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Ms. Chen Ouxiang Tortured and Killed by Force-Feeding in the Baimalong Labor Camp, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province

May 07, 2004 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Hunan

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Chen Ouxiang, 42 years old, lived in Pingjiang, Yueyang, Hunan Province. In October 2002 she resisted the Baimalong Forced Labor Camp's rules to stand up, answer roll call, wear a badge and perform slave labor. The guards sent her to a "strictly controlled team" to impose heavy punishment on her. This team was set up in July 2002 by Political Head Ding Cailan, Deputy Head Zhao Guibao and Director Zhao Jinyue, who was assigned to supervise the labor camp by the provincial labor camp officials. They appointed Zheng Xia as the team leader, and assigned guards Huang Wenmin, Zhu Rong and Zhao Shuaiqun to work with Zheng. Their sole goal was to intensify the mistreatment of Dafa practitioners. After practitioner Chen Ouxiang was tortured to death, Zheng Xia was transferred to another division and was replaced by Sun Jin.

The "strictly controlled team" is located on the top floor of Division Two. A metal door was installed in the hallway and unauthorized people were forbidden from entering. They secretly sent in three or four Dafa practitioners at a time, placing them in separate rooms with three "controlling inmates" to monitor and control each practitioner. Fearing that their evil acts might be exposed, they do not allow Dafa practitioners to stand near any of the windows. The vicious people torture the practitioners with all kinds of painful, brutal methods, including hanging them up by handcuffs or shackling them in painful positions for long periods of time, not allowing practitioners to sleep, and forcing them to watch and listen to videos and audiotapes that slander Dafa. They only loosened the handcuffs four times a day for meals and restroom time. If anyone did not cooperate with them, they would torment them further by stuffing their mouths with a washcloth.

While practitioner Ms. Chen Ouxiang was kept in this place to suffer these tortures, she resisted with a hunger strike. The guards incited the "controlling inmates" to kick, beat and handcuff her. Her painful cries and struggles were often heard. On the sixth day of these tortures, guard Zhu Rong called in six drug users, headed by Liu Xiaoyu from Chengzhou. Guard Zhu Rong ordered them to force-feed Ms. Chen. They held her down and ruthlessly pried open Ms. Chen's mouth.. When Chen Ouxiang was halfway force-fed, some of the food blocked her throat and she choked and passed out. Guard Zhu Rong shouted from the side, "Don't move your hands, keep holding her down! She is faking death."

Several minutes passed. Ms. Chen Ouxiang's face turned completely purple and she lost consciousness. An inmate told Zhu Rong, "She seems to be dying! We had better stop now." Zhu then ordered the drug users to release their hands, unlock the handcuffs, and they left Chen Ouxiang on the floor. Inmate Liu Xiaoyu kicked Ms. Chen Ouxiang's body several times saying, "Don't pretend to be dead."

After a while, seeing that Chen Ouxiang indeed did not respond, guard Zhu Rong then called Zheng Xia, who was in charge that day. Zheng saw the seriousness of the situation and immediately called in labor camp Director Huang Yongliang, and Division Head Ding Cailan, and several police officers to carry Ms. Chen Ouxiang into a vehicle. Ms. Chen stopped breathing on the way to Zhuzhou Hospital. Labor camp Director Huang Yongliang immediately called for another vehicle and several special police officers. They switched vehicles and the police officers drove Chen Ouxiang directly to crematory.

After this incident, Director Huang Yongliang called one of the drug users to the office and threatened, "When you get home, what you have seen and heard here never happened! We know your address and home phone number. You should know the consequences if you reveal any information." Because of this, the information regarding Chen Ouxiang's torture death was blocked for a long time.

In the Baimalong Labor Camp in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, there are still so many practitioners suffering from the brutal persecution! The Dafa practitioners who have been suffering cruel persecution in the "strictly controlled team" include Qin Shulan, Wang Fuhua, Liu Yuwei, Wen Xiaoping, Feng Weizhen, Chen Yinlan, Wang Wei, Zhao Chunzhang, Wu Yundi, Yang Shunying, Qian Xiaohua, Zhao Junlan, Tan Yunfen, Qiang Xia, Li Ping, Cao Xianghui, Xiao Minhua, Huang Duohong, Yu Yingzhu, Guo Xueling, Yang Xiaoming and others. At present, the brutalities in the "strictly controlled team" are still continuing.