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Brief Description of the Situation Faced by Practitioners in Yanxi District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

May 09, 2004 |   Written by a Dafa practitioner in Mainland China


On November 29, 1999, Ms. Li Gaizhen, Mr. Wang Qinglin, Ms. Zheng Guiying, Ms. Zhao Sumin, Ms. Qin Shujun, Ms. Luo Yanfen and Ms. Xu Zengzhen went to the Appeals Office in Beijing to make an appeal for Falun Gong, in accordance with the law. The Jianda Police Station took them back to their home city and illegally detained them for half a month. During the detention, Li Gaizhen's workplace sent her notice of the confiscation of her salary. Li Gaizhen's salary was stopped immediately. When the detention was over, the police station took Li Gaizhen to her workplace and asked them to detain her there. Ms. Li was not released until December 31, 1999.

In July, 2000, Ms. Yang Shufen, Ms. Luo Yanfen and Ms. Du Genhua went to Tiananmen Square in Beijing to appeal. Jianda Police Station took them back and forcibly detained them in a meeting room on the second floor of the Jianda Police Station and illegally searched their homes. At the same time, the police also detained Liu Qunming, Liu Hui, Xu Zengzhen, and other Dafa practitioners in that same meeting room, with the excuse of organizing a class, and didn't release them until more than 20 days later.

In August 2000, Sanjiu Beer, Ltd. in Shijiazhuang canceled Xu Zengzhen's, Liu Qunming's, and Du Genhua's work contracts because they practiced Falun Dafa, whereupon these practitioners were forcibly unemployed. The main people responsible include the general manager, Lu Ming, and the previous general administrator, Wu Xiaoshe.

In June 2000, Liu Hui was dismissed by the Dongfang shopping center in Shijiazhuang because she practiced Falun Dafa.

In October 2000, Xu Zengzhen was sent to the Shigang Street Police Station by Sanjiu Beer, Ltd. in Shijiazhuang because she distributed Falun Dafa materials. She was sentenced to one year of forced labor.

In the summer of 2002, Xu Zengzhen visited anther practitioner's home and the police arrested her, taking her to Xiumen Police Station and sentencing her to 2 years of forced labor.

In December 2000, Liu Qunming rode a bicycle to clarify the truth. He hung signs on the front of the bike saying "Falun Dafa is Good," "Zhen-Shan-Ren" (Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance), and the like. When he rode his bike in Shijiazhuang, he was arrested and taken to the Zhongshan Road West Police Station. He was later taken to the Jianda Police Station and illegally sentenced to three years in a labor camp.

During the Chinese New Year's Eve of 2000, Ms. Dong Gui'e was arrested when she participated in a group practice at the Hebei Theatre in Shijiazhuang. Because the place for detaining Dafa practitioners was already full, the police detained her in Luquan City, her hometown, and she was released half a month later. In October 2002, Dong Gui'e went to another town to set up a stall to sell goods and was turned in by the Residential Administrative Office of Yanxi District and was forcibly sent to Shijiazhuang Steel Factory (where the brainwashing class of Chang'an District was located) for forcible brainwashing. In late 2001, Dong Gui'e went to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa and after she was taken back, she was detained for half a month and fined 5000 Yuan*.

On May 12, 2001, Ms. Sun Nianrong was forcibly taken away by the Taoyuan Police Station. The station head handcuffed Ms. Sun Nianrong to an iron window and detained her for two days. Later the No. 4 Team of criminal police sent Ms. Sun to the detention center of Xinle County and detained her for over 20 days.

On August 10, 2001, Zhang Zhong and Zhang Jianmin from the No. 4 Team of criminal police tricked Ms. Sun Nianrong and Ms. Zhao Zhimin into coming to the First Hospital of Hebei Province and the 132 Hospital, respectively, using the excuse of having a medical examination. Sun Nianrong was sent to the No. 5 Team of Shijiazhuang Labor Camp for one year of forced-labor while Zhao Zhimin was sent to the No. 1 Team of Shijiazhuang Labor Camp for two years of forced-labor.

In November 1999, the Jianda Police Station, along with the Residential Administrative Office of Yanxi Sub-district in Chang'an District, went to the Insulated Wire Factory where Sun Nianrong worked and asked the factory to stop paying Ms. Sun's salary.

In March 2003, the Changfeng Police Station forcibly took away 3000 Yuan of Sun Nianrong's income from the Insulated Wire Factory.

On October 17, 2001, Ms. Yang Shufen was kidnapped by the Qiaoxi Police Department and handcuffed for 15 days in the Zhongshan Road West Police Station. Later, Ms. Yang was sent to the detention center of Lingshou County and detained there for nearly 60 days.

On February 17, 2002, Yang Shufen was turned in by an anonymous tip in the Bolin Township, and was sent to Shigang Street Police Station and detained there for 6 days.

Phone numbers for the responsible offices:

Chang'an Police Department in Shijiazhuang, office phone: 86-311-6048603, Political Work Section: 86-311-6677321, Political Security Team: 86-311-6212954

Phone number of Jianshe Street Police Station: 86-311-6061845

Phone number of Shigang Street Police Station: 86-311-7773673, 86-311-7752119

Phone number of Changfeng Street Police Station: 86-311-6856943, 86-311-6823239

Phone number of Xiumen Police Station: 86-311-6979840

Phone number of Taoyuan Police Station: 86-311-6850414

Phone number of No. 4 criminal police: 86-311-6039576

Operator of Qiaoxi Police Department: 86-311-7039977

Phone number of Zhongshan Road West Police Station: 86-311-7023597

Operator of Sanjiu Beer Ltd. in Shijiazhuang: 86-311-7777555, 86-311-7756395, 86-311-7752788

Jianshe Street Residential Administrative Office: Zhou Luqing (mainly responsible for persecuting Falun Gong), phone number: 86-311-6674924, 86-311-6692968

(*One US dollar is officially 8.27 yuan. However, the average wage in China is roughly 3% of the average wage in the US. Therefore, while an extorted amount of 5000 yuan has a nominal US dollar value of only $604, this amount, when considering the disparity of average wages, is more equivalent to $20,000 to the average US worker. )