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A Late-Stage Cancer Patient, Ma Bing, is Illegally Imprisoned (Photo)

June 25, 2004 |  


Ms. Ma Bing is an employee at Daqing Chemical Plant, Heilongjiang Province. She at one time had serious illnesses and regained her health after she started practicing Falun Dafa. She was arrested by the Daqing "610 Office" (1) and leaders of the Daqing Plant and was sent to the Hongweixing Brainwashing Center to force her to give up Dafa cultivation. Being unable to continue practicing, her illness returned. She was on the verge of death, but due to her persistent belief in Dafa, a miracle once again happened to her. But the persecutors in Jiang's regime again arrested her and sent her to a detention center.

Ms. Ma Bing, 35, is a college graduate and an employee at Daqing Chemical Plant. She was afflicted with diarrhea for many years and was unable to bear a child. After practicing Falun Dafa in 1999, all her illnesses disappeared miraculously. She became a healthy person for the next five years.

In Autumn 2003, she was arrested and sent to the Daqing Hongweixing Brainwashing Center as ordered by the leaders of the plant. She was forced to be "reformed" and to give up her cultivation in Dafa. After the persecution, she suffered abdominal pain and her abdomen became extraordinarily large. She was diagnosed by the Daqing Fourth Hospital as having a cyst in her abdomen. As the cyst became larger during her pregnancy, she suffered a miscarriage in April 2004. Later, she was diagnosed as being in the late-stage of ovarian cancer. On April 26, after the surgery to remove the cancer, it was discovered that the cancer had spread to her stomach, diaphragm and intestines. Her womb was filled with tumors. After examining the tumors, the doctor told her, "Your cancer is in the late-stage and it has spread to other parts of your body." Being a doctor and having many years of clinical experiences, her mother knew her daughter was in a hopeless situation. She couldn't help but cry after seeing large amounts of cancerous tissue removed and that her womb had to be removed.

After the operation, Ma Bing reflected upon what had happened and knew that only Dafa could save her. She knew that she had to go home and do the exercises. With just such a thought, a miracle happened: the pain in her abdomen disappeared. Being unable to walk for several days, she was able to walk to the doctor's office to ask to be released. Even the doctor was extremely surprised and couldn't help but say it was a miracle. After having gone through a miscarriage and a major operation, she could still walk out of the hospital after only seven days.

Since then, she always tells people that Falun Dafa is good, that Dafa had saved her. On June 3, twenty-nine days after being released from the hospital, on her way home after grocery shopping with an elderly lady, she told a passer-by that Falun Dafa is good. As a result, the police from the Daqing Rail Police Station arrested her. At about eleven o'clock that night, she was sent to the Daqing Detention Center by the Daqing Saertu Branch Station, despite the fact that she is a very sick person who has just gone through a major cancer operation.

Ma Bing's parents are very worried about their daughter's life being in jeopardy and can only hope their daughter will return home soon. People around her neighborhood all were accusing the inhumanity of Jiang's regime. We anxiously appeal to the International Red Cross, world organizations which promote women rights and interests, and righteous people to be aware and concerned about Ma Bing's critical situation and extend their helping hands to rescue her and obtain her freedom.

People responsible:

Director of the Saertu Public Security Branch Office, Song En; Deputy Director, Wu (last name).

National Security Brigade: Sui Jiwen

Head of Rail Police Station, Diao Yunpeng; police chief, Tian Ye, policeman, Li Chengbin.

Telephone numbers:

Daqing Appeal Bureau chief, Yin Xiaoping: 86-459-6156135; 86-13604590888 (cell); 86-1332930499 (cell)

Daqing Judicial Bureau chief: 86-459-6186899; 86-459-6364506. Office: 86-459-6372438; 86-459-4689826; 86-459-6366402

Daqing Jurisdiction and Law Bureau chief: 86-459-4665697; Branch of Law Enforcement, Surveillance, and Inspection: 86-459-6396497; 86-459-6364254.

Post branch: 163000


(1) "610 Office": An agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems

* Records of diagnoses history for Ma Bing