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Two Female Practitioners Die of Hanging Torture at Baoanzhao Prison in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

July 01, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhou Caixia was a Dafa practitioner from Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia. She was tortured to death at the Baoanzhao Prison in Inner Mongolia in July 2003. An earlier report about her death can be read fromĀ  Ms. Zhou Caixia, a Dafa Practitioner from Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is Tortured to Death

While in detention at the prison, she was very determined in her belief in Falun Dafa. The prison guards subjected her to a hanging torture. They cuffed her four limbs together and hung her up from an iron spike in a chimney. Despite the pain, Ms. Zhou called out "Falun Dafa is good" whenever someone approached her. Zhou Jianhua, the deputy head of the prison, hit her head hard, causing her head to bleed profusely. Later Ms. Zhou could not utter any word, and passed out. Only then did the guards remove her from the hanging position. They dragged her to some unknown place for force-feeding. Soon it was learned that she was already dead when she was removed from the hanging torture. At that time, Ms. Zhou was only in the prison for several days.

The Baoanzhao Prison has applied such hanging torture to many other practitioners. Before Ms. Zhou was tortured to death, another female practitioner Ms. Wang was also tortured to death while going through such torture.

Another female practitioner Liu Yazhi was originally detained in Jianxin Team of Baoan Farm. She is currently detained in Hohhot Female Prison. She has already been paralyzed by the above-mentioned hanging torture while in detention. Dian Miao from Tongliao City also suffered such heinous torture.

Phone numbers of Baoanzhao Prison:

86-482-6700023, 86-482-6700290, 86-482-6700041