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Tianjin: Mr. Meng Jixiang and His Son-in-Law Are Tortured to Death

January 03, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Tianjin City Falun Dafa practitioners Mr. Meng Jixiang (56 years old) and his son-in-law were tortured to death in Qingpowa and Banqiao Forced Labor Camps, respectively.

Mr. Meng Jixiang used to work for the Tianjin City Communist Party School and served as a municipal Party Committee member and Party School principal. In 2002, he was abducted by police from Food Street South City, merely because he practices Falun Dafa. He was sent to the 1st Team of the Qingpowa Forced Labor Camp.

Mr. Meng's daughter and son-in-law (both graduate students at Tianjin University) went to the Municipal Party Committee office to inquire about his whereabouts. There, the police in the office seized the son-in-law and sent him to Banqiao Forced Labor Camp without any legal procedures. The guards in the forced labor camp instigated criminal inmates to cruelly beat the son-in-law and tried to force him to renounce his belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." Finally, they struck his head with wooden clubs, fracturing his skull and injuring his brain. He passed away after failing to respond to any medical treatment.

When Meng Jixiang heard of his son-in-law's death, he went on a hunger strike to protest. Only after he was tortured to the brink of death did the police inform his family of his situation. Mr. Meng was released on bail for medical treatment after the Spring Festival in 2004. Three days later, however, he died as a result of the brutal persecution he had endured.