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How Did I Lose My Legs? (Photo)

July 20, 2004 |   By Wang Xinchun, a Practitioner from Heilongjiang Province

(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Wang Xinchun, and I am 29 years old. I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. I live in Fengmao Tree Farm in Jinshantun District in Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province.

Picture: Police abuse and terrorism leads Wang Xinchun to lose his legs

On January 8, 2002, when I was on my way to distribute truth-clarifying flyers, the chief of police, Wang Wei and policeman A arrested and searched me. I managed to get away from them. After I ran away for several li (one li equals half kilometer), they found me again but I managed to lose them again. With no alternatives, I was forced to go through mountainous area. Policemen Wang Shoumin and Min Changchun then pursued me all night long until the next morning. In a panic, I didn't see where I was going and stepped into a river. My legs up to my knees became wet and soon iced up. The police surrounded the mountain. Because I was in unfamiliar territory, I was arrested by chief Wang Wei and the police two days later.

At the Fenggou Police Station, Policeman A first slapped me, and then unlawfully searched my body, and took away my cell phone, my cap, all my money and my coat. They also tried to extort a confession from me. Directed by Wang Wei and the Police Department Director Cui Yuzhong, policeman A put my feet into a washbasin of very hot water (which is not the thing to do and will aggravate the frostbite and cause severe injury). It took the entire morning through to noon for the ice on the surface of my shoes to melt. Then, they cut my shoes open using a pair of scissors. Inside the shoes there was still ice adhering to the skin. They pulled off my shoes while submersing them in hot water. My feet were swollen and it was very difficult for me to stand on them. The police said, "See, how nice we police are, looking after you just like our own children." Indeed, this is the cruelest way of stabbing people without using a knife. When they arrested me on the mountain, I was still able to walk, and I was not totally frostbitten. Only when they washed my feet with hot water did my feet truly suffer injury.

At noon the police went to lunch leaving policeman A to watch me. He clasped at my chest and shook me back and forth, slapping my face to torture me. Then the other police got back from lunch and they started talking about how they were going to deal with me.

At the time, present were the Police Department Director Cui Yuzhong, head of the "610 Office," policeman Wang Shoumin from the Politics and Security Section, Director Wang Changqi of the Fengmao Tree Farm, police station director Wang Wei, policemen A and B. My feet became increasingly swollen. I was not sent home until 5 o'clock in the evening. Not only were my feet blistered, but also my legs, caused by the boiling hot water they used. Later, the district police of Jinshantun, "610 Office," and local government came uninvited to my house three times to videotape me, and to try and find any loophole in our conversation for them to make up lies. Once, Wang Shoumin tried to swindle 200 Yuan from my father. Another time, they secretly took my picture. In May, they kidnapped my mother Wang Guixiang (also a practitioner), and cruelly tortured her. My mother is still illegally detained in Harbin Drug Detoxification Center.

In this way, our happy family was broken up into such a mess. From that time on, my father shoulders the responsibility for everything in our family, taking care of the family and me. The police spread lies everywhere, saying that "Wang Xinchun himself went into the mountains and got frostbite on his feet, went home by himself, and he himself used hot water to melt the ice, which cause his disability." They deceived people and covered up the truth that they are persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.

After several months of festering, in November of 2002 both my feet had become completely unsalvageable. The persecution caused me this life-long disability. I clarified the truth to everybody I met. On November 28, 2003, Fenggou Police Station Director Min Changchun, Police Department Director Cui Yuzhong kidnapped my father to his workshop, and tried to extort a confession using torture. They snatched his keys and searched my home illegally. Since most policemen were newcomers I didn't know them. I only knew that Wang Shoumin had torn up all my documents with addresses and other information, letters and envelopes. Then he grabbed my bag, radio set, tape recorder, and confiscated them. He also damaged my other electric devices by stamping on them. He then kicked my chest and my already disabled feet violently causing profuse bleeding from the wounds and blood splattered everywhere, on my cushion and trousers. Wang Shoumin saw that there was going to be trouble, and hurriedly cleaned up the blood.

At 3 o'clock on the very day they ransacked my home, policemen Min Changchun, Wang Shoumin and security cadre Dong Shuhua took to the police station all the people [non-practitioners] who were frequent visitors to our home, and tried to extort confessions from them. They beat them, hit their calves with rifle butts, tortured them by forcing them to stay in an awkward posture, and threatened them not to visit any Falun Gong practitioner. In this way, nobody is allowed to visit our house. The authorities fear that their evil deeds will be exposed, so they strictly block off the flow of information, and don't allow practitioners and other people to visit our house, and I am still being closely watched. Dong Shuhua also arranged unemployed people who are not clear about the persecution to serve as their watchers, following and intercepting Dafa practitioners. In April of 2004, I crawled on my knees out of my house to buy some daily necessities . They stopped me and searched me. My personal freedom has been seriously violated. Fortunately, I got myself a wheel chair but I have not paid for it yet.

On May 16, 2004, I rode my wheel chair for more than 30 li (one li is somewhat less than 1 kilometer) to Jinshan Dun District. I clarified the truth to everyone I met and sent forth righteous thoughts. When I was having lunch, four or five policemen came in their "110" police car, and dragged me and my wheel chair into their car. They didn't even let me finish my lunch. They drove me to the police department and forcibly searched my body. They flattened three of my wheel chair's tires, forced me in the car and drove me home. A policeman even kicked me. They were fearful that I would expose their persecution, so they locked my wheel chair in the garage in the Politics and Security Section of the Police Department. On May 18, I climbed to Fengmao Tree Farm to ask for my wheel chair back since I could not move without my wheel chair. Security cadre Dong Shuhua and Xue Senlin used a shovel and a wooden rod to beat me viciously. They did not stop until many passers-by gathered around to watch. I started telling the truth about the persecution to the people around, but my wheel chair is still being held in the Police Department.

Wang Shoumin: now works in Fenggou Police Station of Jinshantun, 86-458-3734082, 86-13134584082 (cell);

Cui Yuzhong: director of the Police Department of Jinshantun

86-458-3738191, 86-458-3432810, 86-458-3435978, 86-458-3738537, 86-458-732368, 86-13904589398(cell), 86-13904588191(cell)

Meng Xianhua: now is the associate director of the Police Department of Jinshantun 86-458-3733667, 86-458-3738512, 86-13846693497(cell)

Wang Wei: 86-458-3732664
Wang Changqi: 86-458-3733988, now he is working in the Log Storage Farm.