Lei went to the restroom with the support of two prisoners. Before he got back to his prison cell, he had a hard time breathing and needed to rest. Right before he reached the door of his cell, he felt suffocated again. The next day, the guards from the Fourth Ward took Lei Ming to the hospital. It was found that he suffered from severe pulmonary tuberculosis. Mr. Lei had to stay in the prison hospital for two days before he was transferred to the Changchun Public Safety Hospital. There, he stayed for four days before he was again transferred to the Jilin Railroad Hospital. Fifteen days later, Lei Ming became so ill that the prison released him so he could seek medical treatment.

Someone from the prison had to carry Lei Ming home because his legs were disabled and the muscles had atrophied due to being tortured for a long time. Only 30 years old, Lei Ming couldn't walk or take care of himself anymore.

Cases of persecution against Dafa practitioners in Jilin Prison are too many to be recorded. The brutal tortures that Lei Ming suffered in Jilin Prison cannot fully describe the evilness of the CCP's persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. Currently, Jilin Prison still manipulates prisoners to persecute steadfast practitioners using various means to physically and mentally torture them. The prison tries very hard to keep its crimes from being exposed to the outside world.

In this historic moment, Heaven will punish the CCP for what it has done, and the CCP will disintegrate. We again advise those police officers, prison guards and prisoners to immediately stop following the CCP in persecuting Dafa practitioners.

Contact Information for Relevant Personnel

Dial country code before all cell phone numbers, and country code + area code before all other numbers. Country code: 86, area code: please check each section.

The Jilin Prison in Jilin Province (area code: 432):



Office number

Home number

Cell number

Li Qiang


4881551 ext. 3001


Liu Changjiang

Deputy Director

4881551 ext. 3003


Wang Yufan

Deputy Director

4881551 ext. 3006



Zhao Xinchao

Deputy Director

4881551 ext. 3008


General Office

4881551ext. 3009;


Prison Political Davison

4881551ext 3666

People who actively participate in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in Jilin Prison:

Li Yongsheng, Assistant in the Education Division
Li Zhuang, Director of the Education Division
Liu Changjiang, in charge of political work
Li Qiang, Director of the Jilin Prison
Liu Wei, Deputy Director of the Prison
Guo Dongbiao, Assistant of the Fifth Ward
Wang Shijie, Director of the Criminal Execution Division
Wang Yanqing, Assistant of the Education Division
Tan Fuhua, Head of the Prison Political Division
Yang Xiaotian, Captain of the Guard Team
Wang Zhiqing, Captain of the Eleventh Ward
Wei Xianghui, Assistant Captain of the Tenth Ward
Hu Zhongxue, Assistant of the Tenth Ward
Yue Gang and Cui Yunbiao, Captains of the Ninth Ward
Zhao Yingbiao, Educator of the Eighth Ward
Yue Yanming, former Captain of the Second Ward
Zhang Jian, Educator of the Second Ward
Li Yujiao, Captain of the Second Ward
Liu Xianzhang, Assistant Captain of the Prison Political Division
Wu Dongfeng, Captain of the Eleventh Ward
Lin Zhibin, Captain of the Fifth Ward
Tang Guozhong, Assistant of the Eleventh Ward
Cui Jun, Captain of the Seventh Ward
Zhang Baozhi, Assistant
Zhang Jianhua, Educator of the Fifth Ward
Meng Haibo, Educator of the Second Ward
Changchun City (Zip code: 431)
Changchun City Qingming Street Police Station: 8932168
Changchun City Intermediate People's Court: No. 1, Jingyang Square. Zip code: 130062 General line: 7685400-5408, 7685410, 7600123, 7681381, 7631202, 7631205, 7650973 2627516
Jilin Province Supreme People's Court: No. 1399, Jingyang Blvd. Zip code: 130062
General line: 8556000; Fax: 8556825; Appeal Center: 7617802, 7697055
Changchun City Public Safety Bureau: No. 67, Renmin Blvd. Zip code: 130000
General line: 8986842, 8986830, 8908000
Division one: 8924896, 8926066, 8946127, 8925530, 8927592.
Division two: 8926031, 8923327, 8946397, 8965939
Division three: 8926167, 8924207, 8926474, 8924387, 8926254, 8925471, 8985133, 8921542, 8924262, 8922078
Division Four: 8966703, 8966705, 8924336, 8961645, 8926065, 8924290, 8922840
Division Five: 8921597
The Tiebei Detention Center: 7092404; Second Division: 8923132; Third Division: 8927864; Fourth Division: 8940224 and 4592666; Fifth Division: 8927719; Sixth Division: 8928269; Seventh Division: 8927568 and 8923360.
Changchun City Public Safety Bureau, Tiebei Detention Center: No. 2412, Yatai Blvd., Changchun City. Zip code: 130000. Phone number: 2690931
Jilin Province Detention Center: No. 3516, Yatai Blvd., Changchun City. Zip code: 130000. Phone number: 2692299 2692255, 2692266, 2673105