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Japan: Practitioners Rally in front of the Chinese Embassy to Condemn Jiang Group's State-Terrorism (Photos)

July 07, 2004 |   By practitioners from Japan

(Clearwisdom.net) Upon learning about the incident in which Australian Falun Gong practitioners were shot during Zeng Qinghong's visit to South Africa, Falun Gong practitioners in Japan gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy at noon on June 29, 2004 to condemn the Jiang group's terrorists acts. Practitioners unfurled banners facing to the Chinese Embassy with the words, "Falun Dafa is great" and "Bring Jiang Zemin to Justice". The activity lasted until 10 pm. On June 30, practitioners unfurled a banner with the words, "Zeng Qinghong hired gunmen to shoot Falun Gong practitioners." Some practitioners from Australia also joined the activity. On July 1, practitioners continued their appeal to strongly condemn the Jiang group's state-terrorism.

The South Africa shooting incident was the first malicious case in which Falun Gong practitioners were shot outside of China. It was an obvious act of international terrorism. We call upon all people who have a sense of justice as well as governments and media to pay attention to this incident, and work together with us to investigate and expose this crime.

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