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Police Torture Renders Daqing City Practitioner Ms. Tang Zengye Critically Ill

October 31, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Daqing City Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Tang Zengye was illegally arrested on September 23, 2005, and is currently being held in police custody at Daqing Detention Center. She has vomited blood due to the torture she suffered.

On September 23, 2005, Daqing City police officers seized more than 30 practitioners. They sent the women to Daqing Detention Center and most of them were tortured. Since Tang Zengye's arrest, policemen from the provincial police department have tortured her, confined her to a metal chair, and cuffed her hands and feet to hoops so that she could not move. The police also cruelly beat her and incited prisoners to beat her.

Tang Zengye has been on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. The police barbarically force-feed her daily, while prisoners slap her face and smash her head against a metal basin. The police and prisoners berate her constantly. Daqing Detention Center killed practitioner Ms. Yang Yuhua by cruel force-feeding on May 12, 2005. Tang Zengye is now vomiting blood and is extremely weak from the torture.

The police spread the word that arrested practitioners can't be released even if they die inside the prison. Recently they have been plotting to send arrested practitioners to forced labor camps.

International human rights organizations, the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong, humanitarian community groups and citizens, please investigate the atrocities in Daqing Detention Center!

Units responsible for arresting Dafa practitioners:

(Note: For home or office phone numbers, dial country code + area code before the numbers. For cell phone numbers, dial country code without the area code before the numbers. Country code: 86, area code: 459)

1. Daqing Detention Center:
Du Zhenjiang, Director, 4617593, 4616098, 4667179(Home), 13936726888(Cell)
Bai Yunshan, Instructor, 4616090, 6256942(Home), 13059043155(Cell)
Feng Haibo, Associate Director, 4616162, 6211479(Home), 13089051888(Cell)
Yang Baomin, Associate Director, 4616159, 6686076(Home), 13836720062(Cell)
Dai Jun, 4616163, 6367096(Home), 13359833223(Cell)
Li Shuang, 4616163, 4612656(Home), 13304865799(Cell)
Sun Yingnan, 4616163, 6378776(Home), 13019082212(Cell)
Wu Fei, 4616163, 4192644(Home), 13069660508(Cell)
Chi Na, 4616100, 6680807(Home), 13059099339(Cell)

2. Daqing City Police Department
Cao Zhenhe, Commissar, 6373066, 6280888(Home),13329500002(Cell)
Lin Guoli, Deputy Director General, 6375026, 6986708(Home), 13329500003(Cell)
Liang Ximing, Deputy Director General, 6390005, 6390988(Home), 13329500004(Cell)
Wei Chunhua, Deputy Director General, 6398889, 6381983(Home), 13329500005(Cell)
Hao Dejiang, Deputy Director General, 6375029, 6381516(Home), 13329500006(Cell)
Liu Yong, Deputy Director General, 6374899, 6292999(Home), 13329500007(Cell)
Lan Yingjie, Deputy Director General, 6688059, 6689098(Home), 13329500008(Cell)
Wang Chunru, Politics Section Chief, 6368499, 4688828(Home), 13329500009(Cell)
Gao Zhenbo, Office Chief, 6683926(Home), 13329390299(Cell)

1) Daqing City Babaishang Police Sub-Bureau (area code: 0459)
Li Daming, Director General, 4980777, 13836709003(Cell), 13945957666(Cell), 4612473(Home)
Ma Xinke, Commissar, 4980123, 13329500833(Cell), 6295345(Home)
Liu Yuhu, Deputy Director General, 4986123, 13836709055(Cell), 6781983(Home)
Wang Hongwei, Deputy Director General, 4895000, 13836877222(Cell), 13836709006(Cell), 6132303(Home), 6786660
Yu Changjun, Deputy Director General, 4892500, 13836709233(Cell), 6091088(Home)

2) Daqing City Wolitun Police Sub-Bureau
Head duty office, 6763113
Shang Ruichao, Director General, 6707123, 6766633(Home), 13936912299(Cell)
Zhang Yiqing, Deputy Director General, 6765865, 6765668(Home), 13704660187(Cell)

3) Daqing City Ranghu Road Police Sub-Bureau
Song Baifeng, Director General, 6131839(Home), 13329504002(Cell), 13804660016(Cell)
Yu Baogui, Commissar, 6292668(Home), 13914592668(Cell)
Zhang Fuming, Deputy Director General, 4515599(Home), 13339504777(Cell)
Liang Chenli, Deputy Director General, 6303458(Home), 13936711177(Cell)
Wang Hengkui, Deputy Director General, 6132019(Home), 13009906117(Cell)
Wang Shenglong, Section Chief, 5768856(Home), 13091672222(Cell)

4) Daqing City Huizhan Police Sub-Bureau Fax: 86-459-6667510
Zou Benshu, Director General, 6680566(Home), 13329501009(Cell), 13845928999(Cell)
Zhang Min, Commissar, 6283507(Home), 13329500031(Cell)
Dong Shanjiang, Deputy Director General, 4622920(Home), 13836802777(Cell)
He Jianqiu, Deputy Director General, 6361576(Home), 13903690138(Cell)
Shang Fuchen, Deputy Director General, 6686800(Home), 13339591777(Cell)

5) Daqing City Donghu Police Sub-Bureau
Yan Shanming, Director General, 4631261(Home), 13039859999(Cell)
Sun Guangfan, Commissar, 6683330(Home), 13329502016(Cell)
Gao Xiaodong, Deputy Director General, 6298908(Home), 13936729567(Cell)
Wei Zhongxiao, Deputy Director General, 6332899(Home), 13936788101(Cell)
Qiao Hua, Deputy Director General, 5721558(Home), 13329500110(Cell)

3. Daqing City National Security Bureau:
Lin Zhisheng, Director General, 6281231, 6688448(Home), 13604651999(Cell)
Wang Xiyan, secretary, 6181232, 4611878(Home), 13904591292(Cell)
Zhang Wanyu, Deputy Director General, 6181233, 6362878(Home), 13903690009(Cell)
Kang Jinlong, Deputy Director General, 6181234, 6283599(Home), 13804653333(Cell)
Zhang Wendong, Deputy Director General, 6181235, 6286716(Home), 13903693705(Cell)
Fax: 86-459-6181250