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Authorities Try to Cover Up How Mr. Na Zhenxian Was Tortured to Death (Photos)

October 04, 2005 |  

Mr. Na Zhenxian

(Clearwisdom.net) At 2 p.m. on September 17, 2005, Na Zhenxian's family members went to the hospital to see his dead body. The family lives in Zhiye Village, Xiqin Town, Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province. The body had apparently been cleaned up, but bloodstains remained on the right corner of Na's mouth. The family observed a palm-sized bruised area below his armpit on the right chest. Above his waist and also on his chest was another palm-sized bruise. Both legs looked irregular. The nose bone was swollen and distorted. The left eye was cut and bloody and was swollen shut. (See pictures below)

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Na Zhenxian greatly improved his physical and mental health after he had begun practicing Falun Gong. He persisted in his cultivation practice after the government began its persecution. The authorities in Shuangcheng City arrested and jailed him, and extorted money from him many times. On February 27, 2004, he was arrested again, and sent to Shuangcheng City Second Jail at 4 a.m. the next morning. He was illegally sentenced to two years of forced labor and persecuted with all sorts of tortures in Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp in Harbin City. At 2 p.m. on September 16, 2005, the forced labor camp informed his family members that he was critically ill, but when they got to the hospital, Na was already dead.

Death certificate, burial permit and family member signature were both filled out and signed by the same person.

The dates filled out on the medical death certificate and burial permit were both September 16, 2005. In the space for a family member's signature it was signed "Li Jianfeng." Mr. Na's family members said that they did not know anyone named Li Jianfeng. All information on the certificate and the permit was filled out by the same person. Also it could be seen that the death certificate had the seal stamped on it first and then the form was filled out and signed. The family members said that none of them were present when the certificate was signed.

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The hospital that issued the death certificate was The Second Hospital of Harbin City. The physician who signed it was Tao Ying. Because the family members are suspicious of the cause of death, they reserve the right to take legal action against the Second Hospital and responsible physicians.

Some questions that family members had when seeing the body

Wang Kai and two other supervisors in Team 5 of the Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp in Harbin City tried to stop the family members from taking pictures of the body. They even tried madly to grab their camera, and called the police to arrest them. The family members were very puzzled about the reason why the three acted that way and were wondering if they were trying to cover something up. Why wouldn't they let the family members take pictures? Why did they call the police? How could it be against the law for people to take pictures of the body of their loved one who just passed away?

Why did the forced labor camp need to treat and clean up the body before the family members' visit? Even with the treatment, family members could see many bruises.

The family members had the following questions regarding officials' statements about Mr. Na's getting ill, the treatment he received, and his death:

1. The officials said that they sent Mr. Na to the hospital for examination and treatment on the night of the 15th, and they returned since they did not see any problems. If this is true, how could Na have died suddenly at 9 a.m. the next morning?

2. From the night of the 15th when they found something wrong with Mr. Na, until his death on the 16th, over 10 hours had passed. Why did they not inform the family members until after his death? Why didn't they let the family members see him when he was alive?

Wang Kai and others in Team 5 at the Changlinzi Forced Labor camp would not answer any of these questions directly. They just urged the family members to go and see the body as soon as they could. They would not even admit that they had arrested Mr. Na, so as to shed their responsibilities later.

Mr. Na's family members indicated that they would investigate and try to find out the true cause of his death, and they would take legal action against those who had abused their power in this case. They also urged all righteous and kind people to help them.

Relevant phone numbers:

Harbin Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp
The First Director: Shi Yingbai
Department of Jail Cells: Ren Mingbao 86-13936162187 (Cell)
Discipline Department: Mr. Wu.
Team V: 86-451-82307105, Trainer: Wang Kai, Captain: Zhao Shuang
Team V: Zhang Shengguo, Li Jiansong
Trainer: Dou Yuxin, Guo Wanji, Lu Xuemin, Sun Qingyu, Mr. Liu, Mr. Bao
Team IV: 86-451-82307104, Captain: Hao Wei, Trainer: Ao Ping, Ding Yianfeng
Bureau of Forced Labor in Harbin City: 86-0451-82724371
Supervising Division, Bureau of Forced Labor in Harbin City, 86-451-8270361